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YouTube videos about living in China

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YouTube videos about living in China

Post by zboy1 » December 20th, 2016, 6:26 pm

Some videos about China from some popular YouTubers living in China:

5 Perks of living in CHINA/ABROAD

5 Things I HATE about Living in CHINA

5 Things I HATE About China (But Used to Love!)

Hong Kong GIRLS VS. Mainland Chinese GIRLS

Is China Rich or Poor?

Things You Can't Get When Living in CHINA

Teaching English in KOREA vs CHINA: Pay, Discrimination, Full Time & Pt Time

WHAT IS CHINA REALLY LIKE? General Impressions From an American In Nanjing

Are Chinese Girls Easy?

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Re: YouTube videos about living in China

Post by zboy1 » December 20th, 2016, 6:28 pm

A mixture of both the good and the bad living in China...

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Re: YouTube videos about living in China

Post by Sackler » December 22nd, 2016, 12:16 pm

I dislike both of these assholes greatly. Their reputations precede them.

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Re: YouTube videos about living in China

Post by Bao3niang » December 24th, 2016, 3:27 am

IMO, the good:
-I actually have A LIFE in China. I have friends and people to meet.
-Lots of food that I cannot find so readily (if at all) in the Anglosphere.
-Overall cost of living is cheaper, unless you are in one of the Big 4 (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen).
-People are generally friendly and down-to-earth.
-Much more convenient to use public transit and get a cab. In Vancouver I have to CALL the cab company to send a cab, and they are often late.
-No political correctness. Unless I don't say bad things about the government in public I can say pretty much anything I want, and I find the people more receptive / open-minded. When talking to people in the West there's always this invisible wall, a set of unwritten rules on what I cannot say.
-I just feel a lot more soulful in China, it's a feeling that I cannot describe well using words.
-China has its own history and culture dating back to several thousand years. No Western nation can match that.
-Chinese women, overall, are a very good bunch. You can definitely find a good, kind, down-to-earth woman as a good, kind and down-to-earth guy. They are much more forgiving and barely judgmental, unless they are very westernized / entitled. They age well and can remain attractive into their 30s and 40s.
-China is a lot safer than anywhere in the West. Very few instances of violent crime, and I trust most of my own people to not harbor any malicious intent. The crazy and mentally unstable are not allowed to roam the streets like in Vancouver.
-When I need something done, there's a much higher degree of competency and efficiency.

The bad:
-Air pollution in major cities, especially Beijing, can get to such a high level that it's hazardous to health. I spent a few days in Beijing (now I'm in Chongqing visiting "family"), on the 2nd and 3rd day the smog was making me cough and choke. And whoever's supposed to fix this isn't doing anything.
-Although I can live without much internet, I play games / listen to music and a lot of sites are blocked in China. However, this is also a good thing when it comes to sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. because it gives girls less outlets for narcissism.
-Squat toilets. I have no trouble squatting but it's still a bit awkward to squat when using the washroom. Many washrooms don't have toilet paper. My ex Megan told me it's to prevent people from taking rolls of toilet paper for themselves.
-China is one of the last bastions of human sanity, but it will eventually fall. China's increasingly falling prey to Western liberalism and consumerism, and the Chinese government's hell bent on economic development. As more and more Chinese youth go abroad, the problem will only get bigger. The West deals with China using an "if we can't get them, we will make them one of us" approach. It knows that China has great economic potential for trade and exploitation, It welcomes Chinese immigration and rich Chinese sending their kids to the West, corrupting them. Many of these youth who studied abroad end up returning to China, destroying China from the inside. A nation's demise in the hands of its own people.
-Not everyone fully understands me, the way I am. If they come from ordinary families / have been brainwashed they won't necessarily be sympathetic when I tell them my story, until I really get into the details.
-Uneducated parents yelling at their young children in public. It's blood curdling. This really needs to change.

Overall I feel that as an overseas Asian, mainland Chinese treat me as one of them. Being an overseas Asian has its perks, because I'm fluent in the language and know most of the culture, but with my overseas status I'm not always subject to the same expectations. People sometimes tend to be a bit more accommodating towards me. It also has its disadvantages that I may have if I were a mainland Chinese guy, such as being introduced to girls through relatives. But I don't consider anyone related to me by blood as part of my true family, so it's obviously not an option for me.

REMEMBER: It's often said that blood is thicker than water and that one can choose his friends but not his family. Don't give in to these. These are some of the biggest lies out there. Yes, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN FAMILY AND THE PEOPLE THAT YOU CHOOSE TO SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH. Family=the people whom you love and care for, the people who are there for you when you need them the most, the people who understand you, protect you, guide you, support you, and are genuinely grateful to have you in their lives. It doesn't have to be blood.

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