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The Happier Abroad Guide

To Global Dating For Men


Winston Wu

Founder of


Table of Contents Preview





Motivational messages to you from our Expat Advisor Ladislav

An army of a million bachelors

Are we losers?

Happier Paths

Advice from a fellow Asian American

Step 1: Preparation, Decisions and Planning

Self-evaluation ? Basic factors

Dealing with psychological, social and practical obstacles

Step 2: Selecting a country ? Overview of global dating markets

You love the country but will it love you?

European Region

Russia, Ukraine, Former Soviet Union


South America


The Middle East


Dating Difficulty Charts and Scores Per Country

Step 3: Budget and goals


Travel vs. Relocate

Ways to make a living overseas

Step 4: Meeting women abroad

Meeting women online - Guidelines

Visiting one woman vs. many

Watch out for online scammers

How to approach women in public ? Open vs. Reserved

Gauging her interest in you - Signs and clues

Scammers and gold diggers





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