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Losing your virginity later is better.

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by Temprano26 » September 20th, 2017, 7:34 pm

And by later, I do not mean stay a virgin until your 40s or 50s but also nobody has to have sex just to lose it at age 14 either. It just has to be approached in a mature way and not like a clumsy adolescent. Just because one's balls have dropped does not mean they are ready to make love to a woman.

I went to Costa Rica wanting to find love but in all honesty, I just wanted to get laid, having been involuntarily celibate until age 29 so yeah, get laid before you are 30 was the plan. I went back to the Costa Rica countryside where I used to do volunteer work in Rio Celeste. I swam in that turquoise blue river again to cool off from the sun and I visited my old host family. My old host mother that taught me so much Spanish cooked lunch for me after I gave a free massage to her eldest son. It was one of the best days of my life and it only got better when I bought a beer for the town drunk later into the evening. This dude on crutches got my help closing the gate and then he called his amiga, Shirley. He was laughing devilishly at how my jaw dropped when I saw this 47-year-old woman. We went out for a soda, she sat across from me speaking Spanish and I just wondered what the real deal was. I thought she was a hooker but she never quoted a price, she just wanted to go back to my hotel room to "talk". In all those celibate years, I was afraid should this moment happen, I would get too excited but no, I was more relaxed than I had ever been. That cold river water sure works wonders. But being 29 is different than being 21. I had more time to mature. I also became a massage therapist in all that time, which I could put to use far better than I could if I had been an accountant. There was more presence of mind than there would have been if I was a horny 20 year old not knowing how to unhook a bra. I wasn't deeply emotional about this woman but we had a strong, passionate relationship. This is why I say you have to date the cougar women, bros.

But after getting laid, I started to re-prioritize my life, start dwelling on what I wanted to do other than having sex with women. Women are awesome but we have to develop our own personalities too.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by MarcosZeitola » September 20th, 2017, 8:23 pm

Most men are attracted sexually to younger women. This is a natural thing. If you are into women who are older, that is fine with me. I won't judge you for it. Taste is a personal thing. And we all mature and develop at different rates. Having lost my virginity in my teenage years, I feel this was the best for me at the time. I do not regret it, even though my first experience(s) weren't necessarily the most sexually rewarding or satisfying of my life. You waited until you reached your late twenties instead, and lost your virginity to a woman who was much older, as opposed to me losing it to a girl of roughly my own age.

You can tell yourself that your way is better, in general, for all men. And I cannot blame you for it. But don't you think this is just a coping mechanism? And I am not claiming that this wasn't the best thing for you. But what works for you may not work for other men. And the healthiest thing for a young man's development is to more or less hit all the milestones and rights of passage of life at around the same time as his peers. Because missing out on things can damage someone. Of course it's a matter of mindset... but I read the diary of Elliot Rodger, a young spree shooter once... and he was driven to the point of insanity by his inability to get laid while his peers were constantly getting it on. And not all men, of course, will have such an over the top response to their sexlessness. But it's not hard to imagine how it can damage someone.

So, in summation... no, I don't agree with you that losing one's virginity later is better. Especially when the women who are universally seen by 99% of all men as the most attractive, are usually made more attractive by the factor "youth". If all men would share your enthusiasm for 47 year old Latin American women, then fine. No problem at all. But you and me both know, they don't. Most men will be into the daughters of these women. You may consider yourself lucky to be wired the way you are. But this does not apply for most of the world's male populace. And at the age of 29 you have walked the earth long enough, to know this.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by MrMan » September 21st, 2017, 3:45 am

I (purposefully) waited until I got married. I was 27. I do not regret it.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by Yohan » September 21st, 2017, 4:55 am

MarcosZeitola wrote: .....Most men are attracted sexually to younger women. This is a natural thing. If you are into women who are older

.....but I read the diary of Elliot Rodger, a young spree shooter once... and he was driven to the point of insanity by his inability to get laid...
Elliot Rodger is no guideline for anything. He was a psychopath who was attacking people - men, women and couples - since several years already, he should have been locked up in jail or in a secure mental ward. His own parents were contacting police and were asking to do something about him a few weeks before his final attack and suicide.

It should be noticed that there were more male victims than female victims among the dead and among the wounded. He mentioned in his ridiculous manifest, full with racist comments that he is hating men too and that he wants to 'kill people'.

A madman.

About young men looking out for even younger girls, this might make you a rapist by statutory rape laws in the Western world, about looking for an older woman makes you a toyboy. If you find nobody, you are a loser who cannot get laid.

So whatever you do as a young man in Western countries, it's wrong.

I don't think any contact with older women makes any sense in Europe at least. This is the leftover trash of kicked out and abandoned females often with several children from several fathers after having sex with countless men. Expired party girls who get no attention anymore, women with a face showing their past of alcohol and drugs, disdained feminists and similar worthless females.

About myself, I was looking for somebody of about same age and did not find anybody.

No surprise, because Europe simply said is full with rather worthless women, who will either look out for rich boys or for criminals.
Women made fun out of me but this did not made me a madman or a killer.

No idea if losing your virginity earlier or later is better, but the question is with who?
My only choice at that time when 22 years old was prostitution - legal in Europe - but I was not really interested in that. - I moved on, to abroad.... you can find better females somewhere else.

From all I have seen so far, USA is even worse than Europe - very frustrating society.
Not much what you can do about. Stay single, as a male virgin, work and save some money and get on an airplane. I don't know any better advice.
The world is not the same everywhere.

The good thing is, as MGTOW you do not hate anybody, you don't get crazy and you don't want to get laid by useless Western women. Male friends with mangina behavior, you don't need them either. Might be you are lonely, that's sometimes somehow a problem, but you can get over it with various activities.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by MrMan » September 21st, 2017, 12:14 pm

Elliot Rodger, if he is the guy whose pre-murder video I saw, sounded like he had been reading manosphere stuff, maybe some angry MGTOW or other writings like that, and combined with with a desire to kill. In his speech, he seemed to think of women as evil for not giving him sex, as if they owed it to him.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » September 21st, 2017, 12:24 pm

MrMan wrote:I (purposefully) waited until I got married. I was 27. I do not regret it.
Well that explains A LOT.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by dancilley » September 26th, 2017, 1:03 am

I lost my virginity at 24. I'm 31 now. At 24 I decided I was going to have sex at all costs, and with anyone I could. The woman was ugly and very fat, but I am proud of myself that I did it.

I am very disappointed that I did not have sex sooner. Sex is literally the best thing to do in life, by far. Everyone should have sex as soon as they become sexually developed enough to the point of desiring to have sex. When you are horny, if you do not have sex, you suffer. It's like if you are thirsty, and there is no water around, you will suffer.

I always wanted a girlfriend, since I was in 7th grade. But my anxiety held me back. I had no one to encourage me to have sex. My mom was very negative about sex. Every single time that anything sexual came up in conversation, or if something sexual was on TV, my mom would cringe and leave the room. So I developed negative beliefs about sex, that I was a bad person for desiring sex. So was never able to express my sexual desires. My parents also did not have sex for the last six years of their marriage, and they got divorced when I was 14. My parents did not get along. It was crazy.

Sex is what we have to do. We need to breathe oxygen, drink water, get enough nutrition, and have sex. Sex is extremely important and essential for mental stability. Sex is extremely therapeutic.

I want to help people, including myself, attract sexual partners and become sexually and emotionally fulfilled. I believe that pretty much everyone should have sex very often and produce as many babies as possible.

Winston disagrees with having kids. I believe that the people that disagree with having kids replace the stimulation that they would otherwise receive from producing kids and involving themselves in their kids' lives with the consumption of unhealthy foods, watching TV, movies, internet videos, porn, having pets, etc....all of which I believe are ways people easily fill the void of loneliness they feel.

It is very difficult to find people in America who are appreciative and loving, because almost everyone overstimulates their brain with the aforementioned pastimes. Instead of everyone stimulating their brain with humans, they prefer to stimulate their brain with non-human things.

If you didn't have TV, Internet, chocolate, ice cream, chips, cheese, meat, oil, refined sugar, MSG, porn, caffeine, expensive restaurants, roller coasters, music, would desire sex so strongly...and obsess about it all the time.

I've done this before to myself. If you eat a diet of just brown rice, beans, and vegetables, and that's it...and just remain in your room without a computer or books or will feel extremely sexual.

You will develop fantasies. Sexual fantasies will dominate your mind.

You will crave to have sex. You will lust to produce babies. Thinking about having a woman growing your baby inside her, and seeing her belly grow round will give you an almost sexual stimulation.

You will feel a "hunger" to see your woman spread her legs and see that baby coming each inch of the baby progresses out of the vagina, you will feel happier and happier...

Imaging the baby coming out, and then seeing the baby cry very healthfully, and seeing your woman wrap her arms around the baby and hold it so carefully and against her skin...and the woman is smiling so joyfully, in pleasure, in ecstasy...

...It's the happiest day of your life...and you feel you are living the are being who you are supposed to be. You are being who you were meant to be.

You realize that sex and giving women sexual pleasure, and impregnating women, and producing babies, and raising them in the healthiest way possible, is what people are supposed to do.

You fantasize more...and realize that when you are a parent, and have a teenage daughter, that you feel "hungry" to connect her with a good man. You desire that the man deliver her the best sexual experience ever...making her feel perfectly sexually satisfied. You may have pornographic sexual images enter your mind...of your daughter and the perfect sexual congruence.

You will desire for your daughter to ecstatically output as many babies as possible into the world...more...more!

You just want to see everyone around you healthy, happy and harmonious.

But almost everyone today placates their strong sexual desires by consuming unhealthy foods, watching videos, porn, drinking caffeine, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.

I have never tried smoking, smoking weed, drinking alcohol, or drinking coffee. And I have almost never tried soda. I have used food for stimulation, for a lot of my life, but over the past decade, I have not eaten much unhealthy food overall. I've gone for streaks eating unhealthy food though.

Over the past 10 days or so, I started to eat unhealthy food...such as microwave popcorn, ice cream, chips, fruit juice, etc. and I know it's because I need sex, but I feel hopeless to get sex right now, so the quick-fix solution is to go to the corner store and buy junk food.

I have not had sex in well over two years. I live with my girlfriend in her room, but she does not let me do anything sexual with her. I can't even hump her with my clothes on. Sex thinks sex is evil. I am addicted to her. She and I used to have a lot of sex when we first met, over six years ago. She is 51 now, so she has reached menopause, and totally hates sex now.

She almost never initiated sex, but did a few times. The sex was good, as all sex is, but her vagina was very dry; it had almost no lubrication.

My dick head used to hit her cervix, so I damaged my dick head somewhat (not seriously...but there is a small scar). I don't think this happened early in the relationship, but later on, it was...I think the cervix and vagina collapse somewhat as a woman reaches menopause.

She is from Cambodia, and has been in the U.S. since she was 14, I believe. So she acts differently from American women. She doesn't have an interest in using computers or smartphones. She doesn't have an interest in proactively dating anyone. She is depressed though, and has schizophrenia.

She was in a car accident apparently, so now she believes she is god. She literally "knows" that she created the universe and every skyscraper and building she sees. It's funny.

But the way she acts is so's refreshing.

We hold hands when we walk outside. She looks at people and their dogs and looks at the dogs and loves how the dogs look and move, and she goes, "Ruff! Ruff!" and is like overjoyed, because the dog stimulates her brain. American women don't do that, because they are so over-stimulated.

She is not overweight at all.

Her voice is high-pitched...but when she reached menopause, it went down some. High-pitched voices, to me, are amazing.

So, it's like I am "happier abroad" already, even though I am in Los Angeles, California.

She loves babies too, like dogs.

But she has never had children of her own. And hates sex.

But she treats me like I am special. She said that I am a "lord."

She is on SSI (disability) and she gives me money each month.

I am on food stamps, and I have an Obamaphone with the Lifeline subsidy (free talk and text).

I used to have an apartment, that I only paid $78 per month for, because I was on Section 8. I moved out of the apartment because I was getting lazy and thought that I needed to move out in order to make myself become motivated to get a job.

And, I feel guilty for using the government in order to live. I believe that welfare makes people lazy and ruins people. I believe the opposite of what I actually do...much of what I do.

I believe that Section 8 should only be for disabled people. But did you know...that anyone can get Section 8--it's just determined by your income...that's it. You pay 30% of what your income is. So if you make $1,000 per month, you pay $300 for rent. If your income is zero, you pay zero.

I believe that women should not have the option of using the government in order to live. If a woman has a child, she should be attractive enough in order to attract a man to desire to pay for her to live. Why should the government be responsible if a woman has a kid without a man to take care of her? Women should take responsibility and become better people physically, mentally, personality-wise, etc. so that a good man will desire to take care of her.

Men will desire to take care of women if the men are healthy and do not eat unhealthy foods or do drugs. The women have to have a healthy body-fat percentage.

Women will desire to be good to men when they don't have Starbucks to go to, and if chocolate and ice cream and fried chicken, etc. didn't exist.

Men have to obtain a house, and women have to stay in the house and cook and clean and have sex with the man when he wants. The woman will desire to please the man, because her brain will not be over-stimulated by all the modern sources of stimulation.

Literally every single time that her man wants sex, she will feel a craving to spread her legs for her man and feel his penis inside her, and his hard body all over her, and to smell him, and wrap her legs and arms around him, and crave for him to ejaculate as powerfully as he feels inside her. She will feel a deep desire to please him...she hopes that he is completely sexually satisfied, and holds nothing back.

She desires to produce as many babies as possible, and take care of them, non-stop. The smell of the babies makes her feel alive...she thrives when she holds the baby close to her and it sucks fresh, healthy milk out of her.

She desires to hear the baby cry, so that she can be the one to give it pleasure and nurture it. (This is pretty much the same thing as a woman receiving a text from someone, and then texting the person back something funny or interesting that gives the other person pleasure.)

She desires to cook food...she wants the smell of the food, the steam, the nourish the man's, and the kids' souls...

She wants to wash dishes...she wants her family to be in a hygienic environment and see them eating off of crystal-clean plates...because clean means healthy, and if everyone is healthy and happy, it makes her feel so good.

And when you fantasize about women, you will fantasize about feeding them with a spoon, or feeding them with your will feel romantic about it...

This is what women want...this is what they fantasize about...

So it isn't all women's's men's too...because we are exposing ourselves to the same environment women are in...

We have become jaded too...


Not as much as they have, but we have too, significantly...

You will crave to suck on women's toes...

I am not will crave to lick women's will crave to lick their salivate and indulge in the flavor and the lusciousness of their young body...

Not old...


I believe why some people like older women is because older women are more simple and more focused on you.

But girls can be that way too...if they are not over-stimulated.

Imagine if the excitement that you get, and that women get, from watching videos, texting, social media, eating unhealthy food, drinking alcohol, etc....were all forsaken...and all that passion were channeled into sex and reproduction...

You know how in porn, how the women act like they are overly turned on and they are screaming and overwhelmed with pleasure and they are moaning wildly as they are sucking the man's dick, and their eyes are rolled in the back of their head?

That is what happens...I swear to god, that's how it's supposed to be.

Women should not hesitate to lick your balls. They should lick them like it is 1000x better than an ice cream cone.

And when you have a healthy woman lying on the bed below you, and you feel how she smells, and then you insert your dick into her, and you have no negative beliefs about sex, and you just do what you want to're supposed to f**k the girl as hard and as fast as possible, squeezing the woman, crushing the woman, making her yours.

You're supposed to salivate all over the woman's face and neck, sucking her mouth hard, holding her hair behind her head, gripping it tightly...

And her mom and dad are supposed to desire to watch you do it...I swear.

Every single thrust and positive emittance of happiness and joy they see from you and their daughter are supposed to make them happy.

They want happy, healthy babies! More!

I'm not sure about this, but I am pretty sure, that when they see you thrusting so good, so fast, so hard...they want to hear you growl, with your mouth up against the woman's cheek and face, and rubbing your beard into her face, and hearing you communicate how much pleasure their daughter gives you.

I swear.

Like Winston says..."I swear."

"I swear"...that parents, if healthy, and if they have healthy beliefs about sex, are supposed to see your cock f**k their daughter's p***y. They are supposed to crave to see her p***y so hot and wet...they want to see and smell how clean and healthy your body is...they want you to be like a machine...they want you to impregnate her as efficiently as possible, and then help her raise healthy and happy babies...

Video games are a waste of time. Everything is a waste of time, pretty much. I swear. Except creating a house, furnishing it, having women live in it so they can decorate it and make it into a "home sweet home," and having sex with women and producing and raising as many babies as possible and eating the freshest, healthiest foods.

What do people need in order to be happy? They need to be healthy and have healthy, happy people around them, and need to be engaged in reproduction. Men need to be impregnating as many women as possible, and women need to perceive that the man impregnating them is the best man possible for her to attract. And women need to be engaged in attracting other people to them who will aid in their survival and raising of the kids.

If you have shelter, and a woman living in the shelter, and she is happy and loves you and loves spreading her legs for you...and you have multiple of those women available to you...what else do you need? What is a car good for? What is the Internet good for? What is pizza good for?

All we need is to go to a place where the women are healthy and happy and nice.

Lately I have been fantasizing about dirt...I want to meet a girl who has no shoes, and has dirty, beautiful feet. I want to rub dirt all over her body, and then make love to her in the dirt. I think this is healthy due to the good bacteria---the bacterial diversity--that we need to expose ourselves to. I want her face to be dusty, and I want to lick her face and not swallow the dust...but I want the saliva of my tongue to mix with the dust, and I want my dirty, healthy tongue all over her body, inside her body...I want to taste her ass, I want to mix my saliva and the dirt and her asshole and fresh, dirty fecal residue together.

I swear this is natural to desire.

And what I mean by "fresh" when the girl eats fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, etc....and not meat, or any animal products, which make feces taste bad...nasty. You want the food she eats to be passing through her body very fast...she should have 2 bowel movements per day. Even medically, if you have three bowel movements per day, it's not considered abnormal.

But people don't understand it, and are afraid of it.

They label you as a "dirty man"...or a "scumbag."

But I swear, this is natural, and should be completely normal.

You have just as many bacteria on and inside your body as actual cells that make up your body, apparently.

We need good bacteria. We need our microbiome to be diverse.

That's why it's health-promoting to fantasize about dirt, and to be "dirty," as long as you and the girl do not possess any harmful bacteria.

The reason I'm emphasizing this, is because I grew up with no sexual encouragement. But sex is actually our main function, other than breathing, drinking water, and eating!

I want to help people understand that sex is healthy and great...let's make America sexually active! Let's make the world super-sexually active and reproductive!

You know the feeling of sinking your teeth into a steak, or fried chicken, or pizza?

Well, you're supposed to feel that, when you taste women. Healthy, young're supposed to indulge in their flavor. You're supposed to inhale their scent.

Relish it...cherish good...mmmm...yes!

Savor the flavor...

And when you are not damaging your body!

You are damaging your body when you eat meat, cheese, chocolate, sugar, oil, etc...1 out of every 4 people will die of atherosclerosis in America. This is caused by what people eat.

Sex is the most therapeutic modality known.

Eat healthfully and have sex and produce babies! That's what people are supposed to do!

Let's help as many people as possible become in tune with who they are...sexual machines!

It's simple. - Live The Best Life Possible!

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by Temprano26 » October 4th, 2017, 4:44 pm

Yeah, sex is therapeutic, as I found but it wasn't just with some blow-up doll. It was with a woman that had PASSION regardless if she were in her 40s or 20s. It is not therapeutic when engaging with somebody that just wants money and has no interest in you.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » October 4th, 2017, 6:13 pm

People should try to view sex as a means for reproduction. When sex is viewed as a recreational or "therapeutic" pursuit, lives tend to get out of whack.

Nature or god made sex pleasurable so that people would want to do it and therefore reproduce.

If you are not getting sex, you will not die, starve, or grow hair from your palms. You will simply find other ways to garner your dopamine boosts than from sex.

Some people get boosts from smoking, others from jogging, others from sex. Sex is not the most harmful way to do so, but it is far from the least harmful way. STDs, psychological torment, and often interpersonal violence from jealousy can result from sex, not to mention unwanted children.

It is better to view sex objectively. If you're not getting any, you might very well be better off than the people who are!

So all is not lost after all Cornfed.......
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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by mattyman » October 5th, 2017, 3:26 am

Regarding Temprano26
OP, what you're saying is, don't make losing your virginity priority, don't go looking to lose it, let it happen as a by-product of the people you meet. The main message is to not be in a rush to lose it as soon as poss, I totally agree. Equally, don't 'wait' (if 'waiting' means avoiding trying to meet new people) till you're middle-aged.
This dude on crutches got my help closing the gate and then he called his amiga, Shirley. He was laughing devilishly at how my jaw dropped when I saw this 47-year-old woman.
Haha, probably never having seen someon'e jaw dropped from a woman that old and good-looking.

Regarding the experience, the main fear you might have had being your age was that I 'should' know how to do x, y, z, if I don't I'll be seen as weird, I'll turn her off. Clearly, that anxiety hasn't been as bad for you my friend and sounds like a great experience. She created the right sort of space for you to have a great time together and I'm really happy to hear.

You don't necessarily have to date cougar women, you have to be with people who you feel comfortable with. If it happens to be someone older or younger then great. The most imporant thing is, it has to be someone who you feel won't treat it like an audition and that you'll both enjoy.

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Re: Losing your virginity later is better.

Post by Temprano26 » October 5th, 2017, 3:26 pm

No, not necessarily cougars but since then quite a few cougar women have taken an interest in me. So have some twenty year olds but mostly women in their 40s.

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