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Women Going for Good-Looking Guys

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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Women Going for Good-Looking Guys

Post by MrMan » November 8th, 2017, 6:29 pm

I saw a YouTube video today. I think the announcer was Kiwi or Ausie. Be that as it may, he said that 80% women who used Tinder tended to accept 20% of men. The announcer attributed that to the men being good-looking.

Tinder had made a video about dealing with male 'douchebags.' Someone had run a little informal experiment based on the premise that women did not consider the very good-looking men to be douchebags. A man had made a profile using a model's pictures. He could get away with straight up asking girls for sex without their acting offended. He thought men not as good-looking could not have gotten away with it. We know what part of the body women who use douchbags like to use them in.

Something interesting he said was that while 80% of women went for the top 20% of men, men accepted about half of the pictures they saw on Tinder. He concluded that men were less picky about looks.

I believe looks is only a part of the package women look at. Many of them want a bold, leader type man who exudes confidence. Some like charm. This is probably more important to women.

And it does seem like most men can be rather nonselective when it comes to women's looks. I remember back in high school, in the 1980's for men, thinking how could some of these guys date some of these girls. Stout girls who seemed plain could get boyfriends. Girls tend to be heftier now, and I often see this complaint that normal looking men have to date fat girls. Back when I was looking for a wife, I was quite picky about looks. Part of that had to do was the fact that I was looking for someone to marry, not someone just good looking enough to have sex with.

Something else I notice is that a lot of women have a talent at taking pictures that are much better looking than they really are. If I see a picture of a young woman I know on Facebook, she might be a 5 or a 6 and have a picture that looks like a 7 or 8. Women can 'cheat' with makeup. I don't think makeup would help most men. It might creep the girls out. But some of the girls seem to be more sensitive to what men find attractive in a woman than vice versa. It's not 100%, but a lot of them can tell that a post is a lot prettier than they normally look from most angles. I think a lot of guys have a loose sense of how good-looking a man is, down to almost nil. We had this conversation, and I was surprised no one said to me they couldn't tell either. But it seemed like men had duller senses about this than women. I asked a couple of guys at work and a few other guys. A little less than half said that women were the ones who could tell if men were good-looking, and they couldn't tell.

I suspect a lot of guys have about half the sense that women do of whether their picture would be considered good-looking. So maybe they could go to a studio to get a professional to choose the best photo. Or they could experiment by putting in photos taken at different angles. Women say they like such and such a man's eyes. I wonder if just pictures of eyes could work.

Later, the guy could meet the girl and try to charm her, be bold, or whatever pushes her buttons to attract her. Women may rely less on looks than men do on average (an idea which I can't actually prove), but if that is absolutely all they have to go on, then they may be more particular than the average man.

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