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An article for anglo youngsters; how to be friendly

Posted: October 20th, 2017, 12:18 am
by mattyman

Look at the bold points in this article. How many times have you tried to be like the guy was describing and how many times have people been like that to you? I'm sure many of you guys looking at that article are thinking 'that's me' on many of the points. The thing is, I'm guessing you've very rarely observed the same from other people your own age. The article contains some sound principles to make people feel at ease and welcomed. Now, I'm sure most of you guys have received more friendliness when you've been abroad. I certainly have.

If people find those general principles of friendliness difficult to put into effect, I'd want to find out what they find difficult about them. The 'it's culturally acceptable' excuse to not follow those principles is no more than an excuse. There's a lack of social skills or some anxiety that makes it difficult for individuals to be friendly that needs to be addressed. The 'it's culturally acceptable' thing to not live by the principles on the article is a form of denial, like an alcoholic denying they have a drinking problem.