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Blacks living in the Ukraine or Eastern Europe

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Blacks living in the Ukraine or Eastern Europe

Post by Soulthinker » August 9th, 2012, 8:59 am

I would like to hear from Black men who is living in the Ukraine or Eastern Europe. Hope for replies.

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Post by skeptic » August 14th, 2012, 1:32 am

I'm not Black, but I am formerly Eastern European. While I was growing up in Minsk, Belarus, there was at least one Black boy in my block, and there was also a Black girl in my class. Actually, only their fathers were Black; they mothers were Belarusian. Nonetheless, their Black descent was highly visible. I heard that the girl used to be bullied when she was in elementary grades, but I have no confirmation of that. To the best of my recollection, both this girl and that boy had lots of friends and were treated as equal. If anything, they had it much easier than me Jewish.
So, while I'm not claiming that there is no racism against the Blacks in the FSU (there might be!), I haven't seen any open manifestation of it agaist the few Black people that I knew personally.
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Post by WPO » August 28th, 2012, 5:13 am

I'm a multiracial individual (blk, portugese, P.R., italian, native american) living here in the states. Even though I'm well aware of my nationalities, I consider myself as just a human being. I work in jersey as a personal trainer, and I am always being told stories from native brazilians and other men who have traveled abroad. One of the guys who I always see at the gym (spanish due my complection) is an engineer who takes very frequent trips to germany and china. I love the stories he tells me. He says everytime he goes to germany, he ends up getting some ass within 2 hours of landing!!

One of my clients (african american) - who is an international disk jockey - isn't exactly GQ material and doesn't exaclty have 6-pack abs either. He's your average joe you see next door who always says 'he'll be at the gym tomorrow' yet has no intention of going. He says he went to germany and was banging women who would easily be a supermodel in this country. He says a 6 in europe would be a 10 in america. He'll be spending an entire year in italy next year playing his music at clubs. parties, after-parties and orgies!!!

He was telling me how one of his boys (also african american) who is in construction went to russia. He was suppose to be there for only 3 months, but is going to take the entire 2 years. He says the dude couldn't get a handshake here in the states. He says the dude was in russia for only 3 days, yet he's already banged 7 chics!

Check the history of european women and black men. You'll understand why many of the black soldiers decided to STAY in europe after WW2. Black World War 2 veterans, men and (objective) women who travel abroad, my clients who take a lot of business trips, my uncle who was stationed in germany, my father who spent time in germany/denmark/france/switzerland, women from russia/germany/italy who are here on a visa or whatever have all said the same thing: "Be nice, be somewhat fit, considerate... and have brown skin! They're not biased at all, but they DO prefer their men with a brown complection. The same goes for central/south americans.

I'll never forget this german women named Heike. She had long blond hair, green eyes and an accent that would make you want to board a plane immediately lol. Everytime I saw her, she was either by herself or with a black dude. I never ever seen her with a white guy. NEVER. She wasn't biased at all. She just loved black/brown men. It was like she made it a point to be with a black dude lol. I realize this one day and spoke with one of my workout partners. I was like, "yo dre, have you noticed heike is ALWAYS around black dudes. She is NEVER seen even standing next to a white guy lol." I paid no mind to it, but one day it hit me while driving back home.

Here's a classic senerio: She was training legs one day and needed a spotter for a set of squats. She was pretty stong as she had 225 on the bar (that's equivalent to a man squatting 405). I was in my own world fiddling with my cd player before I started my tricep work. I went push play but was interrupted with a sweet soft voice with an accent coupled with a smile; "Hi, can I ask you for help." I wasn't doing anything at the time, so I went to give her a spot. Boy did she smell nice. She smelled like she came straight out of bath and bodyworks. If you are familiar how to spot someone performing squats, you know exactly where I was. What a sweet pair of butt cheeks! I asked her out to breakfast the next day (she said yes). I was curious why she asked me for a spot instead of anyone of the 4 powerlifters who were right next to her. Hell, these guys CURL 225. This is when it hit me that she MUST have a black/brown guy around her. Since the 4 powerlifters weren't, she asked ME. I was like "wow. Maybe I should ask her out."

Unfortuantely, she's americanized as she concerns herself with age differences. Usually, foreigners don't give a f#!*. She said if I were at least 30 (I was 25 at the time), things would have gotten serious. Nevertheless, she always have to be around a dude with a brown complection.

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Post by ladislav » August 29th, 2012, 6:04 am

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