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Birthday trip

Posted: June 23rd, 2017, 4:33 am
by snede
So, I have a major birthday coming up in late August. I am looking to plan a trip to one of: Lviv, Kiev, Budapest,Tallinn or Prague. I am certainly looking for some outstanding sex, because it's a major birthday. I'm older, so I have no illusions about being able to just game a younger woman, but it would be nice to find an enthusiastic amateur over a hardened professional. Here's what I've heard about the various cities.

Lviv - smaller and slower paced. I happen to like smaller cities, so it's high on my list. Very affordable
Kiev - larger city, maybe larger than I would like, maybe not
Budapest - big city, lots of hustlers and scams, but still very pretty and a lot to do
Tallinn - I hear Estonia has the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe, but I don't know much about Tallinn except the really high STD rate
Prague - I've been there once. Beautiful city, but it's also party central these days. I may want someplace slower paced, plus I have been there once.

Any suggestions? Words of wisdom? Advice for travelling to Eastern Europe?