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"If anyone feels they "come out of their shell" when overseas, try to keep something in mind. That person you are overseas is the real you. The person you are in America is a prisoner, nothing more."
- Grunt

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Temporarily down! Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind (Video Series)
Temporarily down! Winston's Russia Trilogy Video Collection (Full 38 hrs)
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of the Foreign Kind (Video Series)

Trailer with Star Wars Intro Style

Winston's Complete Russia Trilogy Video Collection (Full 38 hrs)

Attention: This video series has been removed and censored by feminists. Please wait while I find another host to reupload them. Check back soon!

Full length videos of Winston's Russia Trilogy Adventure, which inspired him to start the Happier Abroad movement.

Now you will all get to finally see my Russia trip videos, full length, all 38 hours! I promise that these videos are not be boring at all. Every moment is interesting and a lot of variety is shown throughout. You will see a lot of culture in them too, not just girls.

These videos will show you what I experienced in Russia and what inspired me to start the Happier Abroad movement. You will see everyday Russian life, beautiful architecture and scenery, and how meeting girls is as easy as breathing! You will also see how fun and natural it is to flirt with girls there as well! Now it's one thing to hear about this, but to see it for yourself is another matter and far more convincing, hence the job of this video series.

Wanna know a secret? You see, whereas flirtation with strangers is considered creepy and inappropriate in America, it is considered natural, normal and fun in Russia, most of Europe, and South America. Many Americans don't know that, or don't want to know. But these videos will PROVE this without a doubt.

These videos serve as total and absolute PROOF of our claims on HappierAbroad that in many overseas countries, beautiful, quality, available, sweet, friendly, approachable, modest, open, flirtatious women are in ABUNDANCE and the norm, not in scarcity like in America. So they are an undeniable concrete wealth of evidence you can show to anyone who doubts or disbelieves us.

One might think that America is the land of abundance, but not when it comes to sweet, friendly, modest, AVAILABLE women. No way. In that area, the US is the land of scarcity, and this truth needs to be exposed.

Also you will notice in the videos that the girls are very sweet, friendly and act modest. They do not have that super toxic spoiled personality that modern girls in the US have, which is unbearable and unpleasant.

These videos will help you understand why these trips were so eye opening and life transforming to me, and why I felt liberated and free and SO ALIVE for the first time. They will help you better relate to me and understand what inspired me to start this movement, and why I could never adapt to life in the US again afterward.

Note: Rather than embed the videos below, I am posting links to them from YouTube or Vimeo because embedding too many videos here will slow down the loading of this page. If any of these links become broken or taken down, you can contact me about it, or find the backup links to them in the Vimeo Album of my Russia Trilogy Video Collection, which contains the same videos. Note that this is an ongoing project that will take time to complete. The uploaded parts are below and will be updated as they become ready.

Russia Adventure One

Full length: Awakening and Discovery (Pilot Episode, 2 hrs)

Russia Adventure Two

Part 1: A Snowy Journey Begins With A Rough Start (2 hrs 24 min)

More parts being uploaded, will post as they become ready. To be informed when the next installments are ready, subscribe to the mailing list or subscribe to my Vimeo Channel.

Music Videos of Winston Dating Abroad

Fan created music videos of Winston dating girls in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
HA YouTube Videos and Channel

Steve Neese's videos on Foreign women vs. American women

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Open Russians - Winston socializing and joking with groups of Russian/Ukrainian youngsters, demonstrating that young people there are far more open, engaging and inclusive than in America. This is a complete contrast to Hollywood's false portrayal of Russians being cold, grim and harsh, and Americans being open, emotional and expressive - proving that the truth is exactly the opposite.
Julia and Katya - Two hot expressive Russian blondes that Winston had fun with in Russia, which could never have happened in America.
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Attention: This video series has been removed and censored by feminists. Please wait while I find another host to reupload them. Check back soon!

See completed parts 1 - 7 on Vimeo here

Russia Dating Adventure video series by Winston Wu, Founder of HappierAbroad.com, proving beyond all doubt that foreign women in many overseas cultures are far more open, approachable, friendly, sweet, feminine, down-to-earth, curious, and easier to connect with, than women in America, and devoid of the super toxic unfriendly self-absorbed personality that young American women typically have today.

These video clips are from Mr. Wu's journeys in Russia and Eastern Europe where he shows his interactions and approaches with foreign girls, revealing that they do NOT have the typical paranoid bitch shield that modern American girls do. Instead, they are sweet, cheerful, and curious. You can see it on their faces. It's the most refreshing thing, and it makes you realize that this is how women were MEANT to be, whereas what we have in America is a total aberration from the norm.

These videos prove all this beyond what mere words can, and are the next best thing to being overseas. They are total and absolute proof of Winston Wu's claims on HappierAbroad.com regarding foreign women and foreign social environments. They show why Mr. Wu claimed to feel so much more liberated, free and alive than in America, and why he could never re-adjust to the lifelessness of America again.

This is good news for the many lonely single dateless men in America who have no dating choices because everything is against them in the nightmarish US dating scene: American women don't talk to strangers, don't like to meet men, have overly high standards, have rotten attitudes and spoiled toxic personalities, and think they are too good for 90-95 percent of men. In the US, the act of even asking a girl out feels taboo, against the grain and out on a limb. Since when did asking a girl out become a taboo? Only in a F-ed up society could that be the case.

But these truths are taboo and not discussed in any public media, not even in the alternative media. Hence most American men don't know about the benefits and advantages and benefits of Global Dating and Foreign Women. So that's the job of this film, to lend credence to the claims on HappierAbroad.com, with real proof. Saying something is one thing, but showing it is another.

Parts 1 to 7 are completed. You can see them in my Vimeo Album here.

To be informed when the next installments are ready, subscribe to the mailing list or subscribe to my Vimeo Channel.
The foreign females in these videos can also be seen in my Photo Collage and Photojournals.


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