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Does education destroy femininity in women?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Re: Does education destroy femininity in women?

Post by DarthXedonias » July 6th, 2018, 2:56 pm

Hmm this is a very big subject but I will take a crack at it based on what I've researched over the years. Is education making women less feminine? Yes and no. Is the feminism that is being ejected into educating poisoning them, yes it is though there is another thing that is being kept in mind. Who school system itself is becoming feminized. Somme educators will willingly admit this. There was one video I had seen a while back ago that went over an article describing this which was kind of funny. Basically they are feminizing education by using different metrics to give women an advantage. For example, women do better on doing homework and projects, while men are better at actually displaying what they know on test. Over the years the education system has literally started putting more reliance on attendance and homework then actual test because they realize that would give women an edge. The funny part of about this article is the guy literally explained all this then went over the more recent results and proclaimed that women do just as good in school as boys as if he didn't even talk about the fact that they did things to give women an advantage.

I do think this mentality around education and career women is causing a lot of the problems we are seeing with women both directly, (in the case of feminist indoctrination) and indirectly as I will explain. I hate to offend but its just fact at this point, based on studies, that women getting educating and having careers has a negative effect on the fertility level in the country. There was actually a study done in Iran were they realized the reason why they was such a slump in fertility is because their women were spending a lot more time being educated than a lot of women in the middle east. Even though its pretty obvious why this is so for red pilled or MGTOW people I will explain further for those that don't see the connection. Women Have a biological window for when they are able to have kids. Some women start having menopause as early as 33. So what you are literally doing is asking women to spend time in school from early childhood years to 22-23 (university) and then spend a big time of their mid 20s- late 20s getting a career then in her early 30s she has to hit the ground running trying to find an male who is to her standards (more on that later) and have enough kids in that window (who hopefully don't have genetic defects from being birthed so late) to reach replacement level.

As I alluded to you also f***ed up everything with this system because of less obvious effects. You've artificially heightened women's expectations of an valuable partner while evaluating men's value. Women only marry someone with equal or higher value than herself. With promoting women in the work force in the 60s you literally doubled the labor force and therefore you made the wages of men who were working at the time go down. Also, by feminizing the education system you literally make men less interested in finishing in such a system More and more men are dropping out of the education system for this very reason and women are the majority at college campuses today. Since women marry up and not down that means women are risen in value from having that degree and therefore since men have dropped out due to the feminist education system those men are excluded from being looked at as valuable partners. You've literally created a situation that is an total cluster f**k. This adds to deeply why its so hard for men to date or marry in the US I believe.

As some have already pointed out there was back in a time when women were educated but still acted feminine as well. Well the thing is we have to keep in mind that back then there was no such thing as teenage as well. Those women in say, the 1700s, were taught from young age to 11 (around the first time they got their first period and were considered an "adult") and were married off pretty early while they were still a virgin. This led to no interference between fertility and being educated. Also, this led to no getting educated for years and working on a career while f***ing dozens of men on the side because family isn't your priority at the time. Also, because of the aforementioned artificial increase in women's expectations that's why you have AWs who want a guy who has it all (looks, money, etc). So yes, education has created problems with women in direct ways but also in indirect ways by affecting men as well.

Now I should say I'm willing to change my views on a few of these things but given the studies I have seen I think this is a case. This becomes pretty solid when you think about lets say the Philippines and why its women are not like in the US. Think about if the education system over there does the exact same thing here or if there are situations that interfere with things turning out the same (I mainly think the economic/political situation interferes).

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