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Anyone thought about living in Singapore?

What's your story? Discussions your reasons for going abroad.

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Re: Anyone thought about living in Singapore?

Post by MrMan » December 7th, 2018, 8:32 pm

I don't think Singapore would be a bad place to live as far as cities go. It is well-organized and clean. On the down-side it is way too regulated. Finding a decent, family-minded woman might be a bit hard, but there are plenty of imigrants, too. Some of the locals import wives. There are places you could go pay a fee and get a Vietnamese bride-- or at least there were several years ago online according to YouTube videos. I think they still have the businesses to arrange a marriage with a traditional foreign girl there. A lot of women are career minded. But it's kind of like the US where you can look for the proverbial needle in a haystack-- the suitable woman. But with imigrants, some bring their values with them, too.

Shopping is not too expensive, unless you want it to be. They have lots of good food in the US price range or slightly lower, street hawkers, and of course plenty of high end stuff. You can also shop high end.

The problems are expensive transportation if you want to drive yourself, housing, and as an expat you would really have to have a high paying niche job where they have to bring someone in from overseas. The expat assignment might work if you happen to work for the big international company that happens to place you in Singapore.

There is also the possibility of living in Johor across the straight and driving in to work in Singapore, if you can handle commutes. I've never seen horrific Singapore traffic, but there is a bit of distance. I'd imagine at least half an hour to get to the more businessy area of singapore unless you work really close to the boarder.

Singapore is a good relief if you've been somewhere a bit less clean and organized like Jakarta, and if you want a good buffet that has bacon on it for breakfast at the hotel. I've had a really lousy hotel breakfast in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia--lots of food but no flavor and even their 'fresh milk' tasted like powdered milk and water, and a really good one there, too. But Singapore hotel breakfasts that I recall were always at least pretty decent. So it's a good destination for visa runs for creature comfort issues. But I ended up going to Malaysia a lot for variety for my last southeast Asian experience.

I have only been out and about in Hong Kong once. It seemed more exciting to me, maybe because I'd been to Singapore so much and it seemed just a bit boring. Hong Kong is visually more stunning, I think, with the white buildings jutting up out of the mountains and the view of the harbor, and the lights at night. Singapore has some interesting street hawker food, but honestly back before Burger King came back to Indonesia, I'd rather have that than street hawker food in Singapore, since hawker food seemed so similar to the stuff I"d had in Jakarta. Once I sent my wife to the hawker stalls while I got a Burger King burger, which was much better than in the US with the fresh bread. Coming from the US, it would make sense to eat the street hawker food and enjoy it.

I did have a great cullinary experience at a Hong Kong diner once. Those diners may be the only places that serve that Hong Kong diner food, that fushion of east west. I ate a chicken with tomatoe sauce over rice dish and a Chinese dish with a friend there when I visited. It was much better than the fancier looking Chinese restaurant's food that I went out to eat with my colleges, with the steamed chicken that had almost no taste. I didn't try the sea cucumber. The diner food was really good, and I remember it fondly. And I have had lots of really great-tasting food in my life.

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Re: Anyone thought about living in Singapore?

Post by expat79 » February 11th, 2019, 8:06 am

Singapore is very developed,clean and not cheap at all. But a beautiful place to live in. And one of the best cuisines I tried. Jobs are not very easy to find though.

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