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Japans Reproductive Breakdown

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Post by abcdavid01 » November 23rd, 2012, 9:22 pm

Man golgi, if only all new members were this helpful. Yep, I've been to's a great place. Cool mountains and such.

I'm loyal to certain ideas no matter where they come from or what form they take. Germany produced Hitler and Austria F.A. Hayek. Western culture produced the Magna Carta and people like John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. It also produced Karl Marx.
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Post by Billy » November 23rd, 2012, 10:53 pm

wtf golgi, your level is to high. are you on the right site :)

man, you are a rhetorical bombastic. you could write speeches.

by the way, why didn´t you analyze my writings. yeah, i know i lack intellectual something :). keep up the show....:)

i am sensing high iq on this thread. around 140. odbo that´s how it´s done, baby...:)

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Post by Taco » November 24th, 2012, 2:53 am

golgi wrote: Furthermore, the canard of white privilege does not exist outside of white countries, if it even existed (I pay full tuition in my University while every minority gets a free ride plus $10k per year - a $70k head-start overall - additionally, my people take the bulk of wartime casualties and get overlooked for equivalently or lesser qualified minorities in employment hiring) and so your attempt to generalize it to Asian countries is intellectually dishonest.

Contrary to popular belief, there are very few countries where white people have any kind of privileges at all, as evidenced by mass immigration of foreigners into most european and anglo countries. Having moved to the Philippines earlier this year, I feel more welcome here than in my native country. However, I am overcharged for many things and my filipina wife is overcharged also when business owners find out were married.

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Post by ssjparris » November 24th, 2012, 3:27 am

Taco wrote:
golgi wrote: Furthermore, the canard of white privilege does not exist outside of white countries, if it even existed (I pay full tuition in my University while every minority gets a free ride plus $10k per year - a $70k head-start overall - additionally, my people take the bulk of wartime casualties and get overlooked for equivalently or lesser qualified minorities in employment hiring) and so your attempt to generalize it to Asian countries is intellectually dishonest.

Contrary to popular belief, there are very few countries where white people have any kind of privileges at all, as evidenced by mass immigration of foreigners into most european and anglo countries. Having moved to the Philippines earlier this year, I feel more welcome here than in my native country. However, I am overcharged for many things and my filipina wife is overcharged also when business owners find out were married.
damn nigga.....its hard that they charge the shit out of you. but at least the price is still low compared to rich countries. $300 per month for an apartment in the philly's is not bad compared to rich countries.

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Post by lone_yakuza » November 24th, 2012, 4:24 am

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Post by abcdavid01 » November 24th, 2012, 4:42 am

Yakuza, since your posts I've been doing some research. I asked my mother and she said her family converted to Christianity while still in China before immigrating. I also found a number of brands like Shanghai Tang which sells modern versions of traditional Asian clothing. Mandarin collars and the like.
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Post by lone_yakuza » November 24th, 2012, 4:49 am

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Post by lone_yakuza » November 24th, 2012, 4:54 am

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Post by lone_yakuza » November 24th, 2012, 4:56 am

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Post by abcdavid01 » November 24th, 2012, 5:09 am

Have you read The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Yakuza? It's a very weird book, but there's some very powerful scenes involving the Japanese in Manchuria. It condemns the Russians, the Mongols, and the Japanese equally for their actions during the war. Very vivid, graphic torture scenes. Very anti-war, anti-violence book that doesn't take sides racially. This is by an author who loves Western culture, but is very outspoken against nuclear power because the bomb.
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Post by Ginger » November 24th, 2012, 6:01 am

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I do not promise to be gingerly :P

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Post by golgi » November 24th, 2012, 10:30 am

Damn, dude. You have some serious rhetorical stamina. I copied and pasted your reply into MS word and it was 11 pages long.
lone_yakuza wrote: No, I do not deny nationalism to whites/Europeans. As I said, I believe Europe should be kept "white" as it has been for hundreds of years.
That’s a start. You do realize that a nationalist who doesn’t allow others there nationalism is an internationalist, correct? You have to be very careful of railing against other groups, especially majority groups, in countries outside of your country of tribal/genetic origin. It’s politically dangerous primarily because you risk being labeled the enemy, and justifiably. Morality is with you if you politically stick to your land of origin.
You are second generation here, yes? Then shut the f**k up. I say that for effect, not out of disrespect, to jolt you out of your self-righteous sense of history here. You lack perspective primarily because you are second generation here. You lack the perspective that comes with having had a war effect every generation of men in recent memory, and in not so recent memory, here. For worse, this is a warrior country. It affects the culture, and yes, it gives a sense of ownership to the country. And rightfully so, as war is a social contract with the men who fight it: that their lot in life, and that of their descendants, will be better for fighting the wars. Now, I don’t believe that to be true in practice, as war is a sham and the social contract has been roundly reneged on, but it’s the social contract regardless and you frankly don’t have a right to criticize the culture of the people who it supposedly benefits without buying into the culture that has molded this country over the past three centuries. Put some skin in the game. You’re still young enough. Our families have sacrificed and risked everything, with often tragic results. How about yours? How’s your father? Is he doing well? Mine risked his life, supposedly for this country, and now he’s dead. My grandfather marched on his land of genetic origin, Germany, and my father lost his life due to injuries inflicted in Vietnam. We’ve been fighting wars here for three centuries, and about 6 wars here just in the past 100 years or so. Frankly, you have zero skin in the game to be so angry. Go join the military, and risk your life as I feel as if your family hasn’t done that yet for this country, and then we’ll talk as equal citizens. Race being, then, inconsequential.
lone_yakuza wrote: I do not agree with Muslims changing the face of Europe. I like European culture. I do not want to see it be f***ed with.
Alright. Well, how many Muslims are in Japan? How multicultural is Japan compared to Europe? Do that calculus. You’re complaining about business suits and English in pop-songs, and we’re living with millions of Muslims in Europe. The complaints are quite incomparable.
lone_yakuza wrote: America is different. America was not a white country originally, and there were a large number of Chinese on the west coast and in South America before the anglo-saxons got there. Also, they brought many blacks slaves there and sot he blacks and their descendants who mixed with the whites are also founders of the country, just as the Chinese on the west coast, in slave labor, and working as de-facto slaves on the railroads and gold mines also helped build this country. Later, Japanese would also go to California and develop the land and farm, until the concentration camps of WWII allowed all the Anglo-Saxons to take those farmlands and send all Americans of Japanese descent to concentration camps. Many of these Japanese Americans realized America does not want them and they cannot fight it, so they returned to Japan.
For the most part, you are using Marxist style arguments. This is shameful for a nationalist such as yourself. See my previous admonishment of the Marxist that was before criticizing you using a very similar argument. I defended you by the way, and crushed his argument. It’s ironic that I now need to defend against the same treatment from you. I’ll chalk it up to your still maturing political development. It’s imperative that you become politically consistent. There were Vikings here before the Chinese, and there is now anthropological evidence that whites were once here before the so called Native Americans migrated into North America. There is also anthropological evidence (mummies) for whites being in pre-historic China. The point is that these arguments are pointless. No large scale political changes are justified against the interests of a European majority due to the historically varying status of scattered Asian immigrants. If you want to play that game, all that Europeans need to do is organize the tens to hundreds of thousands of present day Europeans in Japan and argue against well, let’s see, how about Japanese privilege? After all, we’ve been there since at least 1945 and we have rights too. I don’t like the way that Japanese look at me funny when I walk into a store, or how I’m supposed to remember to take off my shoes all of the time. They yell at me when I forget, it hurts my feelings, and it makes me feel oppressed. I think that an anti-Japanese privilege movement is in order to recognize my oppressed state. One day, god willing, Japanese privilege will end and the television and preferences in Japan (especially of the females) will be wholly multicultural. See the danger of adopting Marxist strategies in countries other than your own? It gives license to make you and your people a political target as well.
lone_yakuza wrote: It is not a double standard, because America has been culturally manipulating and socially engineering the people here to hate Asian males and view Asian features are akin to disfigurement.
You’re extremely paranoid to the point of being dangerously deluded. I say that while agreeing with a large amount of your other politics. As one of the other posters posited, I have a high IQ (98th percentile for whites) and two of my talents are a sensitive emotional intelligence as well as an ability to discern patterns and build accurate models from little information. The point is that I’m sensitive to my environment and what I have been programmed with in the past. For years, I’ve been studying cognitive-linguistic programming / meta-programming (general semantics, NLP, hypnosis, transactional analysis, the Leary 8 circuits, etc). I have never, ever, ever detected any social engineering or other similar message that communicates that we are to hate both Asian males and the Asian male phenotype. Not to be glib, but 1940’s Disney cartoons don’t count – I’d be interested in compelling evidence of this programming. I’ve never detected that type of aversion in myself, which would be a primary indicator of such programming – as I would have had no resistance to it as a youth. Furthermore, I’ve never heard a single person, in my entire life in the extremely racist high-population multicultural area in which I live, voice a single negative comment against Asian males or Asian male facial features. I can find no fault with Asian males, except perhaps in cases like this wherein some emotion forgoes the complete evolution of a model. It’s not your fault, but you should calm down a bit and try to gain some further perspective before your anger eats you alive. There is quite a bit that you are flat out wrong about, politically speaking from the perspective of the type of evolved and calculated nationalism that will help you and your people.
lone_yakuza wrote: Also, refer to my introduction thread for other links, and Ben Efsaneyim does a very good job of detailing how f***ed up Asian American males have it in the USA.
I’ll check it out. However, are you sure that you aren’t unfairly generalizing a possible lack of social adeptness to race?
To prove my point, I’ll jump ahead and quote a paragraph out of order:
lone_yakuza wrote: As an American male of Manchu, Hokkaido Japanese, and a Dutch ancestry, who was born and raised in the USA, and culturally white American (except that I am also knowledgeable of my Asian ancestry and can speak 2.5 languages), I would not be able to get decent looking girls unless I go study at a PUA camp or am rich. This is desepite the fact that have many talents (martial arts, music) and have decent looks, am intelligent (went to top 10 US university), physically strong, etc.etc.. You see how stacked it is against the Asian male here in the Anglosphere, and most countries?
Your concept of what is attractive is typically (relative to many young intelligent men) skewed and distorted. Let’s break down what you said. You listed your concept of ‘attractive features’ as inclusive of: being culturally white, having ‘talents’ (sounds like Napoleon Dynamite, no offense, c’mon, even you can laugh at that), having decent looks, having intelligence (if only), being strong, and some undefined others (etc, etc) that I assume are along the same continuum. Almost none of that is correct, with the only exception being decent looks (face, muscles) which will get you an interview, sometimes, but absolutely no more if you are socially naïve / undeveloped. A PUA camp wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but it’s unnecessary and I would assume that the quality varies greatly. I like control, and so I’d never go to one. I like to read/watch and apply. Look, you’re obviously intelligent. I can tell you as a certainty that the answers to your woman problems exist in the form of information on the net as well as personal perseverance and application. Why haven’t you applied yourself in uncovering the truth about attracting women the way that you apply yourself in other intellectual or political pursuits? I know it’s possible because I did it to a reasonable degree. I’m 100% alpha and emotionally attractive now (meaning my personality is attractive to women), because I applied myself and fixed the problem. Also, none of what I do is forced. Everything is natural. The adjustment requires only perseverance and application. I can say, for certain, that it isn’t your race that’s holding you back. It’s you. That’s you in the avatar?! GMAFB dude. You’re fine. It’s not your looks nor your ethnicity. My brother in law has an Asian best friend who isn’t as good looking as are you, is pretty f***ing boring, and he just married a cute white chick last week. It’s your stalled development as an emotionally actualized and non-needy individual that’s holding you back.
lone_yakuza wrote: You talk about Anglo and white culture being destroyed.
Have you even f***ing gone to Asia? Walked around? Many Japanese singers use as much English as possible in their songs. People rarely, if ever, wear traditional Japanese clothing. All the clothing they wear is American/Anglo-saxon. Business suits, everyday wear, etc. etc. Sure, there may be more convenience wearing some shorts than a Hakama or traditional Korean clothing or Han Fu.
However, most Asians forget that there were ALWAYS convenient versions of these clothing. For example, there is a version of the Han Fu that has pants for the bottom half, same with the Japanese kimono and men's kimono -> modern Japanese karate gis were what many people once wore around for convenience and is similar to the "everyday wear" Han Fu of China.
It is simply that they have forgotten and abandoned their root Asian culture, which is how one dresses. This is rooted in western imperialism/anglo-saxon imperialism. Particularly in China, where after being cheated, raped, pillaged, many national treaures stolen, etc. etc., the Chinese became ashamed of their cultural identity and began adopting western dress, western everything.
Again, you lack perspective. You’re complaining about English language in songs and the lack of traditional dress, and we are inundated with millions of Muslims and other third world extras in our homelands. To me, it’s like a wealthy man complaining to a shoeless beggar that his $500 shoes have a scuff mark. In comparison, your complaints sound insane and absolutely spoiled, especially in relation to your level of anger. You can easily stop using English language in music and go back to traditional dress if enough people wanted to. Heck, all that takes is a lot of individual decisions to do so. Start rocking it. I think that would be both amazing looking and inspiring. The world needs something like that to look to in this day and age. So do it!! But stop rebuking me about my perspective when your perspective isn’t comparable. I’m almost ready to stop conversing with you, here, based on this example of disproportionate whining.
lone_yakuza wrote: The Japanese thought that copying the westerners was the only way to prevent what happened in China from happening to them. So, they westernized during the Meijji Restoration and gave up many many traditional Japanese things. At least they still retained the warrior and macho spirit of the samurai until WWII, but after WWII and the commencement of American occupation and the disbandment of the Japanese military, many of them became extremely emasculated. The military is the most masculine institution of any nation. To remove it is to remove the manhood of a nation. It's no wonder guys in Japan only rarely are interested in martial arts or are not afraid to roar a war cry and raise a sword against those who dare oppress them. This is especially true with cowardly, meek, keep-your-head-down types of Asians, especially Asian males, in the USA.
No one raises swords anymore. You need guns, but I know that you were being romantically figurative. However, no one stands up to oppressors anymore either. Pretty much because of guns, prisons, and military strength/efficiency. You’re kidding yourself if you think that Japanese personalities are the reason as to why you don’t cast out your perceived oppressors. Also, Asian male personalities are pretty much statistically uniform like that in northeast Asia. Sure, there are a lot of Alpha Asians. But there seems to be not a lot of middle ground. I’ve seen the same thing throughout the region. You can’t blame the personalities of Japanese males on the war. More than likely, they are just like that, with warrior spirits that do require a cause and organization to ignite. I chalk it up to lower testosterone and higher intelligence. Neither of which are innately bad.
lone_yakuza wrote: You are wrong that whites do not have privilege in Asia. Being white is seen as a positive. Many Asians FROM ASIA are self-hating because of Hollywood influence and media portrayals, which are largely demeaning towards Asians. Japanese in particular sought to be "Americanized." Even in anime, you see them always draw protagonists who are blonde and blue eyed, etc.
Well, every race is seen as positive or negative by the majority population anywhere else. You would have us be seen as negative? You are entitled to feel that way, but then you couldn’t complain if we were to see you as negative. See how that works? In any case, being seen as positive is not the definition of the pseudo-concept of white privilege. Whites are demeaned and damned in Hollywood as well. Go check out Django Unchained this Christmas. That should stoke your white hatred and satisfy your revenge instinct, although it will be the poor whites who receive any cultural / violent fallout of that movie, just like poor whites have been the ones to shoulder the policy bias against whites in the USA. Whites whose ancestors never owned slaves and were more likely to be slaves, whites whose ancestors never laid eyes on an Asian, and whites who were just as much victims of the entirety of WWII as were Asians. It’s a shame that dead men don’t tell tales.
lone_yakuza wrote: These things lead to self hatred. That is never good. It is fine to appreciate other races and cultures, but this level is ridiculous and shows both a weakness in spirit and the successful psychological war waged by the anglo-saxons and certain Jews, especially those who control Hollywood and export it around the world.
So, it’s ‘certain Jews’ but not ‘certain’ Anglo-Saxons, huh? Interesting. All Anglo Saxons (people from the U.K., which is incidentally the most culturally destroyed country in the world other than American non-nation), are culpable? You think that Hollywood operates with autonomy? Interesting.
lone_yakuza wrote: If you are a white male, I guarantee that just going to Japan will mean you will have girls hanging off your arms within a week. An Asian male who goes to Europe cannot do the same, even if he has PUA skills. He would have to work much harder. You have no idea how powerful media is and how it can brainwash people.
I’ve spent a week in Japan. That didn’t happen. I’ve spent many weeks in Europe. Didn’t happen there either. I was young and relatively attractive in both instances. Stop being so entitled and stop projecting your failure with women onto others. Do the work.
lone_yakuza wrote: Even in Asia, you see and hear about many women wanting or preferring a "western" (read- white) man.
Okay, and so what is the effect of ‘what you heard’? Are you angry, and perhaps bitter? A little enraged at white men? A little jealous? Do you think that many women now avoid western males to avoid playing into that stereotype, when otherwise they might have been attracted if they were left alone to make the decision on their own? Well, I would offer that that all of that is the intended effect. NOTHING that you hear, as a seemingly rootless cultural meme, is not on purpose. You have to start thinking about the cultural effects of the messages that you receive, because that is the only way in which you will have control of your own thoughts and the only way that you will be able to glean an accurate worldview.
lone_yakuza wrote: And to make things even worse, I am not attracted to Asian females for the most part, because I was raised in a 98% white area(s)
This is complete nonsense reasoning. I was raised not amongst Asians, and I am intensely attracted to many of the women.
lone_yakuza wrote: Look at the outmarriage rates of Asian American females. 50% outmarry and 90% date outside their race. Only 13% of Asian American males outmarry and something like 20% date outside our race.
This isn’t true in Asia, the only place where your ‘outmarriage rates’ count for anything – politically or otherwise. You continue to apply Asian nationalism outside of Asian majority countries. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that and it never will. Let me tell you something that you won’t want to hear, but that you may have come upon on your own – or you will. Your parents made the largest mistake, in terms of the continued genetic significance of their lineage, by coming here. We all would have been much better off staying in Ireland, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc. We are the genetic castoffs of our homelands. No one here has any power. This is a slave colony, and it always was. You are revolting against slaves. White people here are oppressed through a myriad of official polices. When you complain about white privilege here, the significance of your complaint boils down to that you are pissed that you live in a still majority white society – because that is the only mechanism of your perceived oppression. In complaining about that, you are opening the door to the further destruction of Japan by legitimizing such tactics against a majority population. Get you politics straight. If your parents didn’t want to put up with a majority white country, they should have stayed in Japan. Yes, you are feeling the brunt of the cultural-emotional fallout of their decision, but in essence you are only a genetic product of your parents and they are responsible for the pain and disadvantage levied on their product through their decision to dispossess their-selves of their people. We are all dispossessed, and that is who you are railing against here. We certainly aren’t in charge, even though I realize that you fail to see past that glaringly obvious illusion. You just aren’t completely apprised of the facts, because it is outside of the realm of your perceived self-interest. I wish my ancestors would have stayed in Ireland and Germany.
lone_yakuza wrote: In Japan or Asia, white women often do NOT date Asian males because Asian males are supposedly chauvinistic, even though it is white males who go to Asia for sex tourism while Asian males never go to white countries for tourism. Who is more chauvinistic, more like an asshole, more like a douchebag, and more of a womanizer? You are an idiot if you think it is the Asian man.
Buddy, you live in a fantasy bubble that is dictated by an extremely narrow set of data points that you glean off of the internet. This last but of nonsense, I believe, is my cue to go to bed. I do think that you have potential, but that it’s being misappropriated due to your current lot in life. Get out there. Read about how to get some p***y. P.M. me and I’ll try and help you out with a recommendation or two. None of what you stated in that last paragraph matters a mouse’s asshole, even if it were accurate. Which it’s not. It sounds like some deeply bitter mangina bullshit. That’s not you. Shake that part of your personality forever. I know that you are better than that, and so I won’t even credit you with that last paragraph. Let’s just assume that you were tired when you wrote it. Asians are some of the biggest whoremongers in the world, and they comprise the largest clientele for whores in Asia. There is no real whoring scene in Europe nor the USA that is on the level of the best Asian countries for it. The prostitution industry is driven by Asians even in Thailand, not Anglos.
lone_yakuza wrote: The guy was not run-of-the-mill by anyone's standards. But he was, physically, absolutely stunning by my own. About six feet tall, with a thin build -- covered in tattoos and sporting a bit of facial hair. Dressed in all black with worn jeans and a leather jacket. Big black combat boots. Sharp eyes.....He was a tough looking guy, by anyone's standards, including a Westerner's.
The reaction of the western men in the bar is swift and bitchy......
We had been there for about fifteen minutes when, suddenly, out of f***ing nowhere, some Western man I had never even seen before came reeling in my direction. He literally wedged himself directly between me and my date, with his back to my date........"Oh look at this.... like.... cool rocker chick. Sitting back here alone and sipping on a beer and being cool and shit!".......This continued all. night. long. One after another of the foreign men who had never bothered to even look me in the eye before that night suddenly felt the need to make their way over and say something f***ing asinine while completely ignoring the fact that there was another human being sitting next to me, with whom I was trying to have a conversation.

The harassment continued.....

A date would go to the bathroom, and a Western man I was completely unacquainted with would sidle over from the other side of the room and inform me that my date's outfit was "gay" (t shirt and jeans?), his hair was "stupid" (combed and washed?), and that I would obviously have a better time that night if I were to go home with him instead....Was it ALL of this EVERY time I was out with a Korean guy? No....Was it at least some of this most of the times I was out with a Korean guy? Yes. Making it home for the evening without encountering at least one patronizing comment was the rare exception.
And here is where it gets even more interesting.....
I realized what was behind it. A community of men who had previously viewed me as a kind of annoying buzzing sound in the room....were now striding up to me in bars to offer me a 'chance' to be with them. Or were finding smaller, more cowardly ways to make passive aggressive comments and generally interrupt my business, which they had previously had literally no interest in whatsoever.....And it wasn't just about me being with a guy....It was that I was with a Korean guy. ......I had had enough of watching women joke and laugh and jeer right along their Western male counterparts, condemning themselves to a 'miserable' experience, all to be sure they weren't outcast from what little community they had.....I had had enough of listening to men tell me what my experience in Korea was and would be, and why. And then, when I turned around and proved them wrong -- not even for the sake of proving them wrong, but just as incidence in the conducting of my own personal pursuit of happiness -- having them jump all over that shit as well. Even the nice guys I knew from around would occasionally manage to be patronizing, with comments like, "Good for you!" and, "Oh, really? You like Korean guys? Well... that's cool." As though them sitting around and endlessly discussing how much they wanted to date Korean girls happened on a completely different planet from me dating Korean guys."
So these white expats in Asia are even trying to cockblock Asian guys there while exclusively dating Asian women. This is extremely callous, dishonorable, and insecure behavior. It also speaks volumes about the arrogance most westerners, especially anglo-saxon/anglo-American whites have.

For every story like that, there are ten stories of Asian males trying to cockblock an Anglo guy from dating an Asian. In either case, what’s your point? Who gives a shit? Why is this even on your radar, and why does it rise to the level of significance for you that it informs your worldview about white guys? The Asian cockblocking stories don’t inform my view on Asians, as I know that more are cool than are not. I know for a fact that most white guys don’t give a shit about some white woman dating an Asian. Personally, my response is ‘good for him’. You are outing yourself as having qualities that are less than socially desirable, as a man, if this bothers you.
lone_yakuza wrote: I have never seen an Asian movie that villainizes the entire white race (if at all) to such an extent like the way Hollywood productions as the new Red Dawn movie villainizes Asian males.

The relentless parade of WWII movies comes to mind, wherein the whites are always the most evil m’fers that hollywood can portray. And it is a relentless parade. Django Unchained is coming out soon. Remind me, what were the other recent movies in which Asians were vilified on the level of the Germans or in the upcoming Django Unchained? Remember, German Americans comprised the vast majority of the WWII American forces. Let’s compare the levels of relative vilification. As I before stated, you lack perspective.
lone_yakuza wrote: So, there needs to be more emphasis on athletics and combative arts in Asia, along with the traditional focus on academics. Once that is achieved, then nobody can come up with bullshit that Asian are only weak nerds or whatever.

You’re too insecure. Being a nerd, today, can truly be cool if you own it in the right way. That means no insecurity. I’m a huge nerd, but only when I choose to portray that side of me. Become dynamic, and don’t look to extinguish a part of yourself or that part of your people. It's actually a large reason as to why I like Asian males, why I believe they are more valuable to western society than any other non-white group of which I know, and it’s indicative of deeper and very genetically desirable and adaptive qualities.
I just spent roughly 3 hours answering. This is it for me in this discussion, not out of frustration but just available time. It was nice sharing views, and I’ll see you around.

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Post by ladislav » November 24th, 2012, 1:23 pm

Yakuza, I wish I had 3 hours to talk to you but i dont. So, here it is in a nutshell. While you possess a good brain and can deduce things, your age and lack of experience and lack of travel make you arrive at simplistic and grossly exaggerated conclusions. Any semblance of accuracy related to your experiences about the US, but because you did not live for prolonged periods in other countries while speaking local languages and listening to what people are saying, you see things in a somewhat distorted way.

For one, the sex tourism in Asia for white guys mainly centers around relatively small red light districts in Bangkok, Pasay and Angeles City and well, mostly, that's it. In Tokyo white people are not allowed in the red light district so they cannot partake in the fun that the Japanese are having. Other Asians are welcome though. Huge areas of Bangkok outside of the Western tourist scene would not allow white people in. The Taniya red light district is for Japanese only. They are the privileged class there- they can go to the western Pat Pong but westerners are not allowed in Taniya.

Now, as far as Asians not going to white countries, who is keeping them from doing that? Amsterdam's red light district won't kick them out. Hamburg's brothels are open. Help yourself. But most Asian guys are too shy to travel there, because they don't....speak....English...and shy shy shy of white people. Shitting in thier pants. I dont speak English, I dont speak English. Who speaks good English there? It's Holland no? The Dutch also have problems with English. It is not even their language. Second, except for the Japanese, most Asian guys do not have the money to travel to Europe. But Filipino sailors ( Asians, right?) often bragged to me about what they did in Germany and Ukraine. But most Asians will still go to other Asian countries on sex tours because it is nearer and cheaper. And they will always go in groups. Shy, scared, trembling. They cant function alone and be adventurous.

Go to the Philippines and see how the Koreans behave there when they are in large red light districts where white people hang out. Most will never talk to white people- again, the terror about speaking English - most walk around in sullen, silent groups not making eye contact and not smiling at anyone and not talking to anyone. Like zombies. Then they go to some Korean club where they drink and sing karaoke and again talk in Korean to other Koreans and never even walk into white bars- no one will kick them out- like the Scandinavian bar where I used to hang out. They never came. I...tremble....ddddddooont..ssssspeak.. English. never mind that Scandinavians talk worse English than Koreans. Not even one EVER stopped by there.

Some Japanese went to a Korean bar in Manila and got beat up. The talk among the Japanese in Manila is- dont go to Korean bars- they will beat the crap out of you there. I heard in from the Japanese in Manila who talked to me in Japanese and told me about that.

As far as the Japanese being westernized and loving white people. They do it as much as white people like hip hop and popular black culture and jazz. It is superficial. In Japan the fear of foreigners is still very real. Most Japanese landlords will not even rent to you if you are not Japanese. A few young hipsters in thier twenties do not Japan make. Try living there and then we will talk.

Japanese girls hanging off of a white man's arms? Keep dreaming. Only if he is David Beckham and only maybe for some wild times by some people. A few riotous young people who like hanging out in Roppongi. A few hundred who enjoy white men. Most Japanese prefer other Japanese. Lived there for two years and seen all that. No eye contact with strangers, like frozen mummies. In discos they either go with groups and dance with thier group or if they go alone they stare in the mirror at themselves while dancing. No contact with strangers. Taboo.

On the other hand, Winston went to Lithuania and I have Asian friends who have been to Finland and Estonia and they had a great time. No doors are closed to them. Party and have fun. Meet some blonds. Have you ever been to those countries?

Most Asian guys do not even know where those countries are. And do you think they will dare to go there? Without a group tour? White guys will travel alone and explore new places. 99% of Asian guys will be crapping in their pants. I.....ddddddd..ddddddont ....sssssppeaak...English.

You need to live in other countries and travel. See what is going on.

Remember Malcolm X. Did you listen to his speeches? They made sense. He was right. But he was only right about America. He had not traveled yet. Then when he went to Saudi and was treated well there, he came back and changed.

Experience will open your eyes. So, for now, do not start your North Asian Mein Kampf book yet. Travel first, please.
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yakuzaa, while we all agree that east asia is abandoning its traditional culture and what an awful shame that is, i think you greatly overstate the influence media has over how white men are sometimes seen as preferable to asian women. i think two other factors play a much greater role.

firstly, women univesially find men with broad shoulders and long limbs (not muscles) most attractive. these traits are very common in white men and very rare in asian men it seems. the average height in asia is much lower than the west, which makes average western men considered tall in asia.

secondly is the personality factor. i much admire the moderate and straight forward personality of asians and lothe the superficial clown like personalities of many anglos/westerners, but women seem universially attracted to the latter. from my observations 99.99% of asian men in the west appear to be painfully shy/quiet while western men in asia appear to become supremely confident in asia. this is because they are in an environment without any other large egos to compete with so theres is able to flourish, not because of some kind of white privelege.

if a 6' tall asian guy with a confident and outgoing personality went to hungary or the likes, i guarentee he would do just fine if not great with the women there.

have you actually been to your ancestrial homeland? the internet is a TERRIBLE place to gauge information on this matter. braggers with the tendency to lie are the only vocal ones. i asked my friend who went to china and is an honest guy, he told me that only a small number of chinese women were open to any kind of interracial dating and it was generally shunned by the society.

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