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International Dating Info Links - Benefits and Advantages

(aka Global Dating)

Welcome to the International Dating Hub Page, presented by Happier Abroad. Here we will prove to you that International Dating (aka Global Dating) is the best and only real SOLUTION to the male loneliness epidemic in America, by educating you on its key benefits and advantages. We will show you how and why International Dating will MULTIPLY your dating options and maximize your chances of success in getting the quality attractive women you want and deserve!

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CLICK HERE to See the Key Benefits and Advantages of Foreign Women!

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Now this is not something your media, peers or conventional sources will ever tell you about, because it???s so taboo and poses a threat to the feminist power structure in America - even though it???s true. But I???m here to tell you the TRUTH and I will not hold anything back. I want to show you how it changed my life, transforming my dating choices from zero to infinity, and how it can do the same for you too! This information is FREE! There are no strings attached. Truth is our motivation and passion here.

Or see the following Key Material on International Dating and Foreign Women for a brief rundown of key points, facts and advantages! (You may view the PDF documents in your browser or right click to download)

Introduction to the Happier Abroad Message and Movement

Three Point Comparison Pamphlet (PDF)

Global Dating Solution Pamphlet (PDF)

The Biggest Dating Secret Pamphlet (PDF)

Key Benefits and Advantages of Foreign Women

Comparison Chart ??? USA vs. Most Countries

PowerPoint Presentation on International Dating

Compelling and Informative Interviews with Authentic Experts

BIG SECRETS the US media will never tell you about!

Motivational Messages from an Experienced International Dater

Video Proof that International Dating Works!

Photographic Proof that Location Makes All the Difference!

Praises and Testimonials of Lives Changed by International Dating

Research Section with Leading National Experts that Back Our Claims!

Forum Community with Knowledgeable Experienced Expert Advisors

Meet Foreign Women - Asian, Russian, Latin and more!

Thanks for visiting. Best wishes for success and happiness!

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