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10 signs you have been subverted

Discuss deep philosophical topics and questions.

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10 signs you have been subverted

Post by odbo » October 26th, 2011, 6:52 am


1. You use words like ´relationship´ and ´partner.´

2. You believe that FoxNews and MSNBC represent completely different viewpoints.

3. You value education. Education is key. You only want to educate your kids. If someone isn't going to university, they shouldn't even be born.

4. You are so glad that women were liberated into the drudgeries of the male labour force. In fact, you loooove the word 'equality,' you can't stop saying it.

5. You know that a 'conservative' is someone who really cherishes something called a 'meritocracy.' Oh and that that is also the definition of a 'liberal,' and that these are complete opposites. Hey....

6. You really look down on femininity. Women still have a long way to go, huh?

7. You use the phrase 'sexually active,' even sometimes speaking earnestly about the well being of your own daughter.

8. You remind everyone that children are a 'choice,' that you plan, when you're ready, as in being able to 'afford' them. You recognize the serious moral hazard of 'having children you can't afford.'

9. You worry a lot about overpopulation.

10. The creep toward infanticide is just how things go, as you see it. Anyone who complains hates women. Besides, the real moral emergency is the feelings of confirmed bachelors, grown men, who could face disapproval from some quarters if they made known to all their innermost desires. It makes sense to you that they talk about this on the news every night.

source: ... heart.html

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