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Another clueless AW feminist rant on White Men dating Asians

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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Re: Another clueless AW feminist rant on White Men dating As

Post by matthewcoury » September 28th, 2014, 9:38 am

Yohan wrote:
fightforlove wrote:As if we hadn't heard enough silly rants from feminists: ... hite-women
White Men Hating White Women - this article is plainly wrong.

I am not talking now about a tiny minority of strange disturbed men. I am talking about the huge majority of men living in Western countries.

Most men are heterosexual, what is wrong with that? Sometimes I think already when listening to feminist comments, this is almost a crime to say you are a straight man.

Most Western men do not hate women.
Most Western men do not filter out and hate only white women, why should they do that? Just the opposite, many men would prefer a white woman to a woman of any other race.

Many men however made very bad experiences with Western women, the majority of them are white of course, in the past.

Can we blame them to look for somebody else, outside of Western countries?

Many women outside of Western countries are NOT white, but belong to the yellow race, black race, but there are white women too, for example in Latin America and Russia. However these women had a different upbringing in the past and I think this makes the difference between Western white women and white women outside of that toxic feminist zone.

It is often forgotten or ignored that straight men have a choice too. They might continue to find themselves in troubles while dating Western women next to them, or they can look for a foreign wife - but they have also the choice to refuse any relationship with a woman and to remain single.

Nobody can force you to socialize with women - maybe they call you a misogynist in return, but who cares anyway what Western women say?
we've all been told personally by women in america most likely hundreds of times "we dont want you here".....fine.....but im not staying here and being GONE....and honestly i've realized i have no fat women even turn you down...come on.....its literally gotten ludicrous

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