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Stefan Molyneux sells out to the ZOG

Discuss issues related to government, politics, and law.

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Stefan Molyneux sells out to the ZOG

Post by Cornfed » January 4th, 2018, 12:53 am

Like the rest of the alt-lite or merchant-right or whatever you call people cynically trying to make a buck off the emergent traditionalist movement, Molyneux was always infuriating in that he would present evidence against the establishment narrative but would not take it to its logical conclusion. For example, he would demonstrate that negros were low IQ and r-selected, but instead of concluding they they should be removed from human host populations and culled back, he would go on about not being racist and leave the question of what to do about negros up in the air. However, up until now this might be excused on the grounds that he could do more good if he were not deplatformed by the scum.

However, he has now gone full on shill by backing the ZOG-inspired riots in Iran. It is not possible that this is sincere if misguided on his part. He is backing them of feminist grounds, despite laboriously explaining how feminism has destroyed the West over the years. He is going on about Iranians winning their freedom, despite pointing out that people with a sub 90 average IQ such as Iranians are incapable of being “free”. He has responded to his critics with obvious logical fallacies that in his own catch phrase are “not an argument”. Clearly he is a dishonest sellout. I wonder how the bad guys got to him.

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