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Conspiracy Theory No More

Posted: April 22nd, 2013, 11:12 am
by Taco
I thought this was interesting.

Conspiracy Theory No More

Posted: April 22nd, 2013, 11:49 am
by C.J.
*sigh* Another useless video. Just rousing the sheeple.

Who the instigators are is common knowledge. All those "policing' teams, full of ready to kill criminals. All the dead people? Once you know that:

-The jews use the dead as sacrifices for world history: death breeds life in some way, which is why they engineer war;the deaths are also used to propel individuals to greater power...ever wonder that with every "star" or other politician, there are ALWAYS dead people as their closest friends/family/co-workers? The theory of Jennifer Husdon having multiple family members killed for stardom or Lady Gaga mercilessly killing one of her friends for fame becomes much more probable, especially since they become MORE famous directly after these events
-ALL western, male-dominated murder forces like the Police/SWAT/Black Ops teams, they are NOT there to protect the civilians, only uphold the objectives of their masters... they only minimize casualities to keep from being regarded as criminal murderers; remember the Activision Call of Duty games? You're doing EXACTLY what the policing teams do in the multiplayer mode, only the enemies are rival forces or "established" terrorists from the news, to keep players from realizing the emotional consequences of murdering humans en masse... they're the enemy, just shoot them down! Researching the games will also reveal the lack of emphasis on doing "what's right"... there's fewer and fewer civilian-based missions in every progressive game

The majority of current events in the west make A LOT more sense.