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Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post your trip reports, travel experiences, and updates abroad. Or your expat story if you already live overseas. Note: To post photos and images, insert the image URL between the tags [img]and[/img] after uploading them to a third party site.

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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by Mercury » January 4th, 2019, 10:50 am

It's not just feminism, it's also American police she will be dealing with. I mean, one day, she will be interacting with some people she doesn't know, some nosey American police officers will butt right in and be like "Next time, pretend like you're in New York, and say; 'I gotta go' and move on." Really they are saying; "Talking to strangers is a capital felony under Federal law in the United States of America. We don't know what country you are from that lets you just talk to strangers for any reason, but in the United States of America, it absolutely does not fly. If we ever see you talking to strangers again, we will arrest you, and you will be charged with a capital felony under Federal law. That is easily 300 years minimum to life in Federal prison, and you can easily also face the death penalty, along with every single stranger you had conversation with."

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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by growup » January 4th, 2019, 11:29 am

redfeather wrote:
January 4th, 2019, 9:44 am
I am not in a position to move to the Philippines because I own my company, and I am planted in Texas to run my company.
My gf has already said that she does not want/plan to associate with American women due to feminism...she said this on her own.
I have several Army buddies that have their filipina wives with them in the USA, and they all have great marriages.
I think one of the big factors is if your wife does not really care to have feminism forced upon her, and she stays away from it.
I live a country life, so I am not in some big I am sheltered from the toxic city and those bad vibes.
I keep the K1 quiet on here because so many people on HA are negative about marrying a foreign bride and bringing her back to the USA.
At my house I can shoot deer off my porch, and my wife is from the province which is considered country in the Philippines and she has seen pictures of my house and life and she thinks it is great.
So, it really depends on each person and their surroundings.
I would not want to bring a filipina wife to one of the big cities like Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio because in those cities she would get too exposed to the toxic culture of feminism we have in America.
I honestly wish the two of you the best of luck.
She sounds like a classy lady and you sound like a nice guy.
many blessings!

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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by Mr Natural » January 6th, 2019, 12:26 pm

redfeather wrote:
January 4th, 2019, 9:44 am
so many people on HA are negative about marrying a foreign bride and bringing her back to the USA.
Not always but it depends. Your location (away from cities) isn't as relevant as you think. She will still watch tv and constantly hear the western way of thinking. The big factor is simple, as a westerner in the Philippines you have high perceived value. But in the west you as the same guy might be considered as average or much less. She might be beautiful and have a great personality but over there she is just one of many. In the west though the same girl will have very very high perceived value with other guys constantly trying to take her away from you. She will have so many more options and her western sisters will constantly remind her of it. That's why it's dangerous. Could you attract and get the same quality girl in the west? If not beware.
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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by Airman » January 11th, 2019, 9:18 am

Thank you for the report. Sounds like you had a nice time in Cebu. I saw a very cheap condo for sale in Philippines I assume if property costs this cheap than life is cheap in general there. Am I right?

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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by redfeather » January 12th, 2019, 6:37 pm

Things are cheaper in the Philz. Real Estate and houses and condo's are less expensive, but you have to check into whether a foreigner can own real estate in that specific area of the Philz...most of the time a foreigner cannot own real estate. Food is way cheaper, and dining out at restaurants is less than half what it costs in America. Unleaded gasoline is .90 cents a gallon, and diesel is .85 cents a gallon...I assume they are this cheap because they do not have all the taxes added on top like we do in America. The one item I found that costs more was computers and Iphone's and electronic gear...we can get these at a better price here in America because we have more competition that keeps prices lower. Traveling is less expensive in the Philz either by plane or by boat or bus. Hotels are very cheap in the Philz, and our American dollars stretch along way in the Philz. I have read reports of expat retirees living comfortable on $600 to $1200 dollars a month. If you book your American flight from SFO or LAX to CEB at least 3 months in advance you can normally get a round trip from those two locations for around $650 dollars. The Philz is a big tropical paradise that is mostly sunny and humid, so take clothes that wick away the sweat and dry quickly. Book your flight and enjoy your trip.

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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by xiongmao » January 22nd, 2019, 6:01 am

Thanks for a great trip report. I should check out the Phillies some time. I think Cebu would be my preferred destination for some reason.

I was thinking of retiring to Thailand. I lived there 5 years ago. Then I revisited last year and it's just not as good as it was. It's way more expensive too. Dating was terrible as well. Clearly my Thai retirement plan is something that I have to reconsider.

Anyway, I'll check out Cebu sometime. Did it feel safe? I guess that's my main concern. I lived in Southern China so I know all about hot and humid weather.
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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by redfeather » January 22nd, 2019, 4:46 pm

I felt 100% safe the entire time I was Cebu and in other parts of the Philz. I even flew from Cebu to Pagadian, and my gf met me at the Pagadian airport and she and I traveled by bus for 2.5 hours away to her province and I felt safe. We traveled into areas that many foreigners avoid because they have heard reports that these areas are not safe due to the Muslim terrorist activity in these areas. I will say that on the bus trip we passed a police check point about every 45 minutes where the police have the entire road barricaded and they are stopping all vehicles and checking for possible drugs or Muslim terrorist. My gf had suggested that I get a police escort, but I decided against it...I prefer to do the Indiana Jones solo adventure. You really have to go more than 1-2 hours south of where we were at to get deep into Muslim terrorist country. I did my research before I left on my trip, and I actually conducted an Army Risk assessment of my trip down into her southern province before I flew out of San Francisco to Cebu. I pulled up on the computer map the really bad Muslim Terrorist provinces, and I decided I was cleared Hot to hit the LZ landing zone. I felt safe during my entire time in Cebu and even in my midway trip into what is called Muslim terrorist country. Cebu is now the only city in the Philz that I want to fly into, and as I stated the Cebu airport is much easier to get into and out of that the Manila airport. The Cebu airport is brand new and looks nice and clean, and the Cebu airport is bordered on one side by the ocean, so it has a beautiful view while you wait. Just book your flight and enjoy.

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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by Taco » February 7th, 2019, 11:10 am

redfeather wrote:
December 7th, 2018, 3:14 am
If you travel to Cebu and cold approach women at SM Mall you should have plenty of dates within 1-3 days time.
If it takes you longer than ten minutes to find a girlfriend in Cebu your doing something wrong.

Terminal 2 at Cebu airport just opened, its for international flights only. The problem with it is they made it out of wood and the Philippines is the termite capital of the world.
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Re: Just back from Cebu and my trip report...

Post by redfeather » February 7th, 2019, 5:08 pm

Yep, I flew out of Terminal two and all that new wood sure looks beautiful. I am flying back at the end of next month near the end of March and flying into and out of Cebu...and I like the view from the terminal of the ocean port. With the new terminal in Cebu it has made Cebu my favorite city to fly to and from. I am going to Bohol for a five day beach vacation. We will take the Ocean jet ferry from Cebu pier 1 to Tagabilaran/Bohol...and then I will rent a scooter for all five days.

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Just back from Cebu and my trip report

Post by JuliaTrush » October 16th, 2019, 10:01 am

Thanks for an excellent trip report New_Adventurer. I’m glad you were able to enjoy a day of relaxation. It seems tgey’re On their way back to full recovery.


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