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The World Is a Mess

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The World Is a Mess

Post by Eric » May 28th, 2017, 1:49 am

It's not long now before the entire world collapses. I just look around me and see morons, degenerate and brainless filth, women who are complete utter sluts and gold diggers without shame, hooligan men, chaos and dysfunction in every part of society. People are so moronic now, they can't even think for themselves - they can't think. I know, I just woke up from this, and realized quite how bad it is. I think I had gotten used to it, and indeed I had, you have to adapt to every environment you're in to survive - of course. But if you really think about it...there is no organization or plan to what's going on right now. How can this possibly sustain itself on a world and societal scale? Homosexuality, breakups of marriage, disintegration of societal mores and all culture attacked and gone, uneducated mis-educated, dumbed down morons, who can't think for themselves and had long ago done whatever they're told. Where's this going? It doesn't look good.
It looks like a mess.... a total, mess. I'm just thinking about it from my perspective. Youre literally expected to be a slut, man or woman, today to get by. It's standard protocol - there's something wrong if you're NOT a slut, actually. What kind of society in the history of the world has ever had that? Is that good? No, it's not. It's not natural and it's not good. You'd think Jews doing this, and they are are, would have more concern for the societies they are changing - leading the peoples in a good way, caring for them. Why are they treating them with such utter disrespect and disdain?
That's very disturbing. Can any Jew answer that to me? Please...I'm really curious. I know they have to know that's bad what's going on, that people deep down are not happy - that they don't like having their culture erased and destroyed, their dignities gone, being degraded. What's going on?
What I fear is the answer is really scary, because I fear I know that answer.

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Re: The World Is a Mess

Post by starchild5 » May 29th, 2017, 2:05 am

In five years or may be even less..The entire world will collapse one way or the other...That is a guarantee from me. 8) 8)

Either we will realize our TRUE SELF or we will be destroyed and eaten by dark forces. Change is the constant in this 3D.

Our premise of everything is totally wrong...It is not at all the way we think and were told it is...Our body is not what we were told it is...

Literally, We are a spaceship...I'm not joking here...We are the most complex designed body perfect for space travel....Only problem is right fuel aka the reason for attack on our food by GM.

Fermented Foods are the key for now...You must really look into drinking Kombucha ...Its now very popular among alternative health community..Its called Elixir of Life in China..very easy to make at home.

Illuminati are a bacteria not a parasite as we tell in conspiracy circles..quite Literally...

The secret to feeling amazingly well is to feed your bacteria in your gut...They control everything...

The world will get even worse..I believe...The first to go will be Europe and then America...Asia would stand alone and then it would also go away...

All our Hormones are produced in the gut by bacteria....Sluts, Gold diggers, Junkies, Homosexuality, breakups of marriage, disintegration of societal morals is mere hormonal imbalance related to our gut...You can reverse everything if you take care of your gut by eating fermented foods.

Dopamine is reward and pleasure..aka the tool for druggies, serotonin controls sleep, feeling well, happiness, contentment etc...they are made in the gut...80% of our immune is in the gut and this is just mainstream science accepting the facts to sell there 19.99 USD crap...

My take is..It's EVERYTHING..of course the lame stream science would not agree because then there is NO PROFIT in it ..

...YOU MUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT...NO EXCUSE...Eat Fermented Food...I would say start with Kombucha...good luck


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