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I am starting to loathe activism.

Discuss issues related to government, politics, and law.

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I am starting to loathe activism.

Post by zacb » September 23rd, 2012, 2:58 am

Here is the thing, politically, I am very progressive (in a libertarian way), but personally I am very conservative (frugal, sober, hold my tongue, try to make peace with my Maker, etc.). But I am starting to dislike both Evangelicals and secular people. Here is what I mean: I get the point that gay people should be able to marry, but what about other persuasions? What about polygamous and polandrous relationships? Oh no, we wouldn't have that, that would actually be progressive, and not just fake flavor of the month liberalism. And I hate how they won't stop just at that. They want to pretty much shame you into believe a certain way. Same thing with Evangelicals. And this one is even worse, since I put up with it almost everyday. The whole thing about Israel and the Middle East is dumb. Seriously? They have been fighting for 2000 years , and both conservatives and liberals believe we can change things? Lol. And then when you suggest that if we did not meddle in Israels business, that they would be better off since we wouldn't force them to do anything against their will, boy do they go ballistic. Mention the Israelis are against it, and they continue on. And have you noticed how they are very similar in their end day's ferver as the people they rail against? Should by their similarities be allies? Apparently not. Btw, I am Quaker leaning, if anyone is wondering.
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Post by Ghost » November 1st, 2012, 2:25 am

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Post by Jester » November 1st, 2012, 7:57 am

Ghost wrote:
That would mean things like school and taxes would be voluntary.
I used to think that this was libertarian nonsense. But I realized - it used to work this way. it's called a head tax, or a poll tax. We had this in some states, and it was voluntary. Only penalty for not paying was you couldn't vote.

FWIW, ancient Israel had this too.

The key is, with this kind of tax, you will get wide participation only if you keep it down to what the average joe can usually do, if he is working.

Military used to be this way too, till the War Between The States. People who wanted to fight, signed up. It was never a problem.

So based on historical fact, not just libertarian theory -- a voluntary approach can work.

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Post by BEIJINGSHOTS » November 20th, 2012, 8:15 am

jews and muslims havent always been fighting. israel was created by the british and american regimes to destabilise the middle east. most jews were living in muslims countries at the time israel was created, and they didnt really want to move, but they were driven by jewish activists, who often comited false flag terror in order to get jews in various Arab countries, and Iran to move to israel and join them in their fight against muslims. after decades of work, the jewish extremists successfully lured the jews out of the muslim countries and got them to participate in the destabilisation of the middle east. the jewish extremists also had to bring in boat loads of angry jews from the ussr. before the creation of israel, there was little fighting between jews and muslims in Palestine. to dominate world politics, the u.s and british regimes rely on chaos in the middle east. with the middle east in peace, it would be much harder for the anglo-american empire to exploit the mid east the way that they do today. the same theory applies to Africa, East Asia, etc. thats one of the reasons why theres so many u.s military bases around the world, to make sure that countries do not get too friendly with each other. if you doubt this, then check out these british guys doing false flag terror, dressed up as muslims.

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