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Why people get offended when you describe the type of woman

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Why people get offended when you describe the type of woman

Post by mattyman » October 6th, 2017, 7:54 pm

Hi all,

I'm sure a lot of you would love to meet a woman who's both pretty, non-overweight, easy-to-talk to and easy-going, and is not a single mum right? Sounds very, very reasonable. Perhaps you're feeling depressed that all the lovely women you've met who fit that bill have all been taken. This sets of the alarm in the back o you r mind, 'what if all women like this are taken, what if there's none left'. It makes you very, very uncomfortable, scared even. The thing is, if I express this on many other forums, I get hostile responses, such as the accusation of being entitled, being told 'why would anyone like that want someone like you' etc.. This post is not about lamenting that but exploring the reasons those sorts of responses. I think I've sussed it.

If such criticisms do come, they' re most likely born out of either
a)from women; being offended for not fitting the bill I'm describing, and the fear that other guys will be looking for similar, or
b)from guys; for fear of disapproval for not sticking up for those who are offended. Even for guys who feel the same, they would rather join in on attacking the messenger because they fear disapproval and judgement if they don’t. Just like people who join in with the bully, even if they disagree with it, they fear being picked-on themselves if they don't. They're not born out of a desire to help that's for sure. I know I've identified the truth, the reasons behind such behaviour.

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