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Dating Mentality Shows Women's True Personality

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Dating Mentality Shows Women's True Personality

Post by armageddon15 » April 9th, 2012, 4:59 pm

My newest video...

Video Transcript...

Dating Mentality Shows Women’s True Personality

One way that I like to assess the personality of American women is to talk about them and their philosophies on dating. I like to do this because it’s a socially acceptable way to catch them bullshitting and they like to talk about it. If you want to talk about injustices in America with laws and rights, they don’t know shit about that stuff and it goes above their head, so talking about relationships is right up their alley. And it’s a great way to see if they are hypocrite or a bitch.

Now I truly believe that men should NOT pay for women on first dates, ever. Because women can make their own damn money and if I invite a guy out somewhere he doesn’t expect I pay for him unless I say that I am. But you’ll see women who justify why men should pay for them. Listen to my video on layers of hypocrisy. The way a lot of American women justify things is that they’ll look at one or two factors that are in their favor, and justify their choices and make conclusions based on those, and ignore everything else that is fair. Just like the wage gap, only looking at wages and not working hours. But back to dating, they’ll say that whoever asks should pay, but men usually ask so obviously this benefits women, they’ll say they want to see if a man can take care of them and their kids, like a $30 night out translates to being able to spend $100,000 on a kid during their life what kind of stupid ass correlation is that?

And then there are the women who want to sound all PC and act like they want to be equal, and then they say later on that they don’t like paying and that a man paying increases the chances of sleeping with them and other women say they won’t go out with a guy who doesn’t pay, or women who don’t want to go to a park and shit on a first date cuz that’s cheap. These women are fuckin prostitutes, what kind of shit is that, if I’m required to pay just to have a chance at sex I’ll hire a prostitute before hand and not waste my time with that entitled bullshit. And my favorite one is when they say that nature says that men should be providers and that this hasn’t changed… nature says a lot of things, if there weren’t laws for murder then people would be getting murdered all over the place, but we adapt to the society that we live in and ignore primitive ideas.

Someone show me the movie theater and the restaurant that cavemen went to 20,000 years ago and what credit card he used, since we want to talk about what nature says. That shit isn’t natural, yet women want to go to these places that aren’t natural and men are supposed to fund it according to these entitled women. Their mindset on dating is going to show itself in relationships, marriages and just interacting with them. If you find women who think like this, stop talking to them, talk to women who actually have an idea of what fairness is and at least attempt to not be hypocrites, otherwise you’re in for a f***ed up experience. This is armageddon1115, and I’m anti feminist cuz I’m for equality, rate, comment subscribe, peace.

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Post by ExpeditionSailor » April 9th, 2012, 5:55 pm

Actually, hookers are mostly far more decent and respectable than most Western women have become. Sure, you do get a few bad apples who dump their conflicted feelings about what they do on men. But they're not too common.

Calling AW prostitutes is actually an insult to real prostitutes who take pride in what they do and treat men well.

'Lower than whale shit' is what I would call most AW.

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