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Cyber security job vacancies

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Cyber security job vacancies

Post by momopi » May 4th, 2017, 9:21 pm ... y,amp.html

If you're an IT professional (or want to be) who is also paranoid, the gig might fit you.

P.S. EPAM hires a lot of Eastern European girls for QA/DEV contractor positions.

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Re: Cyber security job vacancies

Post by fdiv » June 1st, 2018, 10:51 am

That is largely bullshit. Those jobs go to:
1)the kids, friends, lovers, etc of the c-suite execs
2)EEOE preferred applicants
3)H1-B visas holders if they really need to GSD and don't need anyone with security clearance (most cybersec stuff DOESN'T)

I worked in high end cloud networking place for years, during some growth. This area is top notch for non-classified network management and some minor computer security work. I have several certs including one paid for by Cisco (scholarship). The place is probably the #1 remarketer for MNS for a major household name IT company. They punch way above their weight. Yet I saw time and again people that were hired from the outside ("outside"?) that had NO background in anything in IT for higher paying jobs in security related positions. And no, it wasn't by some "secret hax0r underground reputation" or something because these were entry level testing and monitoring positions (basic SOC stuff).

The problem is the "culture" in the USSA has become so sociopathic and predatory that even though it's a "small team" they cannot avoid all the moral hazards and shit of larger corporations. They used to, and it gave the smaller company advantage in efficiency and avoiding conflicts of interest, etc. Nowadays that advantage largely evaporates once even a small amount of investment is made in it. Who knows how a smaller, (slowly) growing company avoids the consequences of hiring inept and unqualified people due to corruption? That said, there were firings and losers quitting after getting "muh chek" for a little while. Then responsibilities that were wholly outside the responsibilities of my job title and pay were put on me and others in similar position. Not even a small thing either. How do you pass over someone for a position twice in computer security, hire unqualified friends/lovers/family for that higher paid position, and then demand that same person to do it for "free" after the flakes quit or get fired? Unreal. What is more is -- what if someone they pass this load on to is unable to do it? Fire them for underperformance? But didn't the company already make a legal statement that such a person is not qualified for the work when denying them promotion twice for that work?

Anyway that was a few years ago and I don't work there anymore, LOL
options in the US: maybe have a shot at a angry bluehaired landwhale and then, prison :roll:
options abroad: limitless 8)

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