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Is this guy’s phrenology theory valid?

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Is this guy’s phrenology theory valid?

Post by Pinayhunter » September 23rd, 2018, 11:55 am

And could the members of this forum be expressing higher than normal neanderthal genetics? Is that why we don’t fit in with American culture?

Apparently the author was “asked” to remove his blog by some higher-ups. Perhaps he stumbled on something we’re not supposed to know. ... ields.html

Amazing Real World Averaging Yields Archetypes
It was pretty incredible for me to see this. For the past seven years I have only imagined these facial shapes in my mind. I have wanted to do something similar to this but my time always seems to contract according to my ambitions.


This has been produced by averaging photos of people who self-identified for each of these genetic groups. In my opinion it is startlingly accurate. The most important thing is to pay attention to your gut feeling as you look at each face. Notice how deep your instincts run in terms of recognition? You know which is the master, which the servant, which is the ruler, which the slave. You can even identify the different orders of the ruling classes. Where on earth would you have acquired these instincts? Maybe because these races have been around a long, long time.

The next time some simpleton tries to portray the Caucasian as some monolithic entity race of people who are drawn from the same family, you can point out that the genetic differences between these groups of whites far exceeds the differences between many whites and blacks. The gulf there is enormous in terms of speciation.

When looking at the characteristic faces of the Owls and Serpents it brings to mind the demonstrable worship of both species of animals going back 70,000 years or more. Did people who belong to these cults not only interbreed with other members of their temples but also selected for mates resembling the statues they worshiped in those temples? Did melonhead families encourage their children to only pursue relationships with other devotees of the snake or the raptor bird? That would explain these facial types quite readily.

Exact same types represented in Asia : Ruling class, slaves, rodeo clowns. You have mostly the cold, soulless look you'd expect the descendants of Genghis Khan to display and right beside these people you can see men with deep souls and a certain emotional intensity in their faces that is not found in the majority at all.

I believe the two divisions of Cro-Magnons are easily explained. One of these races was primarily destined to push a plow and perform manual labor, the other was intended for martial actions and warfare. Both groups could be tasked to do either at various times but some of them come from genetic lines primarily engineered for one or the other. The ugliest and most vicious Cro-Magnon probably comes from the strain that was engineered to kill Neanderthals.The Alpine Melon would be the easiest to explain - Teutonic ruling classes who violated the caste system and interbred with their anglo-saxon slaves. The resulting melonhead is the closest to being a crossover species between the two castes. These often produce the melons you see in politics who are clearly motivated by some desire to help people even as they seek the power to do so.

A conclusion to draw from these faces is to ask yourself ... how good would these various races be at knowing their places and doing what was expected of them? The longer you think about it the more likely you are to conclude that the masters would know what to do, the slaves would know what to do ... it's that damn Neanderthal who is 99% likely to be the fly in the ointment. As the demon Humbaba said to Enkidu, they never quite understand their place in the scheme of things. They are natural born disruptors because of who and what they are. The master commands, the slave follows - what does the Neanderthal do in all of this? It would be so easy to get rid of them all except those rodeo clowns are so damned smart - they always seem to know how to fix things and solve the intractable problems that are a daily occurrence in any society. Just when you're ready to liquidate all of them it suddenly hits you ... you may need some of these guys. They are the only ones who ever really get any meaningful work done.

P.S. Somebody I was corresponding with about this post asked me to mention the strange incongruity that the three guys on the upper left all look a little bit milquetoast or much softer in comparison to the two guys on the far upper right. Nevertheless, the three guys in the upper left, despite how they may "look," would have greater upper and lower body strength than both the guys at upper right on average. It wouldn't just be physical strength, however. They'd also have stronger immune systems, more powerful stomach acids, thicker tendons and much greater tolerance for pain and extremes of temperature. Markedly so in most cases, in fact. The archaic 'Thal in particular would be a million times tougher for real than the "tough-looking" Cro-Magnon on the right. In fact, except for their warlike and fierce visage and constant passive-aggressive menacing personalities, the Cro-Magnon is a dog's breakfast of physiology who is not even comparable with the friendly looking, open faced 'Thals. There is fossil evidence that Neanderthals folded these guys to the sizes of shoeboxes with their bare hands. That's why the Cro-Magnon never got close to the Neanderthal and always attacked with at least 300+ people. The majority of the world's record holders for weightlifting always tend towards the Mousterian and the Archaic with the occasional Amud.

P.P.S. I was just thinking about how much trouble that Neanderthals tend to have in succeeding at something in life despite often being the most innovative, creative and intelligent of any of these species. I also thought about how the melonheads seem to succeed sooner or later almost inevitably. They just know their way around the logistics and management of power structures from birth. The "big-eyed melon" made me think of Jeff Bezos starting from thin air. There are a million Neanderthals with the brains to have built and deployed but it was Bezos who had the acumen to do it and make it succeed. It is all very interesting to me to think about.

P.P.P.S. Whereas the three tribes at the upper left all lived at the same times in the same places, (Koanic has called them "archaics," but I think of them as "Denisovians," and sometimes I think his term is better) there is almost no concrete evidence they ever fought with each other. Rather, consider these two facts … the Amud always seem to be wearing charm bracelets or jewellery made by Mousterians, almost like they regarded the Mousterians as elders. The Amud were moving closer to sea level and the plains whilst the Mousterians still seemed to hold the sacred sites at higher altitudes and visited regularly the growing camps of the Amud. The archaics found in the Iberian Peninsula lived to the very end and there is no evidence they were ever attacked by Mousterians or Amuds despite often using the same hunting ranges and fishing the same lakes. So now compare with the two assholes at the right side. As soon as they ran out of Neanderthals to kill they immediately began to fight each other and have been doing so for 40,000 years scarcely breaking for longer than a few years before they start a newer and bigger war. Since most of our "enemies" in the modern world are simply manufactured to create an excuse for another war we can safely assume that as Nietszche said, the good war hallows any cause with the Cro-Magnons. Okay, finally I want you to imagine you are somewhere in that second row around 100,000 years ago looking at three races of superhumans who get along like brothers, never fight and spend all their time making the world a better and better place. What would you do about that "problem?" Think about it.

P.P.P.S. The "Starchild" in the middle row at the far right? If I ventured a guess … the root ancestor of all four guys on the left mixed with various humans? The original melon heads, the Atlanteans, the progenitors? This is Koanic's wrinkle and I confess I have not thought much about this type - and clearly, he is a type. I don't know guys, because all I am is a good guesser and maybe have a few dim racial memories about all of this.

P.P.P.P.S. Why are the Neanderthals so much more expressive in their way? They come from tribes of around 12-80 people. There was no need to be guarded, passive-aggressive or conceal one's feelings and motivations. In a tribe like that of Cro-Magnons that can run into the thousands, one has to have a mask, not a face. In the modern era, one of the ways that Neanderthals try desperately to fit in is that from a young age they try to turn their face into an emotionless, blank slate. This only makes them more disturbing. Cro-Magnons can still see the open quality of their personalities compared to their own guarded and ambiguous faces and the Neanderthal only gets himself more contempt by trying to make his face look like theirs. When two Neanderthals passed each other for a million years, why would they need anything more in their faces than a reassuring, genuinely friendly and benevolent look? It would be critical to their survival. One sees this in primate compounds amongst bonobos, where one chimp looks around and is met by a sea of smiles and kind loving glances. They grow up in these environments where faces are used to convey love, support and security. Imagine taking one of these genetically superior organisms and throwing them into a society of millions of chattering, facile, ingenuous and insincere apes who never mean what they say and often display faces that represent the opposite of what they are feeling. A horrible situation for the Neanderthals. No wonder they have such a high suicide rate, is it so difficult to see why?
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