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The Wisdom of The Honourable Mi Chin Tu Fat (on Chinese/Asian Women)

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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The Wisdom of The Honourable Mi Chin Tu Fat (on Chinese/Asian Women)

Post by Twobrains » June 26th, 2012, 2:52 pm

Lifted this from The guy might be trolling, but it's quite funny:

"hello me is The Honorable Dr Mi Chin Tu Fat, i come from the china, very honorable gentleman i look your site feel happy many men foolish marry asian womans think they smarty guy's then 5 year later they not so smarty pants yes ! many chinee woman take western mans for donky ride in park then after they say bye bye to silly western man, i look mr reader him say somrthing same why chinee woman marry western donkey man ?? the honorable dr mi chin tu fat now tell you why chinee woman marry western mans !!!!
they marry western mans because no self respecting chinee mans want to marry some dirty old used up ugly old chinee womans that are only fit for the barber shop after midnights when man feeling horny and drunk, because the god make beer so ugly old chinee womans can get some monkey business with drunk horny chinee man, that is why chinee woman marry western man they got the 2 choice work barber shop jiggy jiggy drunk man or they lucky find donkey western man to take the other country treat them like royal person give them everything then 5 years they run away with new young mans, you say how this dr mi chin tu fat know this ?? well i tell you i honorable traditional doctor traditional medicene here in china yes me famous in land of china for wise man i see all i cure all, i special doctor in love problems so you ask me problem i fix for you i even can make man go bald or if man no hair bald i make potion make hair stand up if he had some, yes in land of long rice paddy i famous far and wide, so mr reader i now have answerd your silly question why chinee womans marry western mens, but some western mens not so donkey too then no speake chinee and woman no speake englishy so the western mans not can talk to wife nor wifey talk to husband,,, so perfect marriage yes, no need to hear womans endless chatter about nothing but make noise like 1million chickens all same time chatter chatter chatter no stop 24/7 it perfect marriage woman cut tongue from mouth, peace and quite, yes some western men donkey teach chinee womans talky english, silly man live to regret this mistake, #2 silly mistake is teach woman drive car, onece they learn drive car then bye bye blackbird they like car dog always sitting in car go drive here drive there pick this friend up, pick up that friend drive around with car full like a lot of turkeys in car chattering like monkeys all talking same time, talking on telephone and eating all same time, you say i paint terrible picture chinee womans ??? your darn tooting right i am."


"thank you honorable one of high standing, i see you much wise in ways of chinee womans to, old chinee saying man have wife man have no money man have no wife man lota money, man no wife go get hair cut many times many day, no listen to chattering monkey or maybe chicken making sound head on block chop chop, i look this a sight long time i think many good a advice give some donkey man but old wise chinee saying is you take donky to water but donky too silly to drink same round eye man, now today i go no * hosiptal because i doctor very wise and honorable i cure love problem i cure everything with magic herbs well i go to hospital to see my german friend mr Arry him sick so i say to him arry you stop the smokeing you stop the viragia you stop drink koffee you stop chase young girl so arry say bugga off you quack ?? i say arry me no duck, me doctor anyway arry have the young wife new baby and soon my poor old friend him die and what happen to poor young wife and baby in china? baby half german half chinee thebaby grow up people discriminate against poor baby boy say him mix blood, chinee most racist people more racist than sambo and gollywog jokes, so i wise doctor i ask you western mans what happen to the mix blood children you leave behind in china when you die ??? before you come china make babys then go die you must think about the future of your children. no welfare here you know only job for poor people is work barber shop no cut hair eithur. maybe i go philippines become wise honorable doctor in philippinis, many beautiful womans i hear story, can any one tell me good place to go in philippinis islands, my other brother him also traditional doctor him name Dr Mi Chin Tu Fat Tu (him Gynocolgist) many big family Fat people in china.
sometime people think me is my brother and my brother is me because me is wise honorable Dr Mi Chin Tu Fat and my brother also wiseman Dr Mi Chin Tu Fat Tu but i only have 1 Tu in my name but wise honorable brother have 2 Tu in his name, but some time we joking we swop the jobs i enjoy this joke of the womans, great funs."


"i tell you chinee womans no good for wife only good for girlfrinds good time girls, western man not know this so i tell you now ,, no marry chinee woman then.. ok young but go clazy after 35 year old that why we chinee man get drunk lotta times so we can go home drunk look ugly face sour like the lemon fruit, so chinee wife no good mother no good cook no good clean house after the pig in next room stink house, no good for nothing, i think big hippo american woman more better than prickley bush chinee woman always yap yap yap never stop morning to dark same rooster not know when to stop make noise or the chicken when lay the egg."

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Post by Jester » June 26th, 2012, 10:24 pm

Invite him Tu Join Here!

Would love to see more.

Joking aside his stuff makes damn good sense. Acceptance by society of mixed kids is a major concern. I can live the unassimilated ife - I already do - but got to think of the kids.

The yammering Chinese wife stuff sems accurate to me from what I've seen - also very much a concern. Why are all the smart women so freakin hard to live with?
"Well actually, she's not REALLY my daughter. But she does like to call me Daddy... at certain moments..."

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Post by zboy1 » June 26th, 2012, 10:38 pm

I don't know if the poster is a troll or not, but there are nuggets of truth in what he said; when he talks about the discrimination faced by half-breed or mixed children--that is a very real concern--and often left out in discussions of interracial marriages. When he talks about the nagging Asian wife--that is also spot on! And Asian women can be just as materialistic and selfish as any white-women out there!

I wish Asian women weren't such slut-bags and so well-known in the world for being prostitutes and hookers; at least in Muslim societies, they keep a tight leash on the behavior of their women--something that I wish Asian countries would do more of in the future.

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...and young Giulio is already a little Caesar

Post by publicduende » June 26th, 2012, 10:51 pm

Racism apart, it's a proven fact that mixed-race children are almost always 1) much more beautiful/handsome than average and 2) sporting a better gene pool, which means they are on average healthier as well.

I have a prime example in mind. About 4 years ago I spent a couple of weeks in China, to meet my Filipina friend working in Zhuhai as a kindergarden English teacher. I remember she used to show off a photo of her with a young chap called Giulio Taccon, a half Italian half Chinese boy. At the "ripe" age of 6, he already had a career as a child model and played piano like a pro.

Fast forward a year, and he was chosen to play young Brandon in the flagship Bruce Lee biopic series produced by the Chinese state TV. Fast forward a couple more years and you can see videos on YouTube where he does international piano concerts and Italian music conservatory directors call him one of the most talented child musicians in the world.

So...not even 10 years old: cute (= handsome in a few years), well brought up, talented, successful.

Morale of the story: have kids with Asian women now!! Lots of them! :D

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Re: The Wisdom of The Honourable Mi Chin Tu Fat (on Chinese/Asian Women)

Post by Winston » July 24th, 2018, 11:20 pm

LOL. That's hilarious. He sounds like @Daddy Wu. That broken English, or Chinglish, sounds like it's from a bad Kung Fu movie. lol
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