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Mentality of Asian FOBs

Posted: February 16th, 2010, 2:47 am
by wraith
I am an ABC, and as I got to the food court, I asked the fob (looks Mainland Chinese) food server that I'd like fried rice and white rice all in one container. Typically, an entree is ordered with a side of rice. But this time, I wanted to order two sides in one container, because I don't like to carry two small containers. Normally, the hispanics who normally do the food serving work understand you and you get fried rice, rice noodles, chow mein and/or white rice (two choices) in one container. The fob screws it up and places the noodles and rice on one side of the container, and asked me what i should get next. I told her that I wanted fried rice on one side of the container, and white rice on the other side of the container. Instead, she piles rice on top of the fried rice (doesn't even think about filling the other side), closes the container, and writes rice on the container. Great. And I paid the price for two sides, until I told them that the fob screwed up my order and I should be charged the price for one side, and I showed them the contents. Do many fobs from China have this robotic mentality? It's like living in a different world with them. Even speaking English to some of them feels robotic to me.

Posted: February 16th, 2010, 8:04 am
by ladislav
I will tell you an even funnier story- I was in a restaurant in Kuwait City. That is as in that Kuwait City that was bombed/invaded/shelled by Saddam. Anyway, it was a Korean restaurant run by Koreans with a polite Indian waiter. They served me fine, but one day I came and there was this Chinese waitress. Newly hired and arrived. I asked her for some Korean food which I think she brought me but without rice. I asked her for rice. She stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide open, jaw dropped and she stood there staring at me as if she had heard a cat bark...

"Can... YOU... eat...RICE??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

No need to worry about China overtaking the world.