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A trip report from Taiwan

Posted: April 29th, 2008, 7:35 pm
by Winston
"Hey, Winston. I've been in Taiwan four months now. I recently came across one of your
articles about the country. I'm presently living in Taipei and I have noticed some of the things
you've mentioned in the article. Definitely, Taiwan mentality is very different than American.
I have met some individuals in Taiwan that think I'm wrong or flawed for not thinking in the same way as the norm here. Many people here live in a small world that is only "Taiwan" and know very
little about what's going on in the rest of the world, besides the latest and greatest Hollywood
flick or music sensation. I've also noticed a common trait among people here...everyone thinks
they are experts on everything and nitpick about every damn person and thing under the sun. This
person is too fat...this person is too thin...the food is so terrible...he/she is get the
picture. Some women jock the hell out of the white guys here and are so proud just to talk to them
or be around want to puke at the sight of it. Many of the girls here are wannabe Jap
girls. They try to dress like them and even wear contact lenses that make their iris larger
with long/fake eyelashes to compliment. Even when the girls take pictures...they pose
exactly the same way as the girls do in Japanese magazines. Unreal! But overall, things are better
here than in Southern California...the racist and segregation capital of the US....the melting pot
that never melts...just oil and water in a large pot."