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Are Asian-Americans discriminated due to Affirmative Action?

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Re: Are Asian-Americans discriminated due to Affirmative Act

Post by Carnio » October 6th, 2018, 2:58 pm

Horahngee wrote:
July 31st, 2018, 9:09 am

Which part of East Asia were you planning on living in? China? Japan? S. Korea?
My main original goal was/is Japan, as I am pre-intermediate level at the language and am far more familiar with Japanese culture than the other two countries. I have already been to Japan, (and China but not Korea) but I am looking to go to the western portion of Japan, as in Kyushyu, Chukoku, or Shikouku, far away from the tourisity areas where there are no forigners. I already some friends who will help me settle there once I am ready to go there next year.

On the other hand, It does not mater to me if it is Korea, China or Japan. I have friends in all three countries who are waiting to do business with me and settle in any of the three countries I choose, all who have just enough connections to get me to stay long term. it's just a matter of when I am mentally and financially stable enough to be on the move again.

Wow, sorry to hear that you dislike SE Asian culture. I want to check out Thailand one of these days, which may never come true. Sad.
The reason I dislike the culture so much is due to the fact that I am a huge Introvert. Cultures like SEA or South America/Post Spainard colonized Cultures that are In your face, in your business, Party now work later kind of mentality is a huge turn off. At least in Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan they are only that way because they have never seen a foreigner and are genuinely interested in you. but afterwards they will give you your personal space when needed. SEA/"Latin" cultures do not respect that and treat you like you are some psycho criminal who is going to shoot up schools or are planning some evil plot. I am very reserved and am not very outgoing (Unless we are talking about certain topics of interest).

I am also a big reader. I love to read and am curious about a lot of things. I also like watch documentaries and other academic topics to get my brain spinning. Most of these guys are only interested in boring things that I would lose interest and they often times lose interest in my hobbies. It is a dead end interaction which wastes my time which is a huge peeve of mine.

Why can't you go? Is it cause of financial restrictions?

I give you lots of credit for moving away from the US and to work a lower paying job in Central Asia. Which country were you planning on moving to after your stay in Kazakhstan?

The crazy thing about this is, It is lower pay by western (USA) standard of living, but it is far more plentiful by the Standards in Almaty (and other cities in the country) I don't want to reveal how I make my income, but it pays the bills and rent with only working just a few hours a week.

In fact, you can make much more than the average local to the point that I am border line upper middle class, only from working just a few hours a week as a flimsy English teacher. I am NOT an English teacher but I cannot tell you how many people and companies would harass me to teach their students for so much money (by Kazakhstan standards) even when I tell them that I have never taught English before in my life, Never went to school for English classes and I am not very good at English grammar, despite me being a Native speaker.

If I am not mistaken, in the 80s, South Korea and Japan were the places English teachers can go and would live finically well off. This is not true anymore today but I can tell you it is true in both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan! There are many African Men who speak piss poor English and the companies hire them as if they are going out of business. I am not talking about any small school at some village some where, I am talking international Business schools and International companies like Samsung, hires them and pays them in US dollars. One girl told me that she has an English Teacher who is from Africa and the guy makes $1000, a month. $1000 a month means you are of upper middle class if not lower upper class!
(In their eyes, Black men = Native English speakers/Americans)

Most of the time you are making a lesson plan and just have a conversation with the students because most of the students will NOT allow local teachers to teach them. They ONLY want native speakers or worst case foreigners who can at least speak the language even if they are just as bad as the students!

and then you have this internalized racism towards each other, in which companies will pay YOU more than locals just because you are a foreigner because it is the standard mindset that foreigners are far more educated and harder working than their own locals. I was dating a local Kazakh girl and she told me that if you can speak English, they will hire you as a foreigner regardless of you credentials. I guess I see where some of the posters on this forum are coming from when they say things like Asians are "self-hating" although I do not think it is the right word to use.

to answer your question next regarding which destination, It was originally going to be Mongolia, to complete my Central Asia trip, in which I would travel from Kazakhstan through China to Mongolia all on land/border passings, but due to politics, it is not possible for any foreigner to get a Chinese visa in this part of the world. So, I will just fly to Hong Kong and remain there between Hong Kong and Macau for the time being. I plan to still visit Mongolia as I have a female Mongol friend that I have been dying to meet for almost two years now. afterwards, it will be Korea for awhile as I have two great friends who I met with back in Bishkek. We will have a blast when I get there.

Dang, I did not know your average Korean was that busy. Otherwise, she was making excuses to maybe not see you?
Well, don't forget, Koreans have the same business culture as Japan, it is heavily ingrained in them, just like the Anglo Saxons, that working is the meaning of life. Add a little bit of "Keeping up with the Kims/Jones" in there and you have a recipe of workaholics and consumerism.

Nope, she wasn't like that. I don't even think her parents had a problem with us meeting or hanging out. It's just that Koreans, as a whole, are the most Confucius minded than even China. hence working is placed high on the priority list over other things.

When Koreans who were living in the US, return back to Korea, they tend to open up their own businesses there. I guess a lot of Koreans who come to the US do not know a lot about the tax laws. It is common to hear on the news about Mr. Lee or Mr. Pak get arrested because of their "backlog" of tax payments, or trying to pull the "tax evasion sh-t" on the IRS because these Korean business owners want to retain a lot of their income. When some of these Korean business owners realize that they're losing a shitload of money due to required tax payments, and they do not make a good/decent income, they close shop, declare bankruptcy, and a lot of them tend to move back to Korea. I guess these Korean immigrants got a nice wake up call from rude uncle sam and the US government in terms of their tax theif policy.
Yes, that is the same thing that happens to the Kazakhs here. They worship US/New York like it is the holy Mecca. Then Study/Work there and see that all the amount of taxes that robbing them , in addition to the culture shocks (what they thought US was from watch LoserWood) and them come back hugely disappointed. Many I've met here , who have lived there, then suddenly become ultra patriots when they see the reality of it all and want nothing to do with it afterwards. It is unfortunately the only way it shatters their false perception of what they think is it is. but what pisses me off more than all this is that many local idiots swear they know more about US/NY than YOU as a NATIVE US Citizen!

Once again, I have to give this point to Zboy because no matter how many times you try to tell them what life is really like in the US/West, they think we are "lazy, spoiled, etc" and all you have to do is work hard and all will flowers and cupcakes. I often times must lie where I am from because it is this same freaking conversation about Americans who leave America must be crazy strange or mentally ill. They literally think there is NO problems at all in the country and all people who are not materialistically successful are just loser pigs who don't want to work.

and just as Zboy said in some of his previous posts, The Kazakhs and Kyrgyz love to trash their own people, trash their own country and praise all westerners, black or white as people to put above their own, Not that I care anyways...
The girls there are picky and people tend to be very materialistic.
Even the young Korean girls attending some kind of church in Korea can be slutty on the sidelines.
Wow really? I thought it was far more conservative considering that Korean women have been complaining that Korea is the most discriminative towards women. I guess that's where the saying comes from "The guiltiest speak the loudest

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Re: Are Asian-Americans discriminated due to Affirmative Act

Post by MatureDJ » March 14th, 2019, 6:37 pm

Horahngee wrote:
July 27th, 2018, 5:38 pm
Why not make affirmative action for us Asians to play in the NFL or the NBA?
LOL, even the Asians that play in the NFL are adopted white men.

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