Interview for School Research Report

Among those who called me a “hero” is an Asian American teen who emailed me to ask if he could do a school research report on me called “My Hero”.  The following are his interview questions for the report, along with my answers to them.  I post these answers of mine here on my site for the benefit or any that are interested as well.  The student’s questions are in black, while my answers are in dark blue.




I'm currently 17 years old and like you I am a Chinese American. I love the ebooks you have online and I really enjoy hearing about your success with white women abroad. I have a research paper on "my hero" and I choose to do my report on you and your success.” Joseph, USA



First, I would like to thank you for giving me and taking time out of your day in order to help me out with my report. With that said I present to you the questions from my report. Please be as descriptive as possible so I can get a better understanding.

1. What was childhood like for you? Did you always have a thing for whites or did this develop over in Taiwan?

W:  Childhood for me was perplexing and a weird dilemma.  I had an identity crisis early on.  I wasn’t white and couldn’t be seen as white, nor did I fit into White American culture.  But I didn’t fit as a traditional Asian totally dedicated to grades and school work either.  I was caught in the middle and constantly felt alienated and estranged.  My peers intimidated me and often bullied me.  It caused a resentment in me, a sort of “baggage” that I still carry around to this day.  You can read about it on this page of my site: 


I had a thing for whites early on, but it fluctuated for a while between white and asian, as I had a taste for asian girls too.  I liked white girls because 1) of personal taste, 2) the Western media glamorized them as the highest ideal of beauty, and 3) they were a way of achieving higher status for me and acceptance into White American society.


I don’t think that I can develop a thing for White girls in Taiwan. Lol  It’s rather the opposite.  In Taiwan, when you are surrounded by Asian women everywhere, you develop a taste for Asian women, not White women.  It’s going to America or Europe that gives you a taste for White women more so.


As of now though, I’m in the Philippines and like Filipinas the best.  They are also a great blend of White and Asian traits.  Their Spanish blood makes them much more wild, relaxed, passionate and expressive than Orientals such as the Chinese, Japanese, or Koreans, who are non-expressive, robotic and overly serious and strict in comparison.  And they have big round eyes that are considered attractive in Western Culture (although to my surprise, my slanted Asian eyes are considered more attractive in Filipino culture than their big round eyes are).  They have all the physical beauty of thin feminine Asian women in light and dark colors (“vanilla and chocolate” so to speak), as well as their humble, modest, sweet, pleasing, soothing romantic nature.  The only drawbacks to them are that they don’t like to think much, don’t like to answer questions or provide explanations when asked to do so, and are sometimes moody and quiet for unexplainable reasons that they refuse to discuss.  It seems in their nature to be that way.  Thus you don’t get much intellectual stimulation with them.  But the good news is that it’s much easier to train and educate them than it is to teach a Westernized woman to be sweeter and more loving.


And not to be racist, but they have this warm sensual tender touch in them that white women definitely don’t have.  I’ve experienced it and can understand now why so many foreign men are addicted to the Philippines and to Filipinas.  I think it’s a genetic thing, not just a cultural thing, as you can feel it to the bone (and soul).  Not to be racist again, but since brown rice and brown sugar are healthier for you, perhaps “brown women” are too? J

2. How was High school?

W:  High school was like a hellish prison for me, a total nightmare that lasted everyday for four years.  I dreaded going to it everyday.  I never fit in anywhere there, in any of the cliques, and felt constantly oppressed everyday.  And I couldn’t never make any sense out of it.  There was no logical solution to my problems there, as the only two forces that ruled there were the insane behavior of teens and the authority of the school that delegated homework and studying to you simply because you were “supposed” to do it.  I didn’t like either.  And that destroyed my self-esteem, self-worth, ego, and sanity.  I never thrived there, never had any real fun, never felt included in anything there except for a weekly Christian youth group that met during lunch (but of course, it was their job to accept everyone).  My best self was never allowed to shine out.  And of course, I never got any dates nor felt comfortable meeting or socializing with girls.  I felt like I was not worthy to have anything to do with them, and was treated that way too.  I felt forced to become a reclusive introvert with no life, no image, and no significance.  I was not even a nerd, as I didn’t like to study, wasn’t into math and science, wasn’t an academic type, and didn’t like to talk about geeky stuff with the geek crowd.  I was just “nothing”, but a guy who was bullied for not fitting in or acting unnaturally “tough”.  Deep down, I wanted to be happy and accepted, but there was no way to, as it was a no-win situation that I had to endure.


Through it all, my peers kept trying to tell me that high school life was “the world” and that this was how life was going to be for me for the rest of my life.  I thought I was doomed.  But fortunately, they were wrong……….


I would never want to put my own kids through such a hellish nightmare, so I’m wary about raising my coming child in America.


Getting through such experiences may be a hellish nightmare, but it is also character building as well.

3. What made you say "alright that's the final straw I'm going to _______"

W:  When I broke up with my 2nd white girlfriend in Nevada back in 2001.  I was tired of waiting several years to get each girlfriend in America, and being powerless to do anything about it.  I wanted a quick easy way out of the dreaded loneliness and boredom of the years I’d have to endure waiting for destiny or luck to get me another girlfriend or even another date in America. So I started researching online the venture of going overseas.


4. I not trying to offend you by saying this, but were the women abroad just looking for a way to get to America? If not please explain why not?

W:  I get asked that all the time, and so do others who date overseas.  So I’m used to it by now, to the point where I can use the ol’ “if I had a dime for every time someone asked me that, I’d be rich” phrase. Lol  It’s a common response by prejudiced Americans, which I’ve addressed in the common objections chapter of my ebook.


The answer is – No, not for the most part.  That is just a simplistic copout line of thinking that ignorant Americans who don’t know much about other countries have.  You can read my article debunking this myth with 12 reasons here: 


Here in the Philippines, I know that girls don’t want me just for money or a green card, because:


1)      Many girls here don't care about my money and STILL like/love me even after they see that I'm a cheapskate and very frugal.  They don't even care if I spend money on our dates, as they just like "being with me" and enjoy my funny, charismatic, positive, enthusiastic, personable personality.

2)      This is probably the biggest reason, and my cultural consultant, a long time visitor to the Philippines who speaks two Filipino dialects, attests to it too.  Most of the Filipinas I’ve met or dated here prefer that their boyfriend or husband stay with them in THEIR country.  After all, family is everything to them, and so they prefer to remain close to their immediate and extended family.  But if their lover insists, they will try to go overseas, albeit reluctantly.  In fact, out of all the many women I’ve dated here, NOT ONE of them has asked me to take them to America or even brought up the subject! That right there DEBUNKS this common misconception.  Besides, it is an American myth that most people in other countries want to come to the US.  The well traveled know that is not so.

3)      I’ve slept with bar girls and girls who normally sleep with men for money here for FREE, simply cause they liked me and found me sweet, romantic, tender and charming!  They never asked me for any money!  Imagine that.  That could never happen to me in the States.  That proves right there that they aren’t after me only for money, but that I am very likable and charming to them.  And I’ve gotten FREE kisses here from HUNDREDS of girls too, including French kisses from bar girls and dancers that I never paid or bought commissioned ladydrinks for (and NO, they don’t do that to every guy!).

4)      A few girls here (but not most) have told me that I’m not their type, for they like white guys or bigger masculine guys.  And conversely, I’ve seen some reject white guys in favor of me, because I’m more of the type they like and go for.  Now, if it were all about “money and a green card”, then “type” wouldn’t matter now would it?  But it does, because relationships and romantic chemistry are personal and subject to taste and chemistry.

5)      Filipinas have shown favoritism toward me over other older richer guys or customers.  (I can't get into details about how since it wouldn't be appropriate to describe here :))  This also proves that they don't like me just for money, since I am treated better, given favoritism and preferentail treatment over other guys who have more money than me, due to my higher likeability.  Some bar girls have reached down from the stage to give me a kiss on the mouth, which they don't do for most customers.  I have a fun loving free-spirited personality that a lot of Filipinas resonate with, as well as a sweet romantic side, and a face they find young and handsome (gwapo).  Those are the reasons why I am liked so much here that even bar girls let me hang out in their bar without paying or buying any drinks.  I’m likable and entertaining to them.   

6)      I've been able to get acquainted and befriend middle class girls here who have enough money themselves not to need a guy (which I can't do in the states).  Sure, the middle or upper class girls aren't easy to "pick up" in public, but they find me interesting and likable too, once they get to know me.  And they are willing to spend personal time with me, unlike girls in the US who always make excuses and say they are busy.

7)      There are some guys here with looks and money who don’t do well at all with Filipinas.  I know one good looking American guy here with a good income from an international job, and my Expat Advisor knows a good looking young French guy here with a successful art business.  Yet believe it or not, both of them can’t get a girlfriend in the Philippines!  They have had nothing but bad luck and bad experiences with the women here.  It’s obviously not their looks or status.  But rather, something in their vibe and personality just doesn’t jive well with the girls here.  Some people’s chemistry just doesn’t mix well with certain countries, just like mine doesn’t mix well in American culture and its fake politeness social culture.  Sometimes, things just don’t click, not just between individuals, but between individuals and countries as well.  Thus, it’s not all about money and status, like some think.  Yet here in the Philippines, my personality seems to jive extremely well with Filipinas as a whole, regardless of whether I’m their physical type or not.  And that’s why almost all Filipinas, even those who aren’t into me romantically or are already taken, ENJOY hanging out with me.

8)      There are men I know here who have a lot of money and a high class professional occupation.  Yet the girls who go out with them look unhappy around them, and don’t stay with them for long.  Though they will accept their money and presents, they still leave them after a while because they simply don’t like them and don’t enjoy being with them.  Now, if it were all about money, this wouldn’t happen.  I’ve seen this happen to doctors, oil company professionals and business owners.  As a result, these wealthy men who splurge to impress women, become jaded and cynical, unlike the happy optimistic me who even though poor, wins over women here with charm, looks, sweetness, and confidence.  You’ve got to remember that these girls, though mostly poor, are HUMAN BEINGS who, like you, prefer to be with those they LIKE and CLICK with, not just anyone with money and a US passport.

9)      From my experience with gold diggers and users in Russia and the Philippines, I’ve come to recognize their common patterns, such as the way they manipulate and tell lies, the way they tell you what you want to hear yet their actions contradict their words, and their tendency to ask for money within the first week of knowing you.  And what I can tell you is that MOST of the girls who like me here do NOT exhibit these traits.  However, oddly enough, there are some women (and men) who genuinely believe that giving money is a demonstration and sign of true love.  These folks see no shame in “buying love” and are proud to utter the phrase “no money, no honey”.  Such women will even ask for money from a man she truly loves, seeing nothing wrong with it.  But of course, I do not share their values.  An effective way I’ve found, to weed these types out is to simply tell them that you are poor and on a tight budget, and act like it.  If they disappear after that, then you know what they were probably after.  If not, then you’ve got a more genuine girl.  Needless to say, if you want to impress somebody, you don’t have to take them to a fancy restaurant everyday; rather, mix it up with several days of going to fast food or cooking at home.  A nice sweet Filipina will appreciate that.

10)  A high percentage of Filipinas I get involved with tend to like to bite me and pinch me.  I was told that they only do that to you if they LIKE you.  Certainly if they only wanted to use me, they wouldn’t be biting and pinching me.  They only do that to those they like or find adorable, cute, or cuddly.

Some guys see everything in terms of money and economics.  Well I’m not one of those type of guys.  I consider many other deeper factors too.  Not every guy with money can duplicate everything I’ve done.  Looks, personality, and attitude are strong factors too, and in this culture, I rank high in those areas to them, which is why I often get preferential and special treatment from girls here that richer guys who are more shallow and not as personable or likable don’t get.  In reality, nothing in human relations is "all about money".  None of the girls here would claim that they like a guy ONLY for money or a green card.  That's something that comes out of the mouths of judgmental people who jump to conclusions, who are probably “all about money” themselves.  But they can only speak for themselves, not for others.  


Not all foreign women want to go to America.  And even among those that do, they aren’t going to go with ANYBODY.  Put yourself in their shoes.  If you wanted to leave your country, would you do it with just anyone, or with someone YOU LIKE and are COMPATIBLE with?


Plus, many foreign white women liked me even when they weren’t interested in going to America, knew that I was too poor to take them, or didn’t even know I was American at first glance since I’m Asian.  The bottom line is that women abroad are billions of times more approachable and inclusive than in the States, regardless of their “motives”.  And that’s what matters to me the most.


Yes, being American does bring a novelty appeal when you are abroad.  But it’s just one small factor among many others.  Money is another factor, as well as personal charisma, personality, looks, your vibes, taste, etc.  It’s all subjective and personal as well as cultural.


See this page in my ebook where I address common objections here:


Common objections to my claims and my responses

- My Expat Advisor’s analysis of prejudiced Americans who condemn seeking love abroad

5. Give a description of the countries you have visited. (I was thinking about traveling too. Is there any advice you can give me?)

I’ve been to 12 countries total, including the US.  But my best experiences are in Russia, Eastern Europe, and here in the Philippines.  If you look at this collage and the two that follow it, you’ll see why J


If you like white women, you are best off going to Europe.  But there are many countries there, and you simply have to go to them to see which one you like best and works best for you.  Each person has different variations in their experiences in each European country, but pretty much everyone agrees that White women in Europe are far more inclusive, sociable, approachable, and treat Asian men better than White women in the States.  And even in England and Germany, where White women are generally more conservative, prudish, and not easy to get close to, they are still more intelligent and cultured than White women in America.  Thus, you won’t get tongue-tied with having a conversation with White women there like you would with White women in America, who seem very hard to hold a conversation with as the topics they can converse in are very limited, and they have a short attention span.


Generally, Eastern and Southern Europe are more wild, open, and sociable/inclusive, whereas Western and Northern Europe is more reserved.  But an Asian man will be treated better ANYWHERE in Europe than in the States.


If you have to stay in the States though, you should note that Southern women tend to be the most sociable and open, even to Asian men.  I find Texan women to be the friendliest in the country.  Many confirm this too.  Louisiana and New Orleans are also rumored to be social hot spots for meeting open minded free-spirited people.  Generally, coastal people in the US tend to be more stuck up and snotty than inland folks.


As to any advice I could give, you have to first find the country you think would be best for you, then go there and try it out.  Ask lots of questions around, including on the internet, so you can talk to the widest range of people and get the most opinions and experiences.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 


Anyhow, you asked for a description of the countries I’ve been to, so here they are in a nutshell:


America – It’s where I grew up, and in a nutshell I’d say it’s good for careers and if you like to work to death.  But a nightmarish hell for dating and social life, as well as mental health, among the worst if not the worst.  Very cliquish and non-inclusive (unless you go to a church).  Hard to meet people too, as strangers rarely ever talk to each other unless introduced by mutual friends or for business-related purposes.  Plenty of political and religious freedom, but the lifestyle is based on conformity to the rat race and excess consumption. (See Propaganda vs. real life in America ) Also, the people there tend to act too arrogant and bravado for my taste.  Comparatively speaking, it is friendlier and more sociable in the Southern part of the country, and the folks who live inland are nicer and more down-to-earth in comparison to the folks on the coast who are snotty, stuck up, and live in a fake artificial world.  Very beautiful and well-maintained National Park system though, plenty of diverse recreational areas for the outdoor adventurer.  Great place for business and making money, but not for fun or for living life to the fullest.


Taiwan – Where I was born and my ethnic descent.  Great food, superb family values and strict morals/ethics.  But lacking in culture or intellectualism.  Little appreciation for art and creativity, but extreme focus on practicalities such as work, money, and academic achievements.  Very one dimensional mentality (see where every action is divided into only two categories – work/study and play.  Like America, they have the belief that the purpose of life is work – hence a workaholic is seen as the ideal citizen.  Women there are strongly conservative and prudish, afraid even to shake hands, or even to have their picture taken.  They aren’t easy to meet, and like Americans, don’t talk to strangers unless introduced by mutual friends.  But they are very monogamous and loyal though, so once you get a partner there, he/she is pretty much yours.  Most people there marry their first or second boyfriend/girlfriend.  However, a lot of white males there have boasted good success with women there, as well as sexual conquests.  But not all of them, as some report the same as me.  Lately, the women there have become more independent and Westernized with the increasing affluence of the country, and not as modest, loving, or dependent as they were traditionally.


Canada – Similar to the US in some ways, but different in others.  The people share the same values of independence, individualism and autonomy as the US does.  But Canadians tend to be more educated and informed about the rest of the world than Americans are, and are more health conscious too.  Hence, the people there are far thinner than Americans.  Like the British, they are very polite and low key, but reserved and distant. (But without the British sarcastic dry humor of course)  To me, they seem too distant and ghost-like for my taste, almost as if they were in a different dimension.  Thus, I don’t resonate with them much, and in fact, they don’t even seem “there” to me.  They aren’t wild, festive or passionate the way that the countries I like are.  But if you love quiet, peace, and seclusion, it is a nice place for that. 


People there tend to be low key, mild mannered, and have good tempers.  They don’t get angry or lose their cool quickly the way Americans do.  Nor are they as hateful of others whom they are against.


The country has plenty of fresh beautiful nature and national parks, a paradise for the outdoor adventurer.  But the weather is mostly cold the majority of the year, too cold for my taste.  The country prides itself on PEACE, as it does not like to get involved in foreign disputes, wars, and control/conquest like American does.  Instead, it likes to remain neutral and live in peace.  And thus, I am neutral about Canada too, as I don’t love or hate it.  It’s just “there”. Lol


The women are beautiful, many tall and thin white beauties.  But they are very cliquish and distant.  Easy to engage in polite conversation with, but hard to get dates with or involved with.  When asked out, they tend to immediately say they have a boyfriend/husband or that they are too busy to date.


Japan – Very clean and modernized, but as we all know, very expensive as well.  Its capital of Tokyo is considered the most expensive city in the world.  Like Germany and America, things are very orderly there.  And safe as well.


Like Taiwan, people are very strict, serious, and orderly, but humble and modest.  Very little tolerance for differences, and strict adherence to uniformity is expected.  And like Taiwan, too workaholic and studyaholic for me.  People are also very cliquish, and don’t talk to strangers.  When I was there back in 1990, no one there even looked at me and I felt like I didn’t exist.


Women there are very beautiful, educated, and have light pale skin.  Some consider Japanese women to be the most beautiful among Asian women.  The women traditionally make very loyal, pleasing and subservient wives, but of course, with Westernization they are changing a bit.  As for dating, you won’t do well there unless you are White or Japanese, as they see other Asian races as being inferior to them.  Generally racist and xenophobic.


Russia – Very large, the biggest country in the world. Composed of many different subethnicities, provinces, and dialects. I spent a year there, so I could say a lot about it.  However, Russia is considered a paradoxical mystery that not even its own historians understand it.  The country and its people seem to revel in chaos.  Thus no formula or pattern can be relied upon there.


The people are very sociable and love meeting new people.  Very festive too.  Beautiful women are approachable and love meeting foreigners and making conversation.  But the people have a highly pessimistic mentality and culture, and like to refer to themselves as “happy pessimists”.  Also, many there are angry and resentful, especially the elderly, which can be seen on their faces.  And there is a cold harshness inherent in the Russian character, personality, and emotion.  Those who need romance, tenderness, and sensitivity will find Russian relationships cold and lacking.


Russian women are tall and beautiful, and considered among the most attractive in the world.  But with the introduction of capitalism, they’ve become super greedy and without ethics or conscience.  Though they are sociable, they are not very physically warm, and they BS a lot and are very changeable too.  They are very educated, speak several languages, and dress well.


Prices are generally cheap there, but some things are overpriced, such as clothes, electronics, going bowling, etc.


Beautiful architecture in its churches and downtown areas, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  But residential areas tend to be ugly and look run-down.  Most buildings look like they are from the 50’s and 60’s. (which they are)


The food is also not good and often tasteless to Western taste buds (though of course, Russian people love their food, as all nationals do), and there is very little variety in the cuisine.  Even expensive restaurants serve very mediocre food by Western or Asian standards. They simply aren’t skilled at using spices and flavors.  Or perhaps their taste buds are just different than ours.


Weather is cold and snowy most of the year, except in the southern parts of the country which can be warm and humid.


Overall, a fun and interesting country with lots of culture.  But deeply corrupted, greed has run rampant since the fall of communism.  Racism and xenophobia are on the rise there, as well as skinhead groups.  Some fear the country may be headed toward fascism too.  So the nation is turning into a dangerous and unstable place, which it always has been in most of its history.


If you must go there, I suggest going to the Eastern half of the country, as it’s safer and less racist.


Ukraine – I only spent two weeks there.  Very similar to Russians except they are more reserved, especially on the Western side of the country, I hear, which is where the “pure”Ukrainians.


Latvia – One of the Baltic states.  A small country located right next to Russia, it is more modernized in comparison.  The people are pleasant, cheerful, modest, low key, easy going, and dress well.  The people are sociable and not stuck up or snobby.  And unlike Russians, they do not have a look of resentment or anger on their faces.


Lots of European style architecture and buildings, especially in its capital of Riga.  Nice vibrant color.  Good quality food.  A cute cheerful vibe permeates Latvia, making it seem like a town out of a fairy tale or Disney movie.  Same with the language and people too.


Prices are affordable, not as cheap as Russia, but not as expensive as Western Europe or America.


Women are sociable, friendly and like meeting new people.  But they are a bit reserved and not easy to get close to.  Also, they tend to treat foreigners as novelty items rather than humans to get close and intimate with.  Cultivating relationships there takes time.


Overall a very pleasant and positive experience, and a good middle ground between Russia and modernized Western Europe.


Estonia – Another Baltic state. Tiny country north of Latvia.  Similar to Latvia except its people are Finnish, so they are more reserved and private.  Prices are kind of expensive though, almost as high as in the US.  It’s Old Town in Tallinn is very attractive and breathtaking, cute and colorful.


Women are nice and polite, but reserved and not “easy”.  They dress well too.  But they are not stuck up, snobby, or anti-social.


Lithuania – The third Baltic state. Small country south of Latvia.  My favorite of the Baltics.  Similar to Latvia, but I find its people to be the friendliest, most cheerful and pleasant.  I liked its vibe the best too.  Prices are very cheap, and food is so tasty.


(Note: The three Baltic states above have a strange rivalry among each other, and may say biased things about each other, which you should ignore, because all of them are pleasant places)


Poland – The last country in Europe that I visited. Nice culture, lots of history (especially with its demolition in WWII), historical sites, and museums.  People are on the reserved side and not as easy to meet.  They are the snobbiest in the country’s capital of Warsaw, but get friendlier and more festive as you go south toward the country’s cultural capital of Krakow.  Lots of green pastures, beautiful European architecture, and magnificient holy cathedrals.  The culture is based on Catholic values, so Americans tend to fit in well. 


The women tend to be skinny and attractive, but do not have the high fashion sense as in Russia or the Baltics.  They are nice but reserved and a bit hard to get to know.  However, they tend to prefer white males for romance, so a colored man will have trouble getting real dates there, though he will have no trouble befriending women or socializing with them.


Overall, a great cultural experience.


Mexico – I was only there for one day and night in one of its worst areas, the border town of Tijuana.  A seedy tourist town where anything goes, it attracts the worst of Mexicans - the greedy, hustling, scammers, whores, criminals, etc.  And even many normal Mexicans are afraid to go there. 


However, I can say that I’ve experienced its reputation of being very open, wild, festive, and inclusive.  And that’s normal for Spanish mixed descendents.


Philippines – My favorite country for meeting women so far, and where I am now.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s women tend to treat you the best.  They are tender, romantic, sweet, dependent, and have a way of making you feel like a real man. (not to be sexist, but perhaps they play their female evolutionary roles best?)  And they are easygoing, pleasant, cheerful, playful, positive, and easy to get along with.  But they tend to not be well educated, and not intellectual, so you won’t get much stimulating or intellectual conversation with them. 


Filipinas tend to be very skinny (though that’s changing with the rise of fast food and donut franchises everywhere, as well as ignorance about nutrition).  And they come in a variety of colors, ranging from very dark, to light olive complexion, to light pale skin similar to Orientals.  So they come in a nice variety of colors and shades.


For more details, see my ecstatic updated entitled “From pessimist in the US to optimist in the Philippines – Why I like Filipinas Best” at


Cost of living is very cheap.  And your dollars here are multiplied 4 or 5 times in purchasing power.  Single attractive women are available everywhere, and are very approachable and easy to meet.  They appreciate nice guys and treat them the way they deserve to be treated, thus a nice guy will get complete justice here.


The country has a simple culture which is nowhere as rich, elaborate, or colorful as Europe’s.  There are some Spanish architecture and European style towns here (e.g. Vegan) as well as artsy cities (Baguio).  But to many, that’s ok, because the caliber of women sure make up for it.


Warm weather year round, and with over 7000 islands, offers countless white sand beaches for your recreation pleasure.  Thus, it’s a hot spot for American retirees.


Like many third world countries though, there are a lot of scammers, beggars, cheaters, hustlers, and opportunists, but they are located mostly in Manila and Angeles City.  But most people are kind, warm, and hospitable.  They are not strict, but are very lax.


Food isn’t that great compared to other Asian countries, unless you are a Filipino.  The cuisine lacks variety, skill, taste, sophistication.  People are not very nutrition-conscious.


It is also the least racist of the Asian countries, and most nonjudgmental.  People don’t complain or criticize, and mixed kids are not discriminated against.

6. In America, it's usually hard for an Asian male to communicate with white women for a long period of time. Usually, some of us would go blank. What topics did you talk about to maintain interesting conversation. Was it family? friends? etc.

W:  That won’t be problem at all in Europe.  In Spain for example, young women, even if they’re 18 or 19, can talk about anything – politics, society, culture, religion, and other deep subjects.  It’s not just about them having knowledge or intellect; their wavelength is different.  They are curious and exploratory by nature.  White women in Europe are a different breed, not at all like White women in America who are hard to hold a conversation with even when they share your interests.  It’s often not about having “things” to talk about, but about personal chemistry.  The American media would have you believe that White women in America represent White women in all the world, but if you travel in person to Europe, you’ll see that that’s not true at all.


But even if you aren’t an intellectual person, you can still hold a good natural conversation with European women as long as you are down to earth, say things that are SUBSTANTIVE and GENUINE, and show a natural curiosity about the world and life, like they do.  In other words, you just have to maintain some QUALITY in the content of your conversations with them, and be a down to earth person in general.  And you will CONNECT to them.  Whereas in the States, you gotta be in a band or be a jock on a sports team to get the attention of girls.

7. how was the communication different from there and America? Why was it easier to communicate over there than it was over here.

W:  You mean different from Russia and Europe?  In general, communication styles were more civil rather than loud and boisterous.  Although in America it is easier for people to understand me in English of course, overseas there is a more natural comfort zone I have with people.


The language barrier is not as hard to overcome as you might think.  A lot of communication is nonverbal – body language, cues, hand signals, vibes, subliminal communication, telepathy, instinct, etc. all play a role.  Often you can “feel” what someone is trying to tell you, and vice versa. But of course, communication skills play a role.

8. If a guy such as myself were to travel abroad what advice would you give me other than be yourself?

W:  “Be yourself” is vague advice and highly subjective.  After all, what if your “real self” was bad? Lol


You simply have to GO abroad physically, not just talk about it, and from then on, be nice, communicative, open, enthusiastic, and love meeting new people, and that’s it.  Social situations will find you and flow naturally.  No need for bullshit seduction techniques that don’t work, such as the ones on  Then your unhappy dating life will turn around dramatically, and you can get everything you want in love, dating and sex.


But you should find the right country first, as each country’s vibe interacts with each individual in different ways.

9. Which were the dating sites that you've used and which do you recommend?

W:  Any legit dating site can work.  It’s all about timing, destiny, and fate as to who you meet through them.  The one meant to be for you will come across to you one way or another.  The saying that the “Lord works in mysterious ways” is true.


FYI, the dating site I used for the Philippines was:



But in the Philippines, it’s very easy to pick up girls and get their phone numbers for dates.  You can meet them in public by starting a gentle conversation and playful flirting.  So dating sites aren’t necessary, but you should try them out anyway if you have time, cause you never know who you will meet or what destiny has in store for you through them.


The most popular site that Filipinos make friends on is


If you are seeking Russian women though, there is a list of dating sites on my Russian dating guide, at this link:

10. If I were to travel. Name the countries which are best for dating.

W:  Like I said, every country interacts with every individual differently.  But generally, ANY country outside of North America has a better scene for men, especially Asian men, than America.  Even Western Europe is much better.  I have heard positive reports of success with women by Asian American men in countries like Britain, France, and Holland.  But not all Asian men are successful there.  I don’t know why.


But pretty much in the rest of the world, women are either more modest or more cultured than in America.


In my experience, the best dating scenes with the most available single pretty women are:  Russia (Eastern Russia is better than Western, esp. for Asian men since that part of the country is more Asianized), Eastern Europe, South America, the non-affluent parts of Asia that aren’t Muslim (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.)  And of course, if you like black women, you can have all you want in Africa.

11. Do people stare at you when they see you with a white women, or is it just natural.

W:  Some do, but they don’t stare at me with a dirty look, just a look of curiosity.  In most countries, people aren’t as distant and private, so it’s not such a big deal if someone stares.


I have heard of white men being stared at in Asia while with Asian women though.  In Thailand, they are frowned upon and disdained.


In Russia, I was told that the women with me are looked upon as “prostitutes” by others, and even called that by passerbys.

12. How much money should I save up before traveling?

W:  It depends on your budgeting skills, what type of transportation and accommodation class you are going to use, how lavish your lifestyle is, the length of your stay, and of course, the prices in the country you are going to.


But generally I’d say you need to save at least a few thousand dollars.  If you can’t, then if you have a credit card, you can use it a lot but you’ll accumulate a lot of debt afterward.


There are a lot of cheap third world countries, such as the Philippines, where you can spend very little on daily needs, and even if you have to pay for sex with hot women, it will be cheap too.  There are cheap ways to have fun and expensive ways as well.  You just have to look, be resourceful, and ask a lot of people for information in those areas, as well as on websites dedicated to your interest.


But as they say, “Where there is a will, there is a way”.  So as long as you have the will, desire, interest, and ambition to travel and get the kind of love life you only see on TV, you will find a way to do it.  Don’t listen to corporate America though, as they will tell you that you can’t travel much until you are old and retired from working to death, when you are past your prime and need Viagra.  That is a lie and many perpetual travelers including me have disproved them.  I think they say that because they want you to live in fear and be a slave to industrial productivity and consumerism.


(I hope I’m planting some good seeds of inspiration in you :))

13. I also realized that when you was about to hop into the cab you were cautious about getting kidnapped by the Mafia cabs. Where can I go to be more informed as a traveler about these types of acts?

W:  Oh you started reading the book of my first trip to Russia?  Nice.  As to safety tips, generally you should travel with a partner or a trusted local in the beginning, safety in numbers, as they say.  And when using transportation, go with something official like buses, subways, trains, etc. rather than private cars that want to cut you a deal.  Also don’t trust strangers too easily.  In my experience, if a stranger is trying to hard or is too pushy at getting you to comply with what they want, go away, for it is a very bad sign of manipulation and that their intent is to rip you off later.  In third world countries, foreigners are targeted by scammers the most.


You can have a look at my guide to avoiding Russian scams at:

14. Did you ever find a lasting relationship abroad? if so how long was/is the relationship?

W:  I didn’t in Russia.  But I did now in the Philippines.  Here she is:


The relationship is still current and we have wedding plans as well as an upcoming baby.

15. What are some fun activities that you can take your partner to?

W:  You mean take my foreign dates to?  It depends on where we are at.  But generally we take walks around and wing it from there.  If we see something interesting, we go to it.  Basically we just do the normal stuff, coffee, dinners, parks, malls, museums, historical sites, discos, anything interesting or romantic.

16. What really inspired you to go abroad? What do you think was the life lesson here?

W:  The dissatisfaction with the love life and culture in the states, and the strong will to find an alternative.  And an insatiable appetite for beautiful women, romance, sex, and fulfilling relationships, thus it was imperative that I go somewhere where women were friendly and interested in me.  Also, my enthusiasm for adventure, going on voyages, trekking into the unknown, wanderlust, etc. helped a lot too.

17. What did you do for living here in the states? What do you do currently?

W:  In the states, mostly job hopped, since most jobs sucked.  And the ones I liked best were hard to get or only temporary.  Most of my jobs have been in sales and marketing though, since I’m a very persuasive person (evident in my writings) and like talking to people.  When I started traveling of course, I had to take only temporary jobs through temp agencies, as I didn’t want to be anybody’s permanent employee.  By then, I had discovered myself as a “freespirit”.


Currently, I make a small income from advertisements on my websites, as well as the sale of My Ebook and Dating Sites.

18. Is your family supportive of your decision?

W:  In the beginning they were ambivalent and worried.  But now they are more accepting and supportive, cause they know it’s what I love best, and that I am happy and living a meaningful life.  And they appreciate my unique accomplishments as well as my passion to share it with the rest of the world.


Though my mom cannot brag to her Asian friends and relatives that I have a stable career as a doctor or engineer (which is what most of her friends’ children became), she can brag to them that I have been called a “hero, inspiration, champ, and legend” by my fans. (which is what you’re calling me in your report :))  And that I have written two highly-acclaimed ebooks that are the first of its kind (Happier Abroad and Debunking Pseudo-Skepticals Arguments of Paranormal Debunkers) and a website that is the first of its kind as well.  And I’ve been interviewed in magazines, made the news in Russia/Eastern Europe, etc.  So that when all our lives are passed, history is much more likely to remember me than my mom’s friends’ children who excelled in a normal prestigious career.

19. Did you ever feel uncomfortable in a different country? what did you do to adapt?

W:  The only country I felt the most uncomfortable in was America, for all the reasons I cited in my ebook.  I could only adapt my outward behavior, but not my personality or the essence of who I am.  Deep down, I still felt suffocated, restless, unappreciated, and unliked/unloved.  Simply put, who I was didn’t flourish there.  So I could only take it for so long.  My website and ebook have been great therapy tools and outlets for me to vent on.  And of course, I use New Age spiritual practices to cope as well.


I’ve also felt out of place in Taiwan too, because it is so strict, workaholic/studyaholic, and nonexpressive.  And the girls tended to be overly prudish and conservative as well.


Generally, if I don’t fit in somewhere, I don’t adapt.  I just prefer to leave.

20. What is a final message you can give to those who are inspired to be in your position.

W:  Simply, don’t be afraid to go for what you want.  Remember you regret more what you didn’t do, than what you did.  Do what’s right and best for you, not what society tells you.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Thank You, very much for your time Winston. I actually have a whole summer to do my report. I'm hoping we can keep in touch and maybe become pen-pals; you can tell me about any new experiences you have abroad.

W:  Thank you for doing your report on me.  I am quite honored to be the subject of it and to do this interview.  I didn’t expect my answers to be this long though.  I hope you don’t mind if I post this on my website so others can benefit from it too.  When you are done with your report, I’d love to see it as well, if you don’t mind, and perhaps post it on my site too, if you wish.


If you haven’t done so, I’d suggest you go through some of my photojournals of my Russia trilogy:

Words are just words, but pictures speak the reality.  And these 9 photojournals will show you the reality that I’ve gone through.


Also, to get background info on me that might be good for your report, you can read my biography here:


Thankfully honored,


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