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Purchasing Emails from AFA

Discussion for marriage-minded members seeking foreign brides for marriage and serious long-term relationships.

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Purchasing Emails from AFA

Postby CAlexandros » Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:05 pm

I created an account in AFA a couple of years ago, but it was until June 2016 that I've decided to correspond with some of the women who were constantly sending me letters. To be honest, I considered this to be odd since I started going online to find a partner, I have never once received a letter from a girl and had a really low success rate with those that answered back. Out of 100% of those that replied 99% were scammers or camgirls.

So I noticed that some of the girls on AFA had the option to purchase their "email address," kinda neat since spending $10 per letter is ludicrous. So I purchased a couple of email addresses from several of the girls who had sent me an "introduction letter" first. It seem rather odd that they would give me a "special email address" instead of their, gmail or yahoo email address and that I had to send my email using the same address from which I bought them. But until today, I haven't heard back from any of these girls.

I contacted customer service, and they told me that they preferred to talk to me through their "email forwarding serive" i.e. $10 per letter. So, why give the users the option to contact them "directly?" Is AFA just a big scam?

Has anyone else had a positive or negative experience regarding the "purchase email option" or I really have shitty luck?
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Re: Purchasing Emails from AFA

Postby Voyager1 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:28 am

Because "email forwarding service" is fake - it's a scam. They are using what is known as chat operators or translators to fabricate the correspondence. The main goal of the fake correspondence is to lure the guy to the tour where he will meet real girls, some just very average looking but certainly not the one(s) he thought he has been corresponding with.

John Adams, the owner of AFA seems to think this is okay. The end justifies the means. The end being the guy goes on a tour and meets ladies. The means is the fake correspondence to lure him to the tours (which are $3k+).

The problem is that John Adams is charging exorbitantly for the means (the fake correspondence) and the guy will probably never meet the one(s) he thought he was corresponding with. If he does they will just happen to show up at the socials and probably not be aware of the fake correspondence, unless they have been filled in.

Complicated game but John Adams has been playing it 20+ years.
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Re: Purchasing Emails from AFA

Postby gsjackson » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:29 pm

I think the vast majority of the girls' email addresses aren't available for purchase. Sounds like a dead end also when they are.

Wonder why the state of Arizona doesn't feel compelled to investigate potential frauds such as this. Maybe AFA has insulated itself from prosecution by putting it off on the local agencies abroad.
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