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Can you stay in Thailand long term without a tourist VISA?

Discuss international visas, immigration and citizenship issues.

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Re: Can you stay in Thailand long term without tourist VISA?

Post by green1976 » November 28th, 2014, 6:22 am

Yohan wrote:
xiongmao wrote: If you're getting married and want kids just be aware that you have pretty much no rights in Thailand.
In case, if you are legally married in Thailand (registered marriage and not only a ceremony in a temple):

Father's rights, while living in the same house with your Thai wife with your own children or children from her from a previous marriage are very strong. - Children have to follow and child protection services and anti-spanking laws are weak or non-existing in Thailand.

However in case these are not your children, the biological father, the ex-husband of your wife, can object to passport issues and to transfer these children to abroad, because they are also his children.

About custody rights of these Thai children, there are many cases where custody rights were given to the ex-wife and the foreign husband, if claimed in court. - It depends on the divorced couple what they really want. Some ex-husbands insist the children should stay with them and their follow-up wife after divorce - but there are many Thai men, who are happy to get away from all and everything after divorce.

There are 2 sides of the story, while fathers after divorce have no rights, they have also no obligations, as there is no child support and no visitation right in Thailand. The father just walks away, finished, and the next husband will take over. Thai law is quite similar to Japan.

In Western countries the position of the father is much worse than in Asia. In USA, fathers are merely walking ATMs after divorce. Child support payments are enforced, but visitation rights often ignored by the ex-wife. No payment of child support and you will find yourself in jail. Child support payments are often misused for anything else and not for the child.
Well the problem,if i understand it correctly it's not the same for a Thai man as a foreign man.
Also i've read Western woman who marries Thai man have more rights than the contrary.
So being a western men married to a Thai women is quit a bad bet in my opinion.

Marriage in general is not good at all for men,unless you find the exceptionnal woman but the majority thinks their are the one who is not like the others.
I wouldn't do a marriage in Thailand.
I would keep the relationship without marriage and if the woman start talking about marriage or split...i would split.

The same story if she just start shit about"mama house,hospital bill for the family,buy this buy that".

I recognize i have still the choice so i can avoid to be totally sucked financially(but not partially maybe).

When the moment hit where i don't have the choice anymore because i've mongered all around without building something,maybe i would be mature to be an old fat ugly sponsor who have only money as a tool.
I hope i don't get to this point and if i get there,i assume it's better than what the West has for ladies.

I don't mind to be the main provider if she is poor but i can't accept to be a perpetual ATM.
There's no reason going to other part of the globe and ending without a buck going back home like a poor dog.

Well regarding the limit of Thai residency as a tourist,i still maintan what i've said.
I don't see a fundamental problem about that if you keep your mind about Thailand.

If the guys is in a serious relationship and can't stay there as a tourist..they are other options but they are few.

As Thai authorities doesn't care too much about farangs and their wives,especially if the farangs is not a wealthy guy,it should be a mutual comprehension and the Thai partner should be involved to understand the situation.

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Post by Jester » November 28th, 2014, 10:57 am

Yohan wrote:
Voice of Reason wrote: So basically they want you to just go there a short time, blow your money, and then piss off back to your own country.

If you want to stay there long term because living expenses are cheap and you like the country, then you're not welcome.
This is a good summery of the situation in a few sentences. Just my opinion.
Tourists are expected to pay for their stay with foreign money and to leave after a few weeks in general.

The problem is that Thailand gives foreigners very little options about other visa permits.

Thailand was even reluctant to introduce a retirement visa and later on very reluctant to create a spouse visa.
You are now welcome if you are 50+, retired and bring your own money. (baht 800.000,-)
Please keep in mind, no work allowed and no medical insurance while in Thailand.

You are also welcome, if you are married with a Thai national, but only if you bring some money with you (baht 400.000,-) and you will get a very basic minimum health insurance on request. NO working permit included in a spouse visa!

Working permit: Thailand is not much into offer working permits, even foreigners in foreign companies in Thailand in higher position complain about hassles, like delivering of blood tests etc. - Maybe best to try it with a Thai Ltd. Company. and a foreigner (=you!) as managing director and at least 4 employees and 3 Thai shareholders.

Land: Foreigner cannot buy any land, married or not does not matter. Do not believe too much in company ownership, as there are plenty of legal loopholes if such a company-contract is done between a married couple = marital common assets which might override the shareholder commercial laws.

On the other side you have also to consider the situation of Thailand. It is not because of Western foreigners, but of Asian neighbors. Thailand is full with legal and illegal people from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepali, etc. etc.
These Asian people without any qualification and very poor often overstay their permits for many years, or are moving in-out over decades and are truly nothing which might qualify them as 'tourists'.
Thanks for this informative post!
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Re: Can you stay in Thailand long term without a tourist VISA?

Post by Winston » March 31st, 2019, 10:07 am

I don't know if I already asked this or not, but how to guys like @Falcon and Scott Mallon (AnAmericaninBangkok) stay long term in Thailand? What kind of visa do they have?
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