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Indian Women using rape laws for vengeance

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Re: Indian Women using rape laws for vengeance

Post by Jester » May 29th, 2013, 6:50 am

PeterAndrewNolan wrote:We are offering a naming and shaming service. Women who are named and shamed on CAF are having a FIT...I get emails every day telling me they are going to "call the police".

If you know women who are making false allegations or using the legislation as legal terrorists then buy our naming and shaming service. CAF had 126,000 hits in April thanks to John now has a high page rank...this video shows you how effective naming and shaming women is.

Congratulations, Peter, I hope you do well by doing good.

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Post by ssjparris » May 29th, 2013, 11:10 am

Renata wrote:
ssjparris wrote:for some reason all women on the planet are full of malice and spite. meaning they want to do evil to others. especailly towards men. i am very careful around women now that i have learned this. i also learned to never defend her because she see's my protection as a means to use me.
Men use women too ... you all are not so innocent either. Women's biggest problem is they're too emotional this clouds their judgment, then they end up making bad choices, decisions & do dumb stuff ... they need to know when to walk away ... too much drama.
i am not going to repeat myself. actually men are much safer then women.

women are too damn manipulative, conniving, and down right evil. they have no sense of justice.

for example if a woman wants a man to stop chasing her she will get help from another man not another woman, now what if that man has a gun, knife, or both of them get sent to the hospital or even killed. all because she wants a man to stop chasing her. this is what i mean by no sense of justice from women and evil.

men on the other hand are straight forward, predictable, and easy to be around.

men simply DO NOT have the qualities of malice and spite. here is the definiton for both...

malice = The intention or desire to do evil; ill will. Wrongful intention

spite = A desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone

this is exactly why women dont get rights in other countries. because their ancestor's knew what women were like with rights just plain evil.

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Re: Indian Women using rape laws for vengeance

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 30th, 2013, 8:25 pm

Jester wrote: Congratulations, Peter, I hope you do well by doing good.
so far the vast majority of MEN have thrown nothing but hatred at me for telling them they can rescind their consent to be governed and that I proved the remedy on 2009-11-26.

Considering I have endured this hatred for more than 3.5 years now I am pretty disgusted at my fellow men.

I have asked for help hundreds and hundreds of times from thousands and thousands of men. Only John Rambo stepped up to the plate and did his best to help me. Bill Greathouse also did a lot to help me by running his radio show etc.

But the evidence of the last four years is simply no longer arguable.

MEN HATE OTHER MEN. They will not help out other men no matter how many times the man asks for the help and no matter how much that help is needed and no matter how much good that help would do MILLIONS of other men. I did a commentary on men refusing to help other men the other below.

There is only so much a man can achieve by himself and fund for himself to benefit ALL MEN before a few more men need to join in the project of re-introducing the rule of law into two entire countries. Most men just say "good luck with that, let me know how you go". Presumably the presumption is that a man, especially fathers, have no role in re-introducing the rule of law to secure the future of their children.

I can tell you. My disgust for my fellow fathers knows no bounds....none at all.

Remember. I was willing to die to get the video evidence of my court meeting. Other men DISMISS THIS EVIDENCE. How disgusting can men be?

In summer 2010, three years ago now, I was so disgusted at my fellow fathers that I gave up. I actually gave up and said f*** it. I have done enough. These other disgusting fathers will not help me no matter how much I ask them. I put every cent I had into helping ALL MEN. I risked my life. And these disgusting fathers will not help me no matter HOW MAN TIMES I BEG THEM TO HELP ME.

So I got drunk for 3 or 4 days. MANY people I talked to told me words to the effect "men are worthless pigs, they are animals, worse, they are vermin, let them perish, live your life". THAT is what OTHER GOOD MEN were telling me Jester.

My problem was that when I would try and shave, as drunk as I was, I could not look myself in the mirror knowing that I did not do everything I could for the innocent little boys whose fathers could not even be bothered protecting them. So after 3 or 4 days I sobered up...dusted myself off....and got to work for the benefit of those lads whose fathers were betraying them.

I believe I had to be shown, up close and personal, just how utterly, utterly, UTTERLY disgusting men in the west have become. I was shown that for a reason. It was no accident.

So when men tell me how "good" men are? I say bulls**t. Western men are the most utterly disgusting vermin I have ever had the displeasure to be associated with. Truly..these men who will not every secure the future of their own sons...will not defend their own sons......I am repulsed beyond words. And you know the saddest part? When I say that to men they KNOW I AM RIGHT but they will not accept the rebuke and mend their ways...instead they HATE ON ME WITH A PASSION.

So now I am launching MBA as a business. I expect that only a very small percentage of men will patronise it. Why? Because 99%+ of western men are disgusting vermin that make RATS look good. At least RATS don't try and pretend they are something they are not like western men do.

Those less than 1% who are decent men? Maybe 1% of them will patronise the MBA in the early days....and as we build the MBA we will build great products and services...and then when those western men who turned their backs on me when I BEGGED THEM to help me secure the future for their sons come knocking to avail of our great products and services? I will charge like wounded buffalo and I will not treat them with any respect either. I will take their money for the service they NEED and do it non too politely.

Maybe after a few years men will get the message just how disgusting they have been. To refuse to help a man who risked his life for THEIR CHILDREN? To refuse to help a man who sank every cent he had for THEIR children? I guess I know what a returned serviceman feels like today. For in many ways I emulated my digger grand father and lived up to his standards.

What a shame that a man living up to a WW II diggers standards is 1 in 10,000 or less today......what....a....shame.

Men absolutely do not deserve the proceeds of my labour these last five years....absolutely not......but I will defend the innocent little boys as best I can, with everything I can, and I will denounce their fathers and grand fathers as vehemently as humanly possible.

Feel free to check out my blog:Click ME!

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