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Emotionless life in the USA - From Chinese girl

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Emotionless life in the USA - From Chinese girl

Post by redbunny311 » May 10th, 2015, 11:27 pm

I am from China and have been in the US for 8 years, I came here because i heard about US is the most free country in the world. The mainstream media here always shows China as some place has no freedom of speech and everything is so restrict, such as internet, because government install the filter for certain website. But I have to say when I was in China, I do experience happiness and sadness all the time, but I never feel lost or depressed. Even though I'm shy and quiet when I was a teenager, I feel completely okay to be myself. I have friends, parents who I can connect with.
I used to think Americans live the best life in the world, because they seems always happy and positive. But I find behind the fake smile, there is nothing, there is no true connections. They put their mask on when they pretend to have a relationship with you, but actually not interested in what you are sharing at all. It seems like there is no deep feeling inside them, they are always happy, they want to be more happy, but not real.
The real human experience is not all happiness, but this culture makes you feel that, if you are sad, there must be something wrong with you. Because everybody else is living a perfect life, look at their smiles. And it makes you feel that you have to change yourself to not to feel negative feeling anymore. No wonder people get depressed, the main reason is that you've been wearing the mask for so long that you lose touch with who you really are. But this society want you to be like that, "coolness" is overrated here. People want to be cool. I want to say "I don't care" attitude is not cool at all. How can you live in such isolated culture without feeling the deep sadness inside you? People are friendly but not your friend. They don't concern others' feeling but tell you the rules you have to follow, or there will be consequence. Do they really follow the rule? Look at the teenagers, many of them don't have basic respect to their parents and teachers, which is never a case in Asian culture.
Come on, we are all human being, US culture alienate people, and numb their emotions, so they lose their compassion for others. It is very sad to see it.

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