Presentation of Visual and Physical Comparative Evidence

of My Claim to Paternity of Angelo Gonzales Wu

By Winston Wu








My name is Winston Wu, father of Angelo Wu. I wish to prove my claim of paternity of being the natural hereditary father of my son by demonstrating that when I was an infant, I looked nearly identical to him as an infant. I will do this by showing compelling visual and physical evidence from side-by-side comparisons between my infancy photos from 1973 and Angelo’s. The similarities shown are so striking that even the most casual observer will see it and agree.  From facial features, to hair texture and direction, small sideburn on the left side of the head, same thumb twists, etc. we are unmistakably nearly identical, like clones. Please examine the obvious photographic evidence below and you will see that it is apparent to any casual observer. I trust you will find this more than enough to validate my claim of paternity. Thanks.


Newborn photos in hospital


First, compare Angelo’s newborn photo on the top, taken January 9, 2008, with mine on the bottom, taken March 10, 1973. Our eyes, nose and mouth are nearly identical!  Even the lip overlap is the same!







Straight up facial resemblance


Next, notice the resemblance between Angelo’s photos below (in color) and my infant photo (in black and white) from 1973 in a similar pose. The facial features are nearly identical from in this pose and angle. Also, our hair at the top protrudes from left to right, and notice the small pointy sideburn hair scruff pointed forward on the left side of both our heads.







More side by side resemblances in similar poses and expressions


Below: Photos of Angelo in color, photos of me in black and white. Notice the uncanny striking resemblance.






Angelo below:




Me on the left. Angelo on the right.




Me in top photo. Angelo in bottom photo.





Above: Again, notice the small sideburn pointed forward on the left side of our heads, which you can see above in the color photo of Angelo, and in the two comparison photos below (me on left, him on right). 


Below:  As you can see, we are even both “right thumb suckers” :) Me on the left and Angelo on the right.




Below: Me held my mom when I was a baby (left), and Angelo held by my mom (right). Notice the similar direction of our hair and sideburns on the right side of our heads.





Thumb twist when bent


Notice that my thumb twists outward when bent, as does Angelo’s. This is an unusual thumb feature which is not the norm. Thus it is uncommon and specific.


My bent thumb twist:




Angelo’s bent thumb twist:





Coarseness of hair texture and spiral wave direction


As you can see in the photos above, our hair structures are very similar and flow the same direction. Both of us have straight coarse thick hair that spirals from the back of the head and points forward. Anyone can examine our hair and verify this coarseness. You are free to do so as well.


Vast photo collection that demonstrates a long relationship history between me and Angelo’s mother


As I was instructed and advised on the US Embassy website, I brought a collection of photos in an album of me and Dyan, the mother of Angelo, to demonstrate the long relationship history between us, both prior to Angelo’s birth and after. The album consists of hundreds of pictures of us from 2007 to several years ago. A few samples from the album are below.











That’s all folks. Thank you for viewing my presentation. I trust that all of the compelling visual evidence above more than proves and validates my claim to paternity for Angelo Wu. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Winston Wu