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The Definitive Guide to Courting Vietnamese Ladies

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Post by Winston » December 31st, 2012, 7:10 pm

Thanks Dragon. We needed something like this. I'll probably sticky this thread and add it to the FAQ threads page, and maybe feature it on the home page if there's room. I'll try to remember to send it out to my mailing list too. Good work. Did you write this yourself?
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Post by Rock » January 1st, 2013, 12:53 am

Winston wrote:Thanks Dragon. We needed something like this. I'll probably sticky this thread and add it to the FAQ threads page, and maybe feature it on the home page if there's room. I'll try to remember to send it out to my mailing list too. Good work. Did you write this yourself?
Hey Winston, u remember all those Vietnamese girls we met in Chiayi area? I wonder wht their deal was cus they definitely seemed ghetto. And also, remember that western English teacher / martial arts instructor we met who had recently lived in Vietnam and married a local girl there. He only had bad things to say about the people in general and also his ex-wife. I wonder what he did wrong to miss out on the good side Dragon talks about.

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Post by pandabear » January 1st, 2013, 3:22 am

abcdavid01 wrote:Thank you very much Dragon. I'll definitely take this advice into consideration and I certainly understand the importance of learning the language no matter what country you go to. For now, I am working to fund travels. Slow and steady, but I'll get there. I turn 21 next month and I'd like to marry by 27, so I'll start travelling in the next few years.

To reiterate, Winston, please make this a sticky.
If you're thinking of Vietnam, then you may wish to move faster

Because many more girl fetuses are aborted than boys, boys are greatly outnumbering girls. This is what Korea and China did, and now Koreans are flocking to Vietnam to find wives.


Below the age of 20, boys are outnumbering girls. This gets more acute in the younger age groups.

As a result of the decades of war, the older women outnumber the older men. Now, gender selection is dramatically turning the tables.

So, anyone who wants a Vietnamese wife had better act fast

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Re: The Definitive Guide to Courting Vietnamese Ladies

Post by momopi » January 1st, 2013, 3:51 am

Dragon wrote:
Jester wrote:Thanks for an original and useful post.
Dragon wrote: Once you are married to a Vietnamese lady, you are part of her family and will be treated as such. One more thing, avoid the Catholic Vietnamese ladies. Go for the Buddhist ones, which is the majority of the country.
How are the Catholic ones different?
They're much more westernized. A lot of them apparently eat and breath Western culture.
I had a Vietnamese ex who was Catholic. She disliked America and moved to Japan. But then she's a Japanphile so, that's probably an exception. Had she stayed, I'd probably have married her.

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Post by pandabear » January 14th, 2013, 3:28 am

Has anyone considered the Vietnamese Virgin Bride thing through, for example, a Singaporean broker?

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Post by Jacaré » February 12th, 2013, 7:10 am

Hey Dragon,
why did you delete that very helpful post of yours? Come on man, for once we had a good guide in here about Vietnam and it goes deleted. Put it back man!

I've been looking at some pics of Vietnamese girls and I've got to say I'm really liking their physique as well as their lovely traditional attire and I am seriously thinking of going there when I return to Asia. I wouldn't mind wifing up one or even 2 for a month or 2 and see how it goes.

So yeah, please put back your very informative post about Vietnamese women Dragon!

Thanks in advance!

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Post by CerealKiller » February 16th, 2013, 5:59 pm

A 'definitive' guide with nothing in it. Hmmm... speaks volumes about Vietnamese girls, doesn't it?

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Post by xiongmao » February 16th, 2013, 6:44 pm

I saw some Vietnamese women at the airport back in London. Turns out the Vietnam flight leaves the same time as the Beijing flight.

Anyway, the two women I got the closest look at were both fairly beautiful. I'd say they looked more like Thais than Chinese, but they did look more beautiful than Thais. Also both had kids, and they looked pretty hot for moms (compared to the average white British woman with kids).

On the downside I don't like Thai womens' feet, and the Vietnamese women didn't have nice feet. Chinese women have perfect feet.

I'm hoping I can have a side visit to Vietnam at some point. I'm geographically very close, so there's probably a train that goes there or something.

Any guy seeking an Asian gf should give Vietnam a go. Just bear in mind it's hot, the roads are dangerous and the place is a haven for scammers.
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Post by Intolerant » March 1st, 2013, 6:00 pm

So was there previously a guide or is there no such guide to meeting Vietnamese girls?

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Post by Twobrains » March 2nd, 2013, 12:03 pm

It got taken down by the author, I believe. To be honest, having been to Saigon, I found the guide a little old-fashioned.
"As long as you make an identity for yourself out of the pain, you cannot become free of it." Eckhart Tolle

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Post by Novem » April 8th, 2014, 5:30 am

Ah man, kind of bummed that this isn't up anymore. Vietnam is one of my prime targets to investigate. Although I was going to do my best not to spend too much time on girls from HCMC and Hanoi if they have become overly westernized. Far more interested in going deeper into the country and all the better if I find a girl with minimal exposure to English. That feels like the safest check against the feminist doctrine that has been spreading.

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Post by Bao3niang » May 19th, 2014, 5:39 am

With Vietnam's rapid development, Vietnamese women are starting to head down the same path as mainland Chinese / Taiwanese / Hong Kong / Macau women. It will only be a matter of time before Vietnamese females become just as materialistic and demanding as their Chinese counterparts. As with many places, you should better start acting.

What I've noticed with Vietnamese females is that the decent ones are all from outside the two big cities, which are Saigon and Hanoi. Especially with HCMC being Vietnam's economic center, it is obvious how this has an effect on the dating scene. Perhaps HCMC and Hanoi are more hopeful than Beijing or Shanghai, but time is running out.

A Chinese-Vietnamese girl often tells me how her Vietnamese female friends love to drink and party. She told me that she often discusses love and marriage with them and how she's the only one that still believes in pure love. One of her friends is planning to get married straight out of high school to a guy who sits on his bum and does nothing but has a very rich family. I'm picturing my uncle and aunt here (aunt was 19, uncle was 31 when they married. 2nd marriage for my uncle.).

She also told me about another girl that met a guy online (I don't know local or a foreigner) through a local dating site, met him and they had sex after being together for just one week. A Vietnamese girl studying in Korea has warned me about the mercenary, foreign passport thirsting attitude of many females in Saigon.

Is this all going to stop me? I don't think so. After all, these things are nothing new to me as I've seen and heard them happen in many places. Yet, I'm seriously beginning to doubt my chances of even finding one with so many prerequisites to dating. I'm beginning to narrow down my list of who I'll end up meeting if I can make it to Saigon in December of this year. If I can't, then I will be angry at myself for not being to keep my promises and the few decent ones will lose all my trust for me.

Assuming that I make it there, I still fear failure with both the ones I met online and if I can get one on the ground. All the anticipation and work done in preparation will be wasted at that point. Although I always opt for quality over quantity and I'm actually serious unlike most guys on here, I'd still like to have a few options in case one does not work out. As of now, Thi Hua (the Chinese-Vietnamese girl) is my safest bet.

Naive as it may sound, I still believe the best time to find the love of your life is when you are young and have little to no resources, which is me right now. I'd rather work with the tiny possibility of hitting the mark and meeting a reliable one that can appreciate me for who I am when I have nothing than wait until I'm older and having to deal with females being more aware of / expecting more of a man's appearance, status, and of course, the bank account.

If I decide to settle down in Vietnam or stay there for an extended period of time in the future I can only pray that I will meet someone who will just damn stick with me and is not a China hating, government supporting, gold digging, slutty, dogmatic piece of crap. If I do succeed with anyone from or someone I meet this year if I can make it there then it will be a LDR for the next few years while I complete university in Canada (Japan or Europe, maybe even China would be a lot better). If she wants to go live in another country, we will have time to reach an agreement (hopefully) or we will just go on an extended period of traveling like what RedMenace is planning with his girlfriend.

Anyways my first step is to get my ass over there. Am I worrying too much at such an early point?

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Post by Bao3niang » May 19th, 2014, 5:54 am

Courting? Not dating and just two people involved? Vietnamese in-laws are a bit more relaxed but I've heard they aren't much better than typical Chinese / Korean ones.

But when it comes to courting no one gets as crazy as the Duggars. ^^ 20 and counting

courting=求爱 (‘求’ means ask or beg), so in Chinese the literal translation for 'courting' would be 'asking/begging for love'


I'd still pick dating any day over courting. I take Genesis 2:24 very seriously. If the woman does not leave and cleave, she's not fulfilling the most important part of love and marriage.

Assuming the girl's parents are reasonable, honest people I would not mind helping them occasionally, but I must know that A) They don't ask for much B) They feel grateful C) They rarely ask However, no matter what the case is, I have no obligation to help and support them. As with anyone, the other person must slowly earn my like, trust, and respect. I do not owe anyone anything, I only give because I believe they deserve it.

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Re: The Definitive Guide to Courting Vietnamese Ladies

Post by nomadphilippines » August 13th, 2016, 5:55 am

here is a cliffs notes version:

don't move there for easy hook ups and casual sex, move there to find a serious girlfriend

vietnamese girls are some of the toughest to hook up with in SEA, if you want casual hook ups or friends with benefits dont go there
avid follower of site about travel and girls

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