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Wow I didn't know Thai girls were so hot and white!

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Wow I didn't know Thai girls were so hot and white!

Post by Winston » December 18th, 2008, 11:40 pm

I thought that Thai girls looked like Filipinas, but in these video stills, they look a lot more like Chinese or oriental girls! So hot, white and thin too! Wow. Goodness gracious. Ladislav, why didn't you tell us before? The Thai music playing in some of these videos sounds pretty and exotic too. I showed Dianne these videos and she kept saying "Wow I like them. I wish I was as white as these girls are."
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Mr S
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Post by Mr S » December 19th, 2008, 11:49 pm

Only a small minority look like that, just like in PI. Also ones like that probably come from higher social standing and a foreigner would have a tough time trying to date one or get in a relationship. They do wear really tight skirts to school though, which is cool if you're a guy! Makes it hard to concentrate if you're the teacher.
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Thai girls

Post by robincolorado » December 20th, 2008, 3:37 am

One thing for certain, I'm not settling down again until I do some travelling. I am a firm believer that before you make any commitments, you just have to get on a plane and travel to a few countries (not just one) and check out the women and their attitudes. Before I go down this road again (first time the road was in Russia) I will definitely spend more time in the girl's country, like several months. And on top of that, it is doubtful at this point in my life that I would bring another woman back to the USA. I think it is going to be more about "sex tours" until I retire. I am hearing that the ex-pat community around the globe is growing and their a lot of others who are living at least part time in either eastern europe or asia. Finding a bride on the internet anymore is for the birds; between scammers and lyers you just don't know who you can trust.

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Post by jamesbond » December 20th, 2008, 4:49 pm

I also heard there are a lot of scammers on the internet (foreign women looking for a husband). You really need to be careful about who you get into a relationship with, wether she is an American or a foreign woman. A lot of women see men now a days as walking atm machines, just ready to make financial withdrawls when she needs money. I think American women are by far the worse at doing this. I guess when it comes to mail order brides, it's "buyer beware." :D

Island Bum
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Thai Girls - Maybe Not

Post by Island Bum » December 23rd, 2008, 11:37 pm

My best guess of the photos is that these girls are mostly Japanese. Maybe some half-Vietnamese/Chinese. But from my 1 year living in Thailand, I kind of doubt they are Thai girls. You should check your source of these photos to see if it is a reliable source.
Island Bum

James G
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Post by James G » February 22nd, 2009, 10:13 pm

There are many Thai Ladies that have light skin, the last Thai gal I dated was whiter than a Dutchman

The middle/upper gals and Bangkok born ladies have white skin. Also Thai gals from the north are very white

Generally speaking the lighter the skin of a Thai gal = the less amount of BS
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