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Philippine Police Beat Up British Foreigners in BGC

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Philippine Police Beat Up British Foreigners in BGC

Post by mguy » September 30th, 2014, 8:04 am

Hey guys!

Just to show not to f**k around here.


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Post by Repatriate » September 30th, 2014, 10:48 am

From what the story said he tried to run when he was asked to stop which is why they piled him like that. The smart thing for him to do would be to stop what he was doing immediately and take a polite tone. I'm sure the Brits mouthed off to these guards. There's no way they would get beat down like that over nothing.

The thing is this isn't even that bad of a situation. U.S. cops would do even worse things like taser him and throw him down stairs or somethiing.

I don't feel much sympathy for these two chuckleheads. They probably got what they deserved.

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Post by Seeker » September 30th, 2014, 11:03 am

Took a lot of those monkeys to take down 2 men. Here's what happened according to a commenter.

6 hours ago (edited)

Here’s what happened before this kickboxing incident:

The English men’s names are Sam & Chris, two of the nicest people I’ve known in the city. Sam is a resident of BGC & Chris is his best friend who’s here for vacation.

Sam just wished to use his skateboard and have fun that Saturday Afternoon | Sept 27. They initially played in front of Banana Republic along fifth avenue, two lady police women approached them and nicely told them that they can’t use the board in that area and they instructed them to play at the park instead, which they did.

At the park, a lady marshal | the one shown in the video with a proud look at 1:16 stopped them rudely unlike the police women. As per Sam’s sharing, in their country they look up to their police officers as kings, they respected them and honour them, so their words were gold. So between the police women & the marshals, they believed the words of the police. They insisted to the marshal that they were told that it is okey to skate in that area and that’s where the argument began.

Marshal called for back-up and two Big Marshals arrived, confiscated the skate board, in Sam’s mind he just want to get the skateboard and run off as he was already scared, which he successfully did. Then new set of reinforcements arrive and this video is what happened next. They got caught.

Given, that the marshals’ were right that it is indeed prohibited to skate although ironically, to play IN A PARK, does it have to end this way? Where’s the maximum tolerance ruling? Oh maybe this marshals have a different code.
We don’t need to be an investigator to figure out that there is something wrong here, they already got him but still the marshals had a grand time I guess showing off their kickboxing skills.

To make it even worse, Sam, with a bruised face and a broken rib and Chris were arrested for being charged with PHYSICAL INJURY by two of this wonderful marshals. Really clever and wise move. They got detained that very night.

Our experience with the investigating team made the night even worse. Few CLOSED DOOR briefings with the complainants (the marshals) and the police happened that night investigator needed to ask what happened, we were waiting for our turn to be asked about our side but it never came.

“Dito ko naintindihan, kawawa ka talaga kapag wala kang kakilala. Kahit ikaw na ang agrabyado, kayang kaya nilang palabasin na ikaw ang masama. I realized, ang bigat pala kapag ikaw na ang nasa ganitong sitwasyon.â€￾

For some reason they weren’t allowed to file a counter-charge that very night and we weren’t able to do anything to prevent them from detaining the two. Where in fact, Sam & Chris, were supposed to be the one filing that PHYSICAL INJURY CASE. If there’s any lawyer reading this we would really appreciate your advice sirs and madams.

Sam is currently confined in St. Lukes & Chris is being held at Taguig Police Station just beside City hall of Taguig as suspects.

You may verify the validity of this story, if this video is still not enough..

If you have the access kindly get hold of the CCTV footage from 3-5pm along Fifth Avenue and at 28th street corner 7th street and their sworn statement at BGC police station.

Kindly share until it gets to the right authorities, they’re being held for 4 days now.

They don’t have much friends here.
They don’t know what to do.
They badly need our help.

Bonifacio Global City Fort Bonifacio GUARDS ARRESTING SKILLS

Kindly share until it gets to the right authorities, they’re being held for 4 days now.

They don’t have much friends here.
They don’t know what to do.
They badly need our help."

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Post by Rock » September 30th, 2014, 1:04 pm

I've not yet seen anything like this in Philippines (police getting excessive). But in Thailand, I've witnessed plain clothes guys beat down an African to the point of holding him upright and having another kick him repeatedly muay thai style in the ribs till he was screaming in pain (probably due to broken ribs). I think they found some substance in his pocket and just went to town on him. After they beat him to a pulp, they dragged him away to their vehicle.

I remember at the reception of my building in Makati, there was a drunk Korean guy fighting to get in one night and the guards were holding him back. He was yelling, cursing, and being as violent as he could manage. But they only restrained him without hurting or even saying mean words back.

If you follow the news in the USA, you will find that using tasers seems to be increasingly giving way to just shooting. And the cops apparently get away with murdering people in some cases for the flimsiest of reasons. Is it becoming a police state?

The nicest and gentlest cops I've seen anywhere are probably in Taiwan. I've seen people who've been pulled over on motorcycles for routine checks just act very angry and belligerent towards to police hurling lots of verbal abuse and the cops usually just endure it politely. I've seen others argue their way out of tickets for blatant offenses such as running red light.

Anyway, my default for cops anywhere at any time in any country is to treat them with high respect and comply with whatever they request. They're the boss and they like to be treated that way. If you take that route, your risk is greatly reduced. Remember, in the Philippines, you as a foreign national can get banned just for being a trouble maker.

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