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Advertising to Get Women to Line Up to Date or Marry You

Discussion for marriage-minded members seeking foreign brides for marriage and serious long-term relationships.

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Advertising to Get Women to Line Up to Date or Marry You

Post by MrMan » October 20th, 2016, 10:25 am

Some time back, I saw a video about a marriage brokering business that would invite men to Vietnam to interview young women who wanted to find a husband. I think the men were from some other Asian country. Vietnam may have outlawed this. I hear that Singapore has businesses that match men up with women from around the region. Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese men have 'imported' foreign brides from Vietnam and the Philippines through matchmaker businesses.

In this film, the matchmaker business people rented a hotel room, just a regular room, and had a bunch of young women come in and interview the prospective groom through a translator. There were dozens of women and rounds of group interviews with them asking each other questions through an interpreter. He'd point out the one's he found attractive and interesting that he wanted to date with later.

I was thinking about that. In a country where this kind of matchmaking is not illegal, I wonder if a foreign single guy, even a working expat like an English teacher or businessman, could just hire a local person to serve as a meeting organizer or interpreter. The organizer puts adds in the paper for women who meet whatever criteria, for example, she has to have such and such an education, be of such and such of an age, be attractive, a virgin, or whatever. Ask them to show up at some location. (A hotel room might scare nice girls away). The organizer can serve as an interpreter, or if the man speaks the language, it just makes the whole thing feel like some kind of matchmaker business instead of a guy doing a weird thing like advertising for lots of women to date him or marry him.

This could be an ad for marriage, or just dating that might lead to marriage. It could be a quick way to get lots of dates without having to pay the extra to a romance tour and without having to compete with other men.

As far as the 'game' aspects of it go, the man seems important because all these women are lining up to date him. The women compete with each other. They can drop out if they don't find him attractive.

The organizer can also set up any kind of ground rules for the man that he wants for dating. If a man wants to have dates with half a dozen women, the organizer can explain the way the dating service works is that he will meet with several women to get to know them. That way, they don't each expect to be an instant exclusive girlfriend.

The costs involved would be the cost of an ad, the cost of the meeting place, and the cost of hiring a reasonably intelligent and responsible person to organize. A man could even arrange to have pictures sent to him beforehand, so he'd be meeting rooms full of women he found attractive based on their pictures.

I don't know if women would respond to such an ad. It might only work if it is a very marriage-focused ad in a society where some women take a very practical approach to marriage and are looking for a provider from a richer country. It might also work in a society where if a woman hits a certain age (e.g. 30), she is over the hill and willing to get married fast. For more of a 'dating' ad, I suppose it could work, but it may still appeal to the practical, husband-as-provider-minded woman.

If the man and organizer were smart enough, they might be able to arrange for some kind of psychological tests or other means of weeding out women who have anger issues, emotional problems, or just aren't compatible. Maybe a values questionnaire would be useful.

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Re: Advertising to Get Women to Line Up to Date or Marry You

Post by Zambales » October 20th, 2016, 1:29 pm

Speed dating abroad.

There's an event in Cebu in the Philippines currently.

Price - Equivalent to a couple of drinks in the western world.

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