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Trike fare sheet for Angeles City to print out

Posted: March 15th, 2010, 5:52 am
by Winston
If you go to Angeles City and are tired of getting overcharged or ripped off by trikes there, you are advised to print out this official legal rate sheet and show it to them to get them to follow the legal rates, I'm told.

Here it is. Just print it out and carry it with you next time you go to Angeles. Share it with others too, to help stop the ripoffs of foreigners here. It takes a collective effort to enact change, not just one person.

More info on the rates and examples of typical routes and fares here:

Posted: March 18th, 2010, 12:32 am
by globetrotter
Awesome practical stuff!

Many thanis, Winston!

Posted: April 1st, 2010, 7:01 pm
by Winston
Damn check out this nasty fight with a trike driver reported by a foreigner: ... hp?t=51009
I did a nite on the town and woke up in the morn and decided 2 go to the Community Medical Clinic to have my STD checkup.
So Hung over and half awake I walked out to the street from the American Hotel and waved over a Trike driver and hopped in and just told him to take me to the Clinic.
We arrived there and I handed the driver the standard fare of P50 that I've always paid for this trip.
He got mad and said it was P70. And as I started to get out of the trike this guy gunned it, slamming me back in the seat and we started flying down the street at a high speed.
Not knowing where the f**k this guy was taking me I reached up and grabbed the throttle and brake control on his handle bar with my left hand and we came to a screaming halt. I got out with my umberella and book in one hand and with the other I had the guys P50.
He jumps off the trike and comes around the front screaming and shouting at me. I tried to calm him down and hand him the P50 in my right hand.
But he suprised me and hauled off and slugged me in the mouth. He then tried to take another swing at me but I blocked it and straight armed slugged him in the mouth.
He backed off and quickly reached into his trike for a weapon. Guess he didn't have one cus he jumped back at me and tried to hit me again- Which I blocked and nailed him again in the head with a straight jab, rocking his head back and staggering him.
He then ran off to a group of trike drivers on the corner street and I shakenly walked down to the Med Clinic.
The Clinic hadn't opened up yet but the Security Gaurd bussiness beside the clinic still had a few off duty gaurds hanging around the front.
One of them shouted at me and I looked over my shoulder and saw my trike driver stomping down the street at me with a long knife, that he got from the other trike drivers, clutched in his hand.
I started to consider my options. My only weapon was my umberella. I thought that I could open it quickly in his face and then try to get the knife out of his hand.
Lucky 4 me one of the gaurds standing around just pulled out his gun and told the trike driver 2 get lost. Cursing and shouting at the heavens he got on his trike and took off.
To make a long story short- I got the Drs' report on my bloody lip.
Went to the Fields Ave police station.
I had to press them to file a report and investigate.
3 hours waiting they took me back to the American Hotel an the trike driver group across the street from the hotel-
Of course no trike driver knew or saw the trike driver who picked me up.
So no legal action was taken.

Moral of this story--
1. Never assume that the fare is the "Usual or printed rate"!
2. Always state and get the trike drivers agreement on the fare to your destination before U get in the trike.
3. Hind sight is great but doesn't help U when you've got a hangover and half awake in the morn-
4. Don't argue with the trike driver- P20 (who knew) was not worth the fight and trouble I went thru!!
But sometimes it's wiser to just pay the guy and walk away intact, alive and safe.

Yeah, I know- We all hate being ripped off and taken advantage of.

So make yur own decision on what you'll do in the same situation as I went through.

Gud Luck and Be Safe out there.