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Why is work a religion in America and you are expected to agree as if it were natural?!

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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Re: Why is work a religion in America and you are expected to agree as if it were natural?!

Post by Winston » August 2nd, 2018, 7:59 am

You know one thing that really pisses me off about america is that the system considers that your life has no purpose or meaning unless you are serving a corporation or government agency with your whole life and willing to die for it if necessary. Dying for your job or for the government (aka public service) is considered an honor or virtue. Isnt that sickening?

The thing is you cant just work for a paycheck. They expect you to live to work literally and give your heart, mind and soul for your job and make it the most important thing in the universe. And even sacrificing your life for your job if necessary. They show that on TV too as a good thing. And on TV everyone acts like they dont want a vacation from their job and dont know how to take one, as though that were normal.

Even on star trek and the x files, everyone is a workaholic that doesnt want any vacation time too. Is that insane or what? Even in the star trek universe where money doesnt exist and no one has to pay bills, everyone is still a workaholic willing to risk their lives to serve the federation and die for it if necessary. Lol. As if that were a good thing. Wtf?!

In star trek the next generation when the enterprise takes shore leave, commander riker usually says "im not good at organizing my vacation time. Something usually comes up to cut my shore leave short." As if he prefers no shore leave and prefers to work 24/7. Lol. Wtf? Why does everyone on TV say that? Is that normal to want to work 24/7? Especially in the star trek universe where money doesnt exist and people dont need to pay bills? Lol. Why would anyone be a workaholic in a universe where money is no longer used? That makes no sense. Whats their incentive to become a slave to the federation and die for it if necessary and risk their life everyday? Because they got nothing better to do? I would be exploring the universe or playing around in the holodeck. In a world without scarcity who would need to work or risk their life? Lol. Totally ridiculous.

And on the tv show x files, mulder and scully are always reluctant to take any vacation. And when they do they look for excuses to cut it short and go back to work. lol. Is that what a normal person does? Why would i want to do that? Because everyone else does that? Im confused.

The biggest hypocrisy in america is this:

1. You are told that you are a free person living in a free country in the land of the free. So you are the master of your destiny and independent and free to make your own decisions. You have unique freedoms in america that others abroad dont have. And many american soldiers died for your special freedoms.

2. However, you are required to conform to everything such as your society and culture and especially your employer and the company you work for. You are required to obey thousands of rules. You are required to agree with all the teachings in your culture too. And you are required to think like everyone else too. You are expected to believe everything the government and media says, even when they lie. And you must agree with your culture and nation in all matters and support all wars your government starts. You are expected to have a herd mentality. Your life has no purpose or value unless you are serving a corporation or government or organization, and giving them your whole life, heart and soul, not just your labor. And die for your job in the line of duty if necessary. In other words, your job is your God, literally.

1. You have free speech under the first amendment. It is your right.
2. However, you must say things that are politically correct and within narrow boundaries. You cannot say anything taboo or controversial. You are free to do what we say and free to think what we tell you. You are free but you cannot act freely.

What the f**k? Is that the biggest contradiction in the world or what?! I cant believe no one questions this openly since its a huge fundamental contradiction and discrepancy.

Do you ever think about this? If so doesnt it piss you off? Its one of the biggest hypocrisies in the world and makes no logical sense. You are told you are free but you are not allowed to be free! Wtf?! (Scratching head) yet very few people realize this or complain about it. They act like this is normal and natural.

Instead i believe one should follow Joseph Campbell's advice to "follow your bliss". But that doesnt mean to do whatever makes you happy, because happiness is fleeting and comes in cycles mixed with unhappiness, just as the ying yang circle depicts. It means to do what makes you feel ALIVE and gives you a deep sense of purpose and meaning in your soul. When you do that your energy will seem limitless because you are doing what you love and are passionate about so you look forward to everyday and never dread mondays.

Thats what i believe we are meant to do. Its totally stupid to teach everyone that their life has no value unless enslaved to a corporation or organization or government or military service, where one is expected to give their all for, including their life if necessary. Thats so stupid.

After all whats the point of making a living, if you have no life or freedom to make a living for? It makes no sense and is self refuting. Why dont they come out and tell the truth, that work is enslavement, not an opportunity?

Furthermore you have to work to impress the job interviewer so that he or she can approve you to be their slave so you can give away your life in servitude. Its a totally insane and nonsensical system.

Yet chinese and americans never protest this or think about it. Except for a few hippies and bohemians here and there.

Dont you find all this insulting too? Doesnt it piss you off when you think about it?

Its also a trap when society tells you that selfishness is always bad and unselfishness is always good and a virtue. Thats a very dangerous teaching that tries to trick you into giving up your life to serve whatever corporation or organization wants to use you for their agenda. Thats the real reason society tells u to be unselfish, so you will live to serve others and allow yourself to be used by the elite or government. It sounds virtuous but in reality its a way for them to control you and make you feel obligated to your "duty".

Now I'm not saying that one should be an inconsiderate selfish bastard and be rude to others without consideration. I'm just saying that its better to be selfish and follow whatever your bliss is and do what your soul wants, as long as it makes you feel alive and gives your life meaning and purpose.

That kind of selfishness has a virtue and is authentic and being true to your soul and integrity. It's better than giving up your life to a corporation or government because you are tricked into believing that your life has no purpose or meaning unless you are serving others. Especially to serve a government that lies to you and has a nefarious agenda, and does not represent the american people and is run by a cartel of criminals with no regard for the Constitution. No way jose. So many people have lost their lives to such a deception, e.g. such as during the Vietnam war or Iraq war.

Everyone ought to read "the virtue of selfishness" by ayn rand, and "how i found freedom in an unfree world" by harry brown - specifically the chapter "the unselfishness trap" - to counteract and see through such societal brainwashing by the elite.

Sorry for the long rant. Doesn't this piss you off too when you think about it?
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