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Meetup in the Philippines? Many HA members are there!

Arrange meetups and get togethers with other Happier Abroad members in your area, or coming to your area.

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Re: Meetup in the Philippines? Many HA members are there!

Post by gsjackson » July 27th, 2017, 9:07 pm

Winston wrote:
Winston wrote:
starchild5 wrote:
Winston wrote:Rock,
Are u ok and back to normal? Roberto just arrived from Uruguay. Remember him? Wanna come and meet him? Also erb is back here in AC too. He invited me to lunch. Sean is back too. The whole gang is here. Wanna come down?
What happened to Rock..He was always ok and normal....unless..He started watching Flat Earth videos secretly :lol: :lol:
I dont know. He said he was having some personal problems and issues and then he disappeared after having a short temper over a disagreement. Then he stopped replying. Even my other friends cant get a hold of him now. Hope hes alright. He can always count on us or me for advice. But hes a secretive person.

Today is diannes birthday so we are having another meetup. Too bad rock isnt here.

I've been talking to Rock again. He's alive and well. The thing is, he is getting older so his tolerance is getting less. He has problems tolerating the negativity and toxic personalities on this forum. Even though he's used to it by now, still, his tolerance is less now as well as his patience. Plus the older you get, the more valuable and precious one's time is and so time has to be used wisely. That's why he is distancing himself from this forum. He still lurks here though and reads some threads. But he doesn't feel like posting anymore. Maybe someday if you guys become more positive and constructive in your posts, he will return and participate again.
Yick's the one who seemed to frost his ass the most, and Yick is apparently gone. Winston, go on an Asian recruiting trip and see if you can recover both Rock and Ghost, pointing out that their principal irritant is sayonara. Jester too, while you're at it.

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