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The Gangsta Rap Conspiracy Theory from 1991

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Will N. Dowd
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The Gangsta Rap Conspiracy Theory from 1991

Post by Will N. Dowd » September 28th, 2018, 6:23 am

This is a weird but must read story. It's so weird that it's hard to imagine someone making it up, so I tend to believe it. I first heard about it in 2000 from a music sales rep at a store I worked at and found it hard to believe then. He said he believed it but many people in the industry didn't even though the evidence to support it is now pretty overwhelming. It's all over the web now if you google it. Read the full story of course, but the basic premise is that the gangsta rap music category was created around 1991 to send more people to US prisons which would make the private prisons and shareholders richer. The US government was in on it too of course.

The anonymous author says: "... it was one of the biggest turning point in popular music, and ultimately American society." ... music.html

Winston since you are a conspiracy theorist, have you heard about this? I'm sure you'll have an opinion about it.
The music industry did change about 1991, but I thought it was because of the grunge trend with Nirvana.

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Contrarian Expatriate
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Re: The Gangsta Rap Conspiracy Theory from 1991

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » September 28th, 2018, 11:13 am

Don't waste your time reading this fiction....

The problem with conspiracy theorists is they don't live in an evidence-based world, but one of conjecture, rumors, half-truths, and falsehoods.

The writer of that piece does not know that the gangsta rap genre had its heyday in the late 1980's, specifically 1988 when NWA released The Police.

By 1991, gangsta rap had fizzled down to a shell of its former self and there were but 3 major gangsta rap artists who achieved crossover success, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Tupac (along with their associated acts.) Needless to say, the genre had watered down its message for mainstream consumption by that time. So the premise of some scheme in 1991 to jail people via gangsta rap is "dead on arrival."

What this story is trying to exploit in an effort to foment racial hatred and paranoia, is the rise of the prison industrial complex. That really is a thing! Prisons are profitable for the companies that design them, those that build them, and for the communities in which they reside. Prisons often constitute the biggest and most lucrative employer in many rural areas so local governments profit from the influx of tax revenues associated with a new prison in town.

I recall back in my university days that most students were convinced that the CIA had imported crack cocaine into black communities to destabilize them. I always knew that was implausible and many years later, it was discovered that the Soviet KGB created and distributed misinformation campaign to sow anti-government hate and discontent in inner cities. This gangsta rap theory looks to have a similar goal to sow hate against a cadre of secret "Decision Makers" or Jews to be blunt.

I hope you choose to live in an evidence-based world or you will remain a pawn of rumor mongers, the media, and those with vested interests in misinformation.

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E Irizarry R&B Singer
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Re: The Gangsta Rap Conspiracy Theory from 1991

Post by E Irizarry R&B Singer » September 30th, 2018, 10:55 pm

Ice Cube toned it down in 1994 because either he realized he was going to be "off'ed" if he were to continue or the some of the Marxist Jews in power caught up to him and made him kiss their behinds so that's when years later he starred in Anaconda etc. He had a family already so he had to be there for them.
Say what you want, but when it comes to mathematics : Ice Cube > Tupac.
It's time to expatriate to evade your fate; it's time to expatriate before the barn door permanently closes on "US" sheep.
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Re: The Gangsta Rap Conspiracy Theory from 1991

Post by HappyGuy » October 1st, 2018, 12:17 am

Thanks for the review Contrarian Expatriate. The only conspiracy here is the promotion of music like this sung by "retards attempting poetry", if a few companies didn't have monopolies on music distribution and there was a free market in the 1990s or even now, rap "music" would be the last thing anybody listened to. Same as Mountain Dew would be the last thing anyone bought at fast food restaurants or convenience stores if there was a real choice that wasn't undermined by monopolies.

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