My Southwest USA Desert Canyon Tour Photo Albums




Here are some breathtaking photo albums of my beautiful tour through the Southwest USA desert canyons and landscapes during the Summer and Fall of 2006 that will dazzle your eyes.  They cover the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.  See the countless rock formations and canyons in a variety of colors that are millions of years old, which are unique in the world and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 


So unique that it is a favorite spot for European tourists.  In fact, in some areas I saw more German tourists than Americans.  And I was told that to Germans, these canyons that lie along the “Colorado Plateau” (Arizona, Mexico, Utah, Colorado) are known as “The German Rock Tour”.


These images will show you why this area resonates with my soul, and why my mental clarity is at its peak in the serene beauty of the desert, where I achieve a sort of “Zen state” so to speak.  The desert is known among spiritual folks as a symbol of purification.


Thanks and enjoy!



First, here are albums of my trip through Oregon and California first, followed by Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado that I went to.


Oregon, California, Mexico


Arizona – Yuma, Prescott, Sedona, Buddhist Retreat


Arizona – Grand Canyon and Navajo Lands


New Mexico - Santa Fe


Colorado – Sand Dunes and Rockies


You'll love this next one.  It's of Arches National Park, located near Moab, Utah.  You will see an incredible breathtaking variety of canyon monoliths, shapes, carvings, granite sheet rocks, arches of course, and a variety of beautiful desert colors.  And of course, you will see me in some of the images.


Just go to the links below to view the albums, and you’ll get an idea of all the unparalleled beauty that I've seen!



Utah - Arches National Park


P.S.  To inspire you to view the album, here's some preview images!





Hope you enjoyed the album of Arches National Park.  Next, we're going to take you up a little further north to Canyonlands and Dear Horse Point.  Here you can see the most spectacular overlooks and viewpoints I've ever seen.  Some even say they are comparable, if not better, than the Grand Canyon overlooks!  You decide.


Again, go to the link below and scroll through them at your own leisurely pace.  Enjoy, but remember, it's not the same as being there in person!


Utah - Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point


P.S.  Here again are some preview images:





You won't wanna miss this next one.  Natural Bridges is kind of mediocre, but Valley of the Gods is not to be missed.  It's very unique, diverse and breathtaking.  The variety of shapes and sizes of natural monoliths in it is astounding, as well as the night-time view.  I'll insert some preview images below to show you what I mean.


And of course, you'll get plenty of doses of my corny commentary in each slide. lol


Utah - Natural Bridges, Goosenecks, Valley of the Gods


Preview images (don't I look so warm and dry here? lol)




This is one of the best yet.  I KNOW you will love this one of Capitol Reef National Park.  The striped colors and lines, and plethora of unique shapes are astounding!


Again, you know the drill.  Go to the link below.  As usual, you'll get plenty of doses of my corny commentary in the captions.  If you don't have time, just look at the preview images below, and you'll know what I mean.  I inserted a ton below this time.  There were just too many "keepers" to choose from to only put a few here, so I had to put them all, and it ended up being a lot.  When you look at all of them below, you'll understand what I mean!


Utah - Capitol Reef National Park





Finally, here is the last one!  Hope you’ve enjoyed them all!


>Utah – Dixie Forest, Kodachrome, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon


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