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People moving long distance are sick and tired of seeing their old companions.

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People moving long distance are sick and tired of seeing their old companions.

Post by Mercury » April 16th, 2019, 7:33 pm

There are some sketchy rumors going around on Cyberspace of a person who "remembers" friends on social media when they move long distance as if they had died.

This is an individualist country! When people move long distance, one major reason is that they are sick and tired of seeing the same people daily, weekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly. In America as it is mentioned in the Comparison chart; personalities are toxic and personality conflicts are massively common. Even best friends get tired of seeing each other and they become strangers, even enemies, if they see each other off and on for more than a couple of years. Again, in America, friendships are superficial and fleeting, mostly a facade! And Americans easily grow sick and tired of seeing the same people due to their toxic, spoiled personalities, and that is a very major reason America has become such a heavily transient country. And when someone you know moves long distance, you are expected to be happy for them, and you are expected to cut that person completely out of your life, close and lock the door, and pretend like you never even met that person. And don't try to say "Hi" to that person 70 years later, either.

When a "friend" moves long distance, the friendship is over. No salvage, no nothing. That person wants nothing to do with you anymore. They only say they'll be back to visit to make it hurt less. The truth is, if they do come back, they stick with family only. Run into the friend and the person's family, and they will tell you to leave, and to leave them alone. Most former friends that moved long distance even become aggressive and hostile if you approach them! Even if you haven't seen the former friend in 25 years. When people move long distance, they don't want to see you for 120 years. They want nothing to do with you for the rest of their entire lives.

Even before the move, many long distance moving people put up walls between themselves and everyone in the community they are leaving. They are edging themselves out of the lives of everyone they are leaving behind. They are signaling that the friendship is over. Most even have police involvement when people whom the long distance moving person was friends with get sad and want to enjoy the person before the move and/or want one last hug goodbye.

People especially need to be wary of bartenders. People who frequent the same bar often have a favorite bartender that they go and see, and they go to that bar exclusively to see their favorite bartender. Be warned! Most bartenders are transients that could be less than a year from their next multi-million mile long distance move! And they are actually bartending because they find it entertaining to form fake friendships with a bunch of regulars and then move long distance, leaving hundreds of broken hearts in their wake.

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