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Winston's Guide to Traveling and Dating in Russia

For Men


Winston Wu

Founder of


Table of Contents Preview



Guide to Traveling in Russia





Understanding Russian people, life, culture and customs

Inconsistency and changeability are a constant in Russia

Crash course in learning Russian



Carrying cash and other valuables

Using credit cards and protecting them

Bringing your own medicine

Crash course in getting around your first time in Russia


Customer service - what to expect and what not to


- Free accommodation in Russia and around the world

Budget traveling in Moscow site


Warning about taxis at the airport

Getting from the airport to the city

Riding the bus or metro

Traveling on long-distance overnight trains

Traveling on long-distance buses

Flying between cities

Arranging accommodations and transportation through marriage or adoption agencies

Ordering in cafes and restaurants

Making phone calls and getting mobile phone (cell phone) service

- Calling from your hotel

- Calling from a pay phone

- Calling from the telegraph office

- Calling from a home or landline phone

- Calling to a mobile number in Russia

- Buying and using mobile phone service in Russia

- Calling abroad from Russia



Public restrooms

Showering without hot water

Getting a haircut

Being stopped by police or militsia

Dealing with street scams and bribery extortions

- Hit and Run Scams

- Skilled Larceny Scams (involving confidence games)

- Police and Customs officer Bribery Extortions

Cultural differences in spending and saving money

Some local customs

Meeting people

Getting used to a new image and status level

Calling Russia from abroad

My Photos and Videos of Russia (a visual masterpiece)

Important addresses and contact information

- American Embassies

- Aeroflot airline offices in Moscow

- Lufthansa airline offices in Moscow

- Bus charters between Russia and Europe

- Western style medical centers in Russia

- Address of internet caf?s in Moscow

Helpful and Useful Links

- Employment and Teaching English in Russia



Guide to Dating in Russia




Dispelling the myths about Russian women

Geographic considerations and factors

Translating the correspondence with Russian women

The human nature tendency to believe the worst

How to recognize and guard against email scammers

- How to deliver poetic justice to a scammer

Visiting one woman vs. many

Deciding whether to use a translator on a first date

Flowers on a first date?

The rule of progressively elaborate dates

Being familiar with local customs

Cultural differences in spending and saving money

Escorting your date with taxis

Gauging her level of interest in you

Good and bad signs

Opportunistic gold diggers

A common lie from a gold digger or user

The line between custom and inappropriateness

2 indicators whether an online relationship will work offline

Scientific courting strategies

How to charm Russian women

How to handle beautiful or model-like women

Analysis of the infamous 3-5 date sex rule

Bringing your Russian woman to your country

- Other options and loopholes

Meeting and approaching women in Russia

Simple effective pick up lines and phrases in Russian

Photos and Videos of me dating Russian women (for your inspiration)

Calling Russia from abroad

The pros and cons of Russian women

Helpful Links, Reputable Agencies and Dating Sites

- Reputable introduction agencies

- Free sites to meet Russian women

- Escort Sites

- Applying for Fiancee Visa

- Online forums for discussions and seeking advice

- Other foreign options for seeking love



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