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EASTERN BLOCK Mail Order Bride Video documentary

Discussion for marriage-minded members seeking foreign brides for marriage and serious long-term relationships.

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Mr S
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EASTERN BLOCK Mail Order Bride Video documentary

Post by Mr S » December 26th, 2009, 4:05 pm

This American guy documented bringing his mail order bride to America experience and put it on YouTube. It's pretty interesting to watch. There are 36 parts so it may take a while. Most are around 5-10 minutes or so. Most of them are him interviewing the girl and asking her various questions from her perspective.

What I find fascinating is even with the language barrier she can still carry on a decent, intelligent conversation. Totally opposite of most Filipinas, even educated ones. It's kinda frustrating knowing girls like her are out there waiting and I'm stuck in the Philippines for the mean time. It is better than being stuck in the states, but there are not many high quality woman here that I would want to spend any quality time with. They generally have boring personalities and nothing much to say. What keeps me motivated is the building up of my own credentials. Down the road I'll reach my educational goals and be able to move up and down the social ladder as I please with impunity.

Here is the first part to get you started:

After viewing the first few episodes I think she is smart, but her personality is annoying to me and I think she is too deceptive and fake. She would drive me crazy I think. She has too much of a wench like personality. And the guy is kinda like a p***y, not much personality there either. But I still think she can carry a decent conversation even if it is her talking about herself or bitching about things... This guy must be pretty desperate for a chick. I'll have to see how the other episodes go, it's kinda addicting to see where it all ends up.

She seems to be a perpetual drunkard. I don't know if it's a real or fake video series, but she is really annoying to have to deal with on an everyday basis if he really is married to her...

My guess she is in her mid to late 30's and has an inferiority complex or something.
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Post by chanta76 » January 11th, 2010, 10:39 am

Call me a cynic..but I am cautious about mail order brides. I live in NYC and there is a Russian population here in Brooklyn we also have a Philippine population too. What I notice between the Russian girls I seen vs. the Philippine girls I met here in NYC is that the Philippines girls stay more genuine . I'm talking about the girls that recently arrive to NYC that is. The Russian girls for the most part just use the guys here in NYC. Very materialistic.

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Post by AsianBill » January 11th, 2010, 4:06 pm

She's got a nice hourglass figure. But yeah this chick is kinda annoying. I was astonished this guy doesn't even know where his new wife's from.

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Post by Adama » January 11th, 2010, 6:15 pm

chanta76 wrote:Call me a cynic..but I am cautious about mail order brides. I live in NYC and there is a Russian population here in Brooklyn we also have a Philippine population too. What I notice between the Russian girls I seen vs. the Philippine girls I met here in NYC is that the Philippines girls stay more genuine . I'm talking about the girls that recently arrive to NYC that is. The Russian girls for the most part just use the guys here in NYC. Very materialistic.
I wouldnt tar all East Europeans though.

Every other nationality of east European I've met here in NJ dislikes Russians. Not because of former Soviet domination, as some would have us believe, but because they have had bad experiences with individual Russians.

The Balkan women in particular say Russian women are materialistic and only date men with BMWs. Polish women I've met refuse to interact with Russians.

Reading some of the bad experiences Wwu had in Russia with their form of morality and ethics, I wont be visiting Russia either.

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Post by ladislav » January 12th, 2010, 3:54 am

He found a girl that looks very jaded. Could not he find a stripper in the US of the same age and looks? And I think he did. The thing seems to have been staged.

As far as you painting Russians in such a negative light and comparing 'nationalities' in NJ, NYC etc keep in mind that these people are to one degree or another- Americans. You are basically describing people of various American groups. A hyphenated American such as a Russian-American is often the opposite of the Russians- people living in Russia, that is. I must say this- Russian intellectual girls and cultured girls and even simple run of the mill girls in Russia do not date non-Russian speaking guys as a rule. And do not live in the USA. All Russian (and Russian-speaking) guys in Russia, even the poorest of the poor have girlfriends up the ying yang. Why? And the Russians in Russia know how to avoid scams while the greenhorns do not.
The behaviour of Russian-Americans- people living in the US is very very different.

You think you know Russians because you met them in NY? These are not Russians. They are Americans- people living in the USA.

I never ever had problems with materialism when it came to Russian girls. Now, Ukrainians- well, these are materialistic big time!

And Russia has an enormous intelligentsia class which is only discovered if you speak the language. The artists, the theater people, the poets, the writers, the dreamy types. I have a completely different view of the country because I speak the language. I see it as a refined, poetic, romantic place with very tender and sweet girls who are so spiritual. None of those are accessible to English speakers only because of the language barrier. The Russians living in the US do not represent the cross section of the Russian population. Russians do not like leaving their country and resettling abroad and the ones who do are the materialistic types. Filipinas on the other hand love living in the US, love English only speaking guys and will go to the US when educated to live happy lives there. According to the Catholic traditions and US educational system that they grew up with.

Russians, on the other hand, have little in common with the US, most do not care about it and are not interested in it. An American man as is- non Russian speaking, not knowing about the Russian culture and only wanting a woman from there for himself will not get a good deal. The Russians grew up with anti- US propaganda and were taught that it was the enemy of their country that hated them and that wanted to destroy Russia and just forever had it in for them. That they were arrogant and hateful, people who had nuclear weapons pointed at them and whose desire has been to always destroy their country. They were not taught to hate Americans, but they were taught that Americans hated them. And wasn't that true?

Filipinos,otoh, were taught that Americans were saviors and heros and great people, kind, handsome, rich and generous.

Personally I think that if you do not speak Russian and do not understand the Russian culture you should not even bother with the country and its women.

Plus an average American who may often be prejudiced against Russia deep inside and with a conqueror's complex - Jason Bourne- types should be doubly discouraged from going there.

Also, when I was in Russia this summer, I was told- 'Americans are not liked in Russia, actually, they are very much disliked." I was even asked- "why do you talk about America here? "

I just think this- unless you are an American who genuinely likes Russia and its people and who speaks Russian, you should not be there or get involved with its women just because you think you want a blond woman to take her back home the way James Bond does. The Anglo Saxon culture of the US and the Eastern Orthodox culture of Russia are totally incompatible as they are.

Other E. Europeans are more compatible with the US because they are mostly from Catholic, Roman-based cultures of Poland, the Czech republic, Hungary etc. And they are thus closer to the West than to Russia.

Plus, would you want to take a Russian girl to a country that for almost a century and still now has been deeply hostile to her homeland and nation and disrespectful or totally indifferent to her culture at best? Which is full of Poles and others who will now be prejudiced against her. Why do that?

Do her and yourself a favor- if you are a red-blooded American- stay away from Russia-get yourself a Filipina and even stay in the Philippines the way I am.
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Post by djfourmoney » June 29th, 2012, 9:23 am

Link is broken...

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