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Share your interesting dreams here

Discuss personal development, self-improvement and motivational psychology.

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Re: Share your interesting dreams here

Post by Winston » December 11th, 2018, 5:42 am

Wow i just had a really trippy dream. I got trapped in this small town of rednecks and weird people on a hill. They wouldn't let me leave. While i was hiking in the hills trying to find a way out, suddenly a bunch of angry kittens came out and started biting me. As i fought them off my hands got bloody. It was like a weird horror movie. The night before i was attacked by lions. So thats the second time i got attacked by wild animals in a dream. The dream dictionaries online said that animals attacking u represent subconscious forces trying to drive u to self destruction.

Then after that i saw people in the town gathering straws and materials for a burning man effigy. I immediately sensed they were gonna use me as a burning human sacrifice effigy. Kind of like in the movie "wicker man". So i panicked and ran like crazy to escape.

Eventually they decided to let me go. But before releasing me, one of the men decided to tell me a name. He acted like he was revealing a secret clue. He said:

Theodore Walter Chesterfield

I felt like he might be revealing who i was in a past life. Wow. I never thought id receive an exact three part full name like that in a dream. What do u think it means? Should i follow up on it?

Is there a way to find historical names in a database besides Google? One time a psychic in Berkeley in 1990 told me i died in the Korean war in a Chinese prison and my name was Joe Sammons. But i never could find that name online. Would all war veterans of the past be indexed online somehow?

What you think? Have any of you ever had a full name revealed in a dream before? If so did you ever find out if its a real person or not?
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Re: Share your interesting dreams here

Post by Neo » December 11th, 2018, 5:57 am

Sounds like an episode from a TV show.

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