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My friend found an amazing woman in America, here is how!!!

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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My friend found an amazing woman in America, here is how!!!

Post by Robert77 » March 12th, 2014, 11:26 am

we grew up in michigan.... I was always the thug one, the wigger one and often I would pretend i was from detroit because i thought that'd give me some sort of qualities.... i never clicked with white women back home, i found them mediocre looking, butter faced and with fat cellulite ridden butts....

i knew i was good looking, i played basketball, had a six pack my whole life, I am 6'3..... and with white guy good looks.... I often got into fights with black dudes and many times id beat them up too! I could have had any bitch back home, probably marry her get a job and work 70 hours a week but i didnt want that so I always took precautions (a black woman tried to claim i was the father of her son, thank god DNA testing exists though, that saved me from ruining my life)

my friend on the other hand was a more tamed white guy, he was the popular jock, he'd be friends with everyone but only dates asian and white chicks.... he lived in the white part of town, his mom was your typical soccer mom with a high pitch voice, we became friends playing basketball, what made us friends is the fact we hated being in michigan and we wanted to GTFO once high school was over.

I did get out, I moved to miami and that is how I got introduced to colombian women, and that is how I ended up in colombia.... my friend stayed and married westernized asian "sweetheart"
in his head he was doing the right thing, lil he knew his asian american "sweetheart" would turn into a royal pain in the balls a year after marriage happened.

-you're not good enough
- you dont make enough money
- me me me me!!!!!
- i am asian!!! you know how many men would die to be with me?

soft asian princess turned into a fucken bitch from hell.... and its not the first time i hear asian women from america turning into complete monsters "tiger mom syndrome" after marriage with white guy takes place!!!

thank god he didnt have children with her.... she wanted a divorce and took half his belongins (typical)

felt like a loser for a long time and started dating other asian american women thinking he just met a bad apple, well every single time half way in the relationship he'd see the same cues hed seen with his ex "all from asian american women", the tiger moms waiting to come out once marriage with good looking white guy happens.... he would break up with all of them (at least he learned his lesson the first time, other men learn it the 5th or 6th time they f**k up)

one chinese american girl even tried to stab him when he broke up with her, she told him you will NOT leave me and stood on the door with a knife, he had to knock her down in self defense and it all turned into a legal issue that took a year to resolve!

well he decided to never date another woman of asian origin again.... so he went on to white women (same shit different race) fail after fail after fail!!!!

i told him his problem was the fact that he was dating AW....

he came over to miami and sayed with me for a week.... I took him out to some colombian places, he met some cool, colombian women who barely spoke english.... they were all taken back by the "cute" gringo!!!

he met this girl from colombia, living illegaly in america, she was a waitress at a colombian restaurant, she has an amazing body, she's 26 years old, he's 29, she barely speaks english so the communication at first was hard....after six months of dating he moved her to michigan to live with him...... they had some issues but nothing major and the first week after being together his house was spotless, every night some new colombian dish, hed come from work and she would massage his shoulders while he ate the food she made..... this girl is heaven, she's pretty, feminine, takes care of her body, puts make up on before they go out (in return he treats her nicely and cares for her a big deal, he kisses the floor this chick walks on and he gets a real companion in return) hes the happiest he's ever been in his life!!!!

his mom does not approve because she wants him to find a middle class girl, with a college degree and a career but he showed his mom the middle finger and could care less about her opinion (his dad being a male is thrilled and very supportive of the relationship)

the girl is teaching him how to dance colombian salsa, he is helping her perfect her english, he says the sex is great.... you see, the secret with colombian women is to treat them like princesses and you'll get heaven in return (i can attest to that as I am dating a colombian girl who i treat like she's the only woman on this planet and I get nothing but care, love, a companion in life)

the difference between AW and Colombian women is that colombian women want A MAN/support/care/love!!! on the other hand AW want a white knight on a black horse with a massive bank account and social status who will provide them with a desperate housewives lifestyle upon marriage and who'll work his butt off while she shops and has tea with her girlfriends.

the moral of the story is: stop looking for educated, middle class "sophisticated" women THEY SUCK ESPECIALLY THE AMERICAN VARIETY.......

- expand your mind and consider the possibility of dating simple, laid back, working class girls without college degrees because YES, they often have better values!!!!!

-Avoid nightclubs packed with AW, go to ethnic enclaves in your area (avoid ethnic ghettos though) and interact with the people in them wether is a restaurant, a festival celebrated by that community and so.....

- become friends with a foreign dude..... they are the best access you'll ever have at getting into the social circles of small minorities in america, chances are he has great looking pretty girls who are struggling in america and can barely speak english who would LOVE to meet a man who they can fall inlove with.

that does not mean u should just throw yourself out there, becareful and analyze people first..... but if u want to meet unamericanized girls in america, that is the best way to meet them
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Post by manly5000 » March 12th, 2014, 3:35 pm

And then over the span of the next decade or so she's going to devolve into a disgusting full-blown Ameriskank, kick him out of her life, and go out and slut it up.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and I'm getting my ass out of here. There is no other way.
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Post by Winston » March 12th, 2014, 9:26 pm

It's possible. But not easy. Most foreign girls in the US are either taken or too focused on their school or career, or they're already spoiled.
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