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Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by Winston » August 2nd, 2016, 11:39 pm

How do you identify a gold digger? What are the tell tale signs? What kind of tests can you put them through to weed out gold diggers? You can't just ask a girl "Are you a gold digger?" They will all deny it. They know that no man wants a gold digger, so they have to hide it or cloak it as much as possible.
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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by starchild5 » August 3rd, 2016, 8:44 am

Winston wrote:How do you identify a gold digger? What are the tell tale signs? What kind of tests can you put them through to weed out gold diggers? You can't just ask a girl "Are you a gold digger?" They will all deny it. They know that no man wants a gold digger, so they have to hide it or cloak it as much as possible.
You can't. Because there are really no Gold Diggers in Real Life. Its a Jewish Invention to create a wedge between man and a women.

Women's only job in life is to LOOK SUPER BEAUTIFUL ALL THE TIME and SERVE MEN. When a man looks at a women, He should be blown away by her beauty and her beauty should take away all his tiredness and sufferings. Women should serve men.

Men's job is to Provide to her so that she looks Super Hot women ALL THE TIME and PROTECT HER. If you don't provide to super hot women, she has to right to take money away from you. A women has the right to cheat, steal her way to get all money from you, if you do not give her. No Karma for her and in the same way, you have the right to reject all women, who does not look beautiful and not serve you. No Karma for you either. If you get bored by a women, you can leave her. Her job is to make you happy ALL THE TIME.

Dharma Approved. This would be more clear from the Picture below.

As you can see Indian Supreme God. Lord Vishnu. Really the original god of all of us which most western people have forgotten. He is taking rest while his Wife Goddess Lakshmi massages his feet. Very Practical. If people can understand this image, half of their struggle's in life would be over.


This is how the equation is .....Not 1=1 Jewish propaganda which from the women side demands equal pay, pay on your dates while on the men side says...Women are Feminist and Gold Diggers.

We are really in an impossible position folks.

Women have the Right to look beautiful, wear expensive clothes....What she brings in your life is LUCK....Lady LUCK came from this...The moment you are with a women, 99% of your time your life changes suddenly and you get lot of money but of-course it has to be astrologically compatible as well.

God created women to look beautiful all the time and serve you. Your job is to protect and provide to your women so that she can continuously serve you.

***BE CAREFUL** Jews will bitch about the picture how, Indian gods make even their Wife's slaves and force them to massage the feet :lol: ...I'm sure most of us are already brainwashed in this. As i said....It is not 1=1...Women and Men have different ROLES in LIFE.

Women = Look Beautiful, Bring Luck, Serve Men

Men = Work, Make Money, Give Money to Women, Protect Women

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by Eric » August 3rd, 2016, 4:29 pm

Like this will ever happen to me. I can't even get near a woman. I'm a handsome, intact, fully intelligent man with an athletic body... and, did I mention that I am also 6'3". There has to be a reason for this...

I just can't get near a woman in my life; there are too many issues surrounding it. ..I'm too sensitive, afraid, self-conscious as a male as a person. All I feel is animosity but I have other feelings deep inside that never get realized.
It's always been like this, for my whole life; it's extremely painful & isolating.
I'm just an expert at staying alone, somehow; everyone has told me this.
It seems most Chinese want this, yes.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by livefreeordie » August 3rd, 2016, 5:04 pm

Wow don't take this the wrong way, but that is a really stupid question, and you should hit yourself for making a dumb generalization like that. Why are there so many dumb generalizations on this forum? Do you guys want to believe things that make your life and success harder?

If you want to buy into an idea that dis empowers you, go right ahead, but don't spread an idea virus that reinforces other peoples negative beliefs which then mutates into an urban myth or legend, like "X women are Y"

except for western women i think you have to be open minded about asia in general, its full of suprises

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by Eric » August 22nd, 2016, 4:37 pm

Maybe this is just me,

but I feel like I see Chinese women as very entitled, vain... and into materialism. So, this does not surprise me. It's not that they are into rich white guys or any rich guys - for that matter - it is only a matter of, will you bend down for her ego and flatter her or not. This is what most women want anyway...
honestly I am struggling with my deep feelings of hatred and disgust for women. Yes, it's gotten that bad to the point, I don't like that I feel this way - but I don't know what to do about it, I'm struggling trying to fix this. I beat myself up over women, it's very complicated. There is part of me that feels I want to wait for a single good woman to find which I'd be happy with - and be perfectly fine doing this, there's another part of me which feels missing out as if I should be getting more hook-ups and such, this messes with me.

I feel like societies attitudes affected me, and get to me - clog my head up.
I also feel that it comes down to a shift in cultural mores & expectations when it regards women and, women's rights and cultural expectations. I know I don't like to admit this, but some if not many of my subconscious attitudes about women are old & traditional, and doesn't fit with how modern women see themselves or are. It's not that it's bad, it's that it doesn't fit anymore.
That is a huge problem. Many of my beliefs were absorbed by my father when I was young. I've never thought about them too hard - but I keep running into problems with them today in this world.
Maybe I should change to accept women nowadays, paying more attention to personal feelings and space....respecting a person's own emotional feelings, less on modesty ( which seems to be an almost completely dead trait in women anymore - its very rare). I personally find this behavior from women disgusting and pathetic/ weak, which is why so many of them make me angry. I find women to be disgusting, pathetic and parasitic people... really this is what they are - let's be honest. They are beautiful, very beautiful, but the attitude just ruins it all for me. If I see a woman who is not modest - it instantly turns me off. I don't care how beautiful she is - to me she is ugly, and it irritates me. Is this normal? I don't know - it is for me.
If I smiled more, paid more attention and gave room for personal feelings and an allowance more for individual emotions and feelings. I'd get along in the world better. I'd be weakening myself ... I know this, but what's the point? There's no reason anymore to hang on or be strong. Women and especially nobody cares about this anymore so I'm just shooting myself by doing it, that's how I see it, it's really sad but I'd have to do it to get more. I'd have way more fun I feel
and like I said, there's no more reason to hang on and be traditional. If I had marriage it would be different, maybe I should hang onto this beliefs, but I don't know - these beliefs will help me find a good wife, but that's it. they won't help me have fun, etc. ..
I know that adopting new beliefs will ultimately lead to new fun etc., and make my life easier, but that they will ultimately ruin me in the end, because I won't be able to discern or hold a good woman. This is very difficult.
I feel like I"m being forced to change.
The goddam Jews have turned everything upside down & forced us to accept liberalism.
It's like 180 degree change overnight, no change, just flip.
I don't know I'm told I should adopt this and be happier - that I'm bad. Personally, I think these people are full of shit and I'm being sold a lie to destroy my morality -that is how I feel. Just like all else with liberalism, it leads to pettiness, mediocrity and destruction overall. Look at how miniscule people are jobs, divorced.. failed relationships, no goals etc.
do I really want to adopt
this same mindset? I don't think so. The Jews are doing everything to sell us lies and whenever you are being pried or pressured it is never a good thing. You can rest assured you are being sold something that is damaging. Why are women so immodest? - it's not like they were really being oppressed. I don't sense this was true....despite & being able to see outside my own mindset - I can see this is not true, that modern progressives vehemently attack and say it is - is a lie, that they are attacking ... shows that they are really attacking, it shows their agenda.
Why are women immodest? It is because this is the true nature of woman unleashed - this is woman without scruples. It's got nothing to do with oppression or the lie they are oppressed. It's because every woman has a secret unsquelching desire for material things, attention, money ... and vanity; this is the biggest vice of women - and now it's out in the open.
Imagine for one second if it was reversed and progressivism favored men over women. Men would be given room for their ultimate vices which are dominating & subjugating women, power, telling women what to do etc,. this is how it used to be and nature favors natural - men are naturally the stronger sex so what we have now is unnatural.
I will never change. I don't care how many names I get called or how "traditional" I am. What we have now is bullshit, men are complaining the world over about it, now - inside every man is an angry/ repressed and beat down sob who feels he is bending over backwards inside and it is eating his self esteem; the truth about woman is that she will take and take from you until you put a lid on her. Until you stop it - and control her;... this is her nature as a parasite. I'm sorry but it is true. Unless you find a good woman who is modest and beautiful, and knows how to control her bad parts of her nature - not unleash them immaturely all on men like a child expecting no consequence for her action(s).

I don't know what to do. I think I'll stay with what I know best, I'll stay traditional.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by retiredfrank » August 22nd, 2016, 5:15 pm

@eric: there is a paradigm shift happening all over the world, faster in the developed societies, with the process not even beginning yet in rural Africa and India. Namely, we are returning to a matrilineal society. Not matriarchal, because men will continue to hold most of the real power (most combat officers in the military, most executives in the defense industry, most wall street executives), however marriage is dying as an institution and the only close parental tie is becoming the tie to the mother. The matrilineal model already exists among the lower class in much of the USA, especially among blacks, but it is spreading.

Right now, single mothers get money from the government, but this will not last. Eventually, most single mothers will be forced to return to their natural role, of trading sex for money. Soft prostitution, in that the women will have long-term bonds with the men who "help them out", but prostitution nonetheless.

I suggest you go with the flow. That is, focus on getting rich, or at least having some excess money to spend on women; don't worry about settling down permanently with one woman but accept that you are just a visitor in the woman's life and will eventually be kicked out or leave on your own; that all children belong to her; that you have to give her some money now and then; that sex is the main reason you are with women, though of course you can also enjoy their company before and after sex; that you should look for long-tem friendship among men (including men on the internet) rather than from women sex partners; that your involvement with boys and younger men should be as a mentor for those similar to yourself in personality and interests, rather than because you are biologically related to these younger males as father.

Trying to live traditionally in a modern society is a formula for being crushed. If you must be traditional, do like Marcos Zeitola and go live in a rural village somewhere where the forces of modernity will be long delayed in arriving. (Though when modernity does arrive, those rural villages will suffer worst of all.)

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by MrMan » August 22nd, 2016, 6:22 pm

Pay no attention to the ugly Hindu demons. Women aren't supposed to leave their husbands. Husbands aren't supposed to leave their wives when they get old and saggy either, and aren't physically beautiful anymore.

But husbands should provide for their wives. A gold digger is a woman who is greedy, and it goes beyond a normal expectation to have a man who is willing and able to provide for her.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by Bao3niang » August 23rd, 2016, 12:45 am

From a Christian perspective the use of the word "provide" covers material things but it goes beyond that to a much deeper level. I don't see how being caring and emotionally supportive wouldn't be considered as fulfilling the call to provide. Take two fathers and compare them. The first one is highly ambitious and career oriented, but rarely spends quality time with his wife and kids. He may also be domineering, condescending and physically or emotionally abusive. Dad #2 is a SAHD, very down-to-earth guy, deeply loving and caring in a spiritual way, imaginative and intuitive, devotes himself to his own family and truly wants the best for them. Who, in God's eyes, would be a better man? Or would they both be sinners? I place my bets on Dad #2 as the better one.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by Citizen » August 24th, 2016, 2:46 pm

Chinese women seem to marry mostly Chinese men. Most Chinese men are dirt poor men who betrayed, robbed and murdered their emperors. Now, China is dying. Indian women mostly seem to marry Indian men. Most Indian men have nothing except a pile of metal and paper. India is dying. American women mostly seem to marry American men. American men usually seem to have some sort of socialist job with a government, corporation or work a corporate bankers farm that they stole. Anyways, now America is dying. So no Chinese women, and women in general, don't prefer rich men they prefer beggars, have nothings and socialist give me a job or buy me a job types. They prefer those who destroy the world and thus kill their children this proven by the fact almost EVERY country is dying and women choose the men who cause it.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by Eric » August 26th, 2016, 6:16 am

Pretty Chinese woman only like Chinese men.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by yick » August 26th, 2016, 6:37 am

Pretty Chinese woman only like Chinese men.
Eric - that's not true.

There are dirty, ugly Chinese women without two yuan to rub together who would never ever consider even being seen with a foreigner.

I understand what you are going through my man, you have been in China for a few months and you are being hit hard with the culture shock.

It is going to be like that for another year or so - stick with it, and when you have a 'I hate China' day, let ride over and start again tomorrow - and
jolly well done for having a go.

But there are a lot of Chinese women - not the majority - but enough of a choice - who will give you a chance, they aren't foreigner groupies, they
aren't women who salivate on the sight of a blue passport or your white skin.

There are women - who actually - would never date a foreigner but like you so much and the way you look and act - they would give you a chance - that's not uncommon in China - to get these kind of women needs you to be long term on the ground in a place where there are hardly any foreigners - I am in such a place now.

The best looking women who have ever liked me spoke NO English - bar 'hello' and 'bye bye' - they would never have considered a foreigner as a mate until little old me came along and made them laugh or whatever.

So, it has nothing to do with looks - most Chinese women won't date a foreigner - a lot of them are ugly and poor. That's the truth.

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Re: Do pretty Chinese women only like rich men?

Post by Eric » August 26th, 2016, 2:44 pm

What's missing from these threads - what none of these guys on the forums want to admit, it seems like -is that you have to be a good guy with substance yourself to offer to a girl. It's not WAL-MART. You're not going to the shelf and just picking what you want, just like that. It just doesn't work that way - unless you want a throwaway relationship.
I'm sorry but it takes hard work, to be a good person. I don't know how most do it, I feel inadequate myself.

I understand what you are saying though, it's just my experience that Chinese women like Chinese men. I don't know. I stopped caring about all this. I really don't care anymore about it, I give up sort of - in a sense. I am struggling with my own personal setbacks and issues.
China is great I guess. Yeah.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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