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USA is total psychopathic hell. My story, and plans to leave

What's your story? Discussions your reasons for going abroad.

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Re: USA is total psychopathic hell. My story, and plans to leave

Post by Mercury » November 16th, 2018, 7:23 am

CardsFan1 wrote:
July 30th, 2017, 6:00 am
First, I want to thank Winston for his contribution with this site. I have visited here off and on for 8 years, and I am now fully committed to finally leaving the USA. I also appreciate contributions from people like Falcon and Kradmelder. I love your posts.

My story, in a nutshell:

- I have never really fit in with the USA psychocircus. Home-schooled. Raised with values. Decent looking White guy, 5'11", but not a "Chad". I think I was Red Pilled & Black Pilled to some extent right out of the womb, but took 36 years (my age now) of educating myself to fully wake up.

- It was always very hard for me to make real friends my whole life. Always found Americans to be fake, phony, difficult to get to know. I did have two good friends for 20 years, but that crashed 'n burned recently (I'll get to that).

- Women? Three or four serious girlfriends and relationships, and all, more or less, eventually ending badly. Only one of those relationships do I consider a generally positive experience (the last one). The rest were not healthy, or fulfilling.

- One common theme with American women that I see: they HATE when you point out their flaws, inconsistencies, hypocrisies. Hate it. The problem is that they have a *lot* of issues; in my experience, most are just shitty people, infantile, selfish, stupid, incapable of accountability, dysfunctional. Once you nudge their ego a little bit in the wrong way, game over. This seemed to be the main reason each of my relationships fell apart: I simply could not keep my mouth shut, and I would point out or "notice" serious inconsistencies in their character and behavior, and they loathed that I noticed it.

- The worst I was ever really accused of is that I'm too honest, too harsh. Not the worst thing to be accused of, right? I don't want to search out issues or problems with someone's character, but some of these things are so glaring, you can't ignore it. You SEE bad behavior with your own eyes. You HEAR them say stupid things. You OBSERVE their fakeness, lies, phoniness, bullshit. How can you ignore it? They expect you to. And it is a direct result of these women being raised in a totally f***ed up culture.
Not only are American women spoiled and stuck up, but they are actually proud of it! Americans are a massively proud peoples, very easily offended. Proud even to the point where enough men publicly broadcasting the truth could cause American women to become aggressive and violent and possibly even start a riot.
- I don't need to get into what American culture is all about, how fake, cheap, shallow and disgusting it is. We know. Winston has spoken with great articulation on the subject and I agree 100% with his assessments.
American culture is worse than shallow. It's downright materialistic. American women are not even attracted to physical appearances anymore. You could weigh 125 pounds, you could have 6 pack abs, you could be athletic, but American women see it as even the Mother of All Turnoffs. American women these days, they are only attracted to material things, especially big, loud, expensive, souped up luxury sports cars, enormous, multi million dollar luxury McMansions in luxury, tough security gated communities, luxury yachts; they have become totally artificial. Turned off by everything natural, turned on by everything artificial.
- I keep track of other movements, MGTOW, Incel forums, Red Pill, Black Pill, 4chan, 8chan /pol, Chateau Heartiste, the backlash against the Jews, backlash against Feminism, etc. It is good to see people waking up, more or less. Sadly, I don't really meet these people in real life, let alone dating.

- We are seeing more and more men waking up to the fact American women are not only trash, but literally only interested in looks and the top 10% of the hottest men. Sadly, this realization doesn't really benefit the other 90%, except to help them stop wasting money and time on women who will never remotely love them or give a crap about them.

- I'm happy Trump won, if only for the fact he's crushing P.C. behavior. I don't think he's quite the bitter Red Pill America needs, but he's ten times better than Hillary.

- Social media has completely taken over our society. Remember Grunge, Slacker, Goth, Metal culture in the 90s? A time when you didn't have to smile all the time, or act fake? Back when girls liked you for "you" and didn't expect you to be Chad? That's gone. We have two cultures now: Fake Social Media Culture & Outdoorsy / Workout Culture (just as equally fake).

- I've traveled a fair amount in the USA, and I found the South to be a decent place to live, but some of the folks aren't quite the sharpest tools in the shed (education and intellectual pursuits are not high priorities, and while there may be exceptions, women seemed just as slutty and gross as anywhere else). I think we all know the vast majority of the country is "gone" and there is no escape from the destructive ills of modern USA culture, no matter where you go (Utah may be one exception, but my impression is things as just as f***ed up there, if not more so). There may also be some refuge in small towns, but the young women are fleeing these areas.

- I currently live near Denver, and the women here seem to be the worst I've ever encountered (recent ex-gf wanted to move here so bad, I have no idea WHY. Area I live is very transient. No sense of community. People seem distant, lifeless, busy, rushed, and most of the town is strip malls, fast food, big box store crap. Like I said, I have no idea what she sees in it. Probably part of why things didn't work out!).
America as an entire country has become nothing but transient. Midwesterners are moving to the Gulf Coast, southerners are moving to the mountains, people in the mountains are moving to either the Great Plains or the Pacific Northwest coast, and so forth.
- I've tried to "make it work" in American society for too long, and I'm finally done. I'm not the "crazy" one -- I am living among crazy ones who think they are sane.

- As mentioned before, I lost two good, long-term friends of 20 years over utterly asinine Facebook drama and butthurt. They are both the personification of Snowflakes. I finally called 'em out on some of their hypocrisy, and that was in the end of it. OVER. Quickly. No grit. No guts. No brains, either. Just big egos, and nothing to show for it (both are moochers, one off the government, and the other married a "sugarmomma" -- can't make this shit up! But both yap like they are the big men on campus). It was a profound shock and disappoint to lose those friends, and I'm still reeling from it. Blindsided. I figured they were men and could handle being called out (they dished it out for years themselves). Nope. I forgot the rules: Ego First, Maximum Hypocrisy and Deflection At All Times in USA is the name of the game, over all else.

- As Winston describes, friendships can go up in smoke in seconds in our culture. People just move on, cut other people off, all the time, usually over butthurt -- or if you are not perceived as "cool" anymore.
Friendships in this country are superficial and fleeting. They are a façade. Literally imagine just a front wall of what looks like a building. From the front, it looks like a building. But go around the side, and you see that it's just a vertical wall held up by flimsy scaffolding. No roof, no side walls, no solid foundation either. Just a single row of vertical 2 by 4s with plywood attached to form the façade. And very often, the "scaffolding" is his/her job, either at your workplace, or at a bar or restaurant, or it could be a class you both are taking. But eventually the scaffolding is taken down and the wall aka façade, no longer supported, blows over in the first big wind that comes along since the scaffolding was taken down.
- Since I work from home, I probably don't quite have opportunities as others to meet people -- but I also spent plenty of time in the workforce and found it totally unfulfilling that in respect. Now, does a firefighter in Wisconsin maybe have some good friends and belong to a community, maybe even married to a nice girl? Yeah, maybe. I don't deny that. It does exist, that sense of stability, probably more in the Midwest. But I'd need to pack up, leave, join a church and plant myself somewhere for 20 years to achieve that... and probably still get divorced and fleeced!

- I have enough passive income and money to depart and leave, and not come back.

- It's time. I'm not a nasty person. I'm not a judgmental person. I'm a very nice, genuine person. But I have standards. This is the wrong place to have standards.

Places I'm considering:

- Bolivia, Tibet, India, Ukraine, Romania, Poland. I'm thinking Eastern Europe is where I'll end up.

Any other suggestions are welcome.
Most of the countries listed are pretty good. But stay out of all of the following countries; North Korea, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Libya, and Zimbabwe.

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Re: USA is total psychopathic hell. My story, and plans to leave

Post by Moretorque » November 21st, 2018, 3:37 pm

The USA is a British colony, you all need to get your head out of your rears and realise this country is what it is today because of the monetary system we use made it that way.

It's painful that Americans are soooo stupid they cannot figure out America was disolved long ago and replaced with the socialist doctrine over the last 100 years or so......

At least in America the citizenery is armed against the sociopathic state taking the planet over with an accounting gimmick...
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Re: USA is total psychopathic hell. My story, and plans to leave

Post by Bahtiyar » March 12th, 2019, 8:28 am

Hello, my friend. I really understand your situation. It is tremendously difficult to live somewhere you really hate or dislike. In your situation, I would definitely leave your country.

Some people here advised you to stay away from certain countries, and they mentioned Egypt. I would definitely disagree with the negative pinion regarding Egypt. I lived there for a year and I really loved the Egyptian people. The country and the climate are awesome. I recommend trying Cairo. It is very beautiful and affordable.
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