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Libertarianism is a form of Trotskyism

Discuss issues related to government, politics, and law.

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Libertarianism is a form of Trotskyism

Post by Cornfed » July 30th, 2017, 7:13 am

I submit that under the guise of preventing the initiation of force, libertarianism is the imposition of a radical totalitarian system by force. Lets say for the sake of argument that a libertarian regime prevented parents from controlling their children - setting their bedtime, telling them what to eat etc. The regime might say they were just preventing the parents from initiating force against the children. However, the reality is that it is a normal, biologically based necessity for parents to control their children, so such an act would actually constitute the radical imposition of an unnatural order by force. Since children cannot run their own lives, at some point the state would have to step in to make up for the parental default that it had created.

Now consider that this argument can be extended to the adult world. Just as it is natural for parents to have authority over children, it is natural for husbands to have control over wives, religious leaders to have authority, high IQ people to have authority over low IQ people, local nobility or tribal leaders to have authority, white people to have authority over blacks etc. A libertarian regime overturning this order that would have otherwise naturally occurred is not a restriction on the use of force. It is in fact the imposition of a completely alien anti-human statist system by violence and terrorism. Because people actually can’t survive without this hierarchy in the long term the state must step in to fill the roles of the natural leaders they have deposed. Hence libertarianism is in fact Trotskyism lite which devolves into actual Trotskyism over time, which is actually the intention of those cynically pushing this autistic fantasy cult.

Libertardians, you have been scammed. Grow up and join the NatSoc alt-right.

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